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Re: Club football managers 2022
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Donít agree at all the likes of port/ ballyroan have got in high profile managers as they want to win a Leinster /Laois championship .But to say they have neglected there underage is bshit  both clubs have also hired full time gdos this year and also have been two of the stronger underage clubs the last few years

My point was in general hence why I didn't name check any particular club, which I thought was pretty obvious.

The standard of the Laois Senior Championship at the moment is very poor, yet the majority of our clubs continue to spend ridiculous amounts of money on managers instead of investing in youth structures and infrastructure. Surely the main priority of every club should build from the ground up and not the other way around? When Laois were doing brilliantly at underage level in the late 90s, look at the knock on effect it had on our senior team? We were going toe to toe with the best sides in the country and our Senior Championship was imo a very good product too which helped.

A lot of clubs were just unlucky that Portlaoise for the best part of a decade were a once in a lifetime side, so unfortunately there wasn't a greater spread of county titles won by other clubs. But it still didn't take anything away from better the standard was back then compared to now.

Look at our flagship team, who are going to be in Division 4 alongside London, Carlow, Wicklow etc. An embarrassment but it's where we deserve to be.

Laois as a county are probably 10-15 years away from ever being truly competitive at senior intercounty level again and I reckon our Senior Championship is years off being what one could deem as a good product.

It's very much like the Irish Soccer Team, years of neglect at grassroots has caught up with them. Yet, while the rest of Europe had teams evolving with modern trends, our Senior Team were stuck in the dark ages.

Great post I 100% agree with everything you said