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Laois / Re: 2024 Allianz Hurling League
April 01, 2024, 02:34:35 PM
Quote from: burdizzo on April 01, 2024, 01:17:14 PM
Quote from: Laois Abu on April 01, 2024, 10:26:51 AMWhere was Ross King yesterday he was flying it in previous matches?

Really? I didn't think he was that good against Down, and deservedly got taken off.

?? Ross wasn't even on the panel against Down I think. He scored 1-07 against Kerry, 1-04 from play.
Laois / Re: 2024 Allianz Hurling League
March 31, 2024, 09:22:36 PM
Well done Laois today. Carlow have serious hurlers so nice to get one over on them. Great to win at a canter and still leave loads of room for improvement. The balls into the forwards in the first half needed to improve which they did in the second half. Well done. Especially without Picky, Roddy and also Mark Dowling who was strong earlier in the league.
Laois / Re: 2024 Allianz Hurling League
February 24, 2024, 09:16:02 PM
Have seen no evidence that this management team are any good. Our hurling standards and the way the team is set up looks second rate.
Laois / Re: 2024 Allianz Hurling League
February 05, 2024, 06:51:01 PM
Sendings off were harmless. There was no dirt in the match. One was a double yellow. Laois were not good with the exception of Quinlan and the full back line. They looked dead on their feet and the hurling was not sharp. Down moved the ball well and won most of the puck outs. They don't look dangerous up front though. Maher says Laois are deliberately taking a risk with combining heavy training blocks with the early league. Hope he's right or we are in trouble.
Laois / Re: Tailteann Cup 2023
June 28, 2023, 01:29:08 PM
As is the case in most clubs, those in power are there because nobody else wants to do the job. Those with ability have little interest and with some exceptions, those with interest have little ability.

Look at Offaly - who have a visionary like Michael Duignan willing to take apart the old guard and inspire a new group of volunteers to step up. We can all say that 'things need to change' but people need to step up and be encouraged to do so. The insiders in the CB know that too well.
Laois / Re: Laois Senior Hurlers 2023
June 22, 2023, 02:43:40 PM
Quote from: Laois Rising on June 21, 2023, 11:08:13 AM
Laois were unlucky. They were coming good by the end of the Joe McDonagh and had they made the final I think they would have been too strong for either Carlow and Offaly. Injuries and looking to peak later in the season backfired as Carlow grabbed a fortuitous last minute penalty to scupper Maher's plans. I hope everyone he had in this year stays on for next year. We will have a league campaign and Joe McDonagh where we should win more games than we will lose. Will be good for confidence and it will help integrate some of our u20s from the last year or two who have showed true potential into the side without shipping big beatings from likes of Tipperary or Kilkenny. It's not ideal to find ourselves in the position we are in but we could claim a league and Joe McDonagh title next year which would be positive for the squad's upward trajectory.     

There was something up with our fitness / stamina this year. In far too many matches we were FAR the better side in the first half but seemed to die in the second half. Hopefully there is a learning there. We didn't seem to hit any form until the Kerry match when it was too late.
Laois / Re: Tailteann Cup 2023
June 17, 2023, 07:17:11 PM
Quote from: thegreeenandgold on June 17, 2023, 06:13:35 PM
Great to win
Fair play to players
But Limerick butchered 5/6 goal chances

Limerick looked decent and well organized. However, Laois were good for long periods and were dominant when it mattered. This team could have thrown the towel in after London but have stayed in the fight.
Laois / Re: Laois Senior Hurlers 2023
May 15, 2023, 12:34:15 PM
Quote from: burdizzo on May 13, 2023, 10:12:48 PM
The second quarter against Carlow wasn't too hot, either.

Carlow could easily beat Offaly. Offaly're playing a dangerous game. Here's hoping... But, on the other hand, didn't we play a bloodless draw w/ Westmeath the time we were to play them in the final?

We did. But both ourselves and WH had already qualified for that final at that time? We were very competitive in that match - and drew it.
Laois / Re: Laois Senior Hurlers 2023
May 13, 2023, 10:03:36 PM
Pity we seem to have found a bit of form too late in the competition.

The poor second half against Offaly and poor last quarter against Carlow cost dearly.
Laois / Re: Laois Senior Hurlers 2023
May 09, 2023, 01:17:49 PM
Did anyone stop to think that Offaly might prefer to play us in the final than Carlow??? Not as if we have been scary to any opposition this year....
Laois / Re: Laois Senior Hurlers 2023
May 04, 2023, 10:33:24 PM
Another reschuffled team for Kildare. I have never seen a more unsettled setup as that in 2023. It's not as if it is working out...
Agree with almost everything on last post except point about TC. Most teams in it will be above our level unfortunately. We are a division 4 team and there is maybe 3 or 4 in the country that we can beat   . A long way back from here but it starts with acknowledging where we are truthfully and building from the ground up.
Laois / Re: Laois Senior Hurlers 2023
April 22, 2023, 06:20:04 PM
If Offaly win their last 2 and so do Laois do we not have a good chance on scoring difference?
Quote from: Spiritof86 on April 21, 2023, 07:51:59 AM
That was 2014 . We came even closer in 2012 . As mentioned that was a different Laois set up .
All the signs are there that Sunday won't be pretty for Laois football  . I genuinely hope I'm wrong .

Heard there are a few u20 been called into the panel . Might get a run in the TC which would make sense .

We had household names on the teams back then that would make any county team in the country. Looking forward to having that in the future again some time. Hope Sunday's team plays to the best of their ability and do themselves and the county proud.
Quote from: Unlaoised on April 13, 2023, 10:22:00 PM
I'm not sure why but for some reason I think the Dubs might be in for a fright

I admire your optimism. Only a couple of weeks since we were fully outclassed by both Wicklow and Leitrim.