The Future for Laois Football

Started by Junior Ex Laoistalk, July 05, 2021, 12:26:01 AM

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Quote from: SCFC on February 02, 2023, 06:32:07 PM
Quote from: Butch Cassidy on February 02, 2023, 05:56:05 PM
Has the minor panel been finalised yet?
I believe it has. They had to.make one or two changes to what they had originally chosen.

They had brought up 15 odd u16's to have a look at and a good few of them then had let back down to their own age grade


Quote from: Butch Cassidy on February 02, 2023, 07:04:30 PM
Any word on what they are like SCFC?
No idea but one of the better lads eligible from last year, Emerson, is not involved which is a pity.


Jason coffy was doing the s&c for the minors i think. Worrying if he has gone and nobody comes in immediately.


Jason Coffey still with the minors. Took the warmup yesterday. I think he may be staying on board with them

Butch Cassidy

Minors have a game? What are they like?


Quote from: Butch Cassidy on February 05, 2023, 04:36:26 PM
Minors have a game? What are they like?
Beat Wicklow comfortably. Playing Armagh next week. No idea what they're like as I haven't seen them yet.


Look like a nice team. Seem to have a few decent forwards Dineen at fullback looks like a serious prospect

Butch Cassidy


Quote from: Jd on February 05, 2023, 02:05:18 PM
Jason Coffey still with the minors. Took the warmup yesterday. I think he may be staying on board with them

He will have a demanding work load in his new position and it a good spin on the motorway from Portlaoise

Fair play to him if he decides to stay on

Butch Cassidy

Anyone have the u20 panel that's travelling to Cork this weekend?

Junior Ex Laoistalk

Big changes coming to football championships in Laois as 'B' grade introduced in Senior and Intermediate

From Laois Today...

"The structures of the football championships have long been a talking point in Laois for many years.

While most people agree with the schedule and the dates of the competition, the structure of each has come under the spotlight on several occasions.

There are several strategic reviews that have called for a reduction in the amount of Senior teams in the county.

And while that figure still remains at 16, a change to introduce a 'B' grade in 2023 has been introduced.

Up to now, all of the teams were drawn out randomly into eight ties for Round 1.

The winners of these progressed to the Winner's Section for Round 2 and were now unable to be relegated.

The losers went in the Qualifiers Section for Round 2 where the victors progressed to Round 3 and the defeated four sides contested relegation semi finals.

The change now, however, will mean that any team that fails to reach the quarter finals will now go into 'B' quarter finals.

Previously, winning one game would be enough to ensure you avoided relegation peril.

However, now, a team could win in Round 1 but lose in Round 2 and 3. That would send them into a B quarter final.

If they lose that game, they are into a relegation semi final. So now, in order to avoid relegation, teams are going to have to win two matches.

The 'B' competition will be played alongside the Senior championship and a trophy will be handed out at the end.

The same structure is being introduced into the Intermediate football championship.

Here, the four teams that do not reach the semi finals will go into 'B' semi finals.

The winners of the 'B' semi finals will contest the final while the losers will play the relegation final.

The Junior 'A' football championship will consist of 12 teams this year and these are split into three groups – with the winner and runner up progressing to the quarter finals.

The four 'second' teams are going into the same group – St Joseph's, The Heath, Portarlington and Graiguecullen – with the remaining eight teams drawn into the other two groups.

In this championship, the group winners will progress directly to the semi-finals while the group runners-up will go into a preliminary quarter-final and quarter-final to determine the fourth semi-finalist.

The Junior 'B' is slightly more complicated as there are 13 teams due to take part.

These are to be split into three groups – one of five teams and the other two containing four.

Errill, Kilcotton, Rathdowney and Slieve Bloom are going to be placed in one of the four team groups with the remaining nine teams drawn in the other two.

The winner of three of the groups will advance straight to the semi finals while the runner up in two of the groups will playoff for the same place.

A record 25 teams have entered the Junior 'C' championship and they will be drawn into six groups – one of these will contain five teams and the others will contain four.

Borris-In-Ossory, Mountrath, Shanahoe and Colt will be placed in one of the four teams groups with the remaining 21 teams split between the rest.

The winner of the group with five teams will progress to the semi finals while the runner up here will join the winners of the other five groups in quarter finals.

The first of these competitions will kick off in late June and run until October."

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4 team groups at Junior C.... Fine in theory.... But
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled.......


Although change was needed in the football I think the changes to the football cship are more on the level of painting the sitting room and buying a new foot stool rather than the proper restructuring/rebuilding that is actually needed.

What exactly are the advantages? It has been put forward that a team needs to win more matches to avoid relegation. However as far as I can see it just moves the crucial game to the B cship rather than the proper first round. You can still just win one game and avoid relegation as far as I can see. What's the point?


So they have taken a sh1t SFC format and made it sh1tter... well done.


"It wouldn't be the only thing in the GAA that doesn't make sense" -Padraic Joyce