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Well ,this was the match up expected earlier on in the year but Mayo's route to it was not Looking forward to an epic clash with Mayo's main concern being how to handle Donaghy
Might as well get it started
It is that time of the year again.The code for the GAA Board league is 24143-41651.Good luck everybody.
Time to open a new thread on this as Clare are leading 1.05 to 1.03
Big game for Mayo.Game comes one game  early than expected .Should be very interesting
big game for both teams in this relegation battle.Mayo fans would have this game pencilled in the win column at the beginning of the league but I think it will be an extremely tough battle with Down wanting to get some revenge for the hammering  back in august.
The mayo posters have gone very quiet around here after the thriller in croke park so lets get the ball rolling again.I would not be expecting a victory but I would like to see a competive game with Mayo being in contention coming towards the end.