Laois Senior Hurlers 2023

Started by mcwregor, November 18, 2022, 08:57:40 AM

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Laois man

Burdizzo so who over sees the coaches now in the clubs with these GDAS going? Clubs are paying big money for these Coaches which is to be over seeing by the games manager but it looks likes now we haven't got one.

High Fielder

How much do these GDA's get paid?


GAA Development Manager salaries can range from €44,782-€48,000


Quote from: Spiritof86 on February 14, 2023, 05:02:37 PM
GAA Development Manager salaries can range from €44,782-€48,000

€34k is the maximum rate a GDA can be on

Game's manager gets about 40k

Size of county also dictates salary. Tipperary games manager is on €60k
offaly games manager is on around €42-45k

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34k gets you nowhere these days. If that's the max, it's no wonder they're walking away


Quote from: Keyser Söze on February 13, 2023, 06:45:19 PM
One thing that bugs me big time.

I heard W Maher interviewed.

"Waterford are 6 or 7 years further down the road when it comes to S&C"....

How can this actually be?

Laois set ups for the past 5 or 6 years haven't been low budget.

Willie Maher is spot on though. We are years behind other counties when it comes to strength and conditioning, nutrition and sports psychology. Most of the lads in their mid twenties on the panel had no S&C when they were minors or when they were playing under 21 hurling. From Eamonn Kelly's time there was no proper S&C but rather half hazard generic programs for the lads. The nutritionist was giving some seriously questionable advice. Eddie Brennan tried to improve upon this but got a lot of push back from the County board over costs. In Cheddar's time they had a good fitness coach in year 1 but he disappeared in year 2. The S&C program seems too have been dropped in year 2 as well. Couple all the above with lads dropping off the panel and coming back in and also new faces joining the panel every year, it no wonder we are miles behind. So we may not like to hear it but it's true that this contribute to our poor performances.
Also heard Lennons back on the panel.

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So attempts have been made to improve things and costs were an issue. Our GDAs are getting paid poorly and for whatever reason are walking away. Don't we have an 800k surplus?


Eamon Kelly put decent structures in place around S & C, Nutrition, Team Doctor, Rehab Physio, occasional sessions with a sports psychologist and so on. In winter 2017 to spring 2018 they put in a serious block of S & C and only for it probably would not have stayed in 1B. From what I know it was new to most of the panel at the time. I'm not sure it is fair to say that a professional gave questionable advice. The S & C / Nutritionist (at least the one that finished the season in 2018) is very well qualified and well thought of in Leinster/National GAA circles.  Brennan definitely built on this the following year. The fellas that have stayed on the panel throughout (and true some of these are the best players) have seen the benefit. The problem as has been eluded to is the guys that hurl at that level every other year. Its almost impossible to make the gains necessary to compete at the top level if you don't stay at it. Consistency is the key.

Laois man

Any list of club transfers within laois up any where?


Good to hear Lennon back involved . Strength in depth particularly important at Joe McDonagh level and he's a quality hurler.

Keyser Söze

Fair points above.

The CB may need to employ two people full time to work with the adult hurling & adult football teams.
No matter who comes in- this is your head S&C guy.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled.......

Zooming around

Another big beating yesterday. The second half was better but the first half was very poor. In reality there was miles between the two teams. In fairness though, these games are great preparation for the McDonagh Cup.


The first half was embarrassing. Kilkenny did as they liked, and the whole atmosphere was very flat. Phelan took his goal nicely at the start of the second after a good run by Purcell. Would have been nice if Mossy Keyes hadn't missed his chance! Ryan Mullaney is starting to look like our most important player. It'll be a real coup if we can beat Antrim in Belfast.


Some strange team selections but lots of lads getting game time. Team doesn't look at all settled. Can see us putting our strongest 15 out in Belfast though. Important match.

GAA need to do something about the league structures though. Need to find a way to get the second tier teams (us, Offaly, WH, Antrim, Kerry, Down, Kildare, Carlow) playing each other with the carrot of playing a couple of matches against top opposition for the winners / runners up. Don't buy into the current nonsense of week-in and week-out beatings. Don't know of any other sport where it happens.


I know, it's crazy. No one wants to get relegated, but the alternative isn't much better. If they can't do the divisions of 8 due to time constraints, why not have Div. 1A and 1B according to merit. As it used to be. That way you'd have ourselves, Antrim, Westmeath, Dublin, Wexford, and probably Clare (?) in 1B. Would be more competitive, all round.