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NFL Division Three 2023

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To be promoted

Cavan Evens
Down Evens
Westmeath 2/1
Offaly 5/2
Longford 9/2
Tipperary 9/2
Antrim 11/2
Fermanagh 7/1

First round of fixtures.

Saturday 28th

Tipperary v Down
Fermanagh v Longford

Sunday 29th

Antrim v Offaly
Westmeath v Cavan

Shamrock Shore:
Looking forward to some lively debate...

Surely Westmeath are better than 2/1. The Tailteann really brought them on.

Odds for Fermanagh are about right
We will be happy to stay in Div 3 I would think
We have a massive game against Longford first .
We have to win that one or I fear the worst
We have blooded alot of young players but we are not finding any forwards.
As usual a lot will depend on Sean Q.

Cavan and Down seem to be a cut above the rest but I wouldn't be so sure .
Cavan found that out last year.
Down have new management that seem to have the players behind them but they are unproven at this level and division 3 will be blanket defences galore.
It's going to be a real dog fight

I think that 1st game between Cavan and Westmeath in Mullingar will be key, whoever wins that will have taken a strong step forward. Cavan and Down are playing near the end of the league which is good for Cavan as from looking at Down I think they stared training early and by that game things should have equalised. Div 3 is a real dog fight and there are plenty of banana skins for all teams.


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