Int Rules - Aussie player reportedly got a fractured hip

Started by Tiger Craig, November 20, 2006, 03:45:25 AM

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Tiger Craig

Hi all

It's been reported that Campbell Brown who was struck with a foot to the lower regions in the first quarter of the second test match actually incurred a slight fracture to the hip at the time. He won't be able to commence pre-season training until the new year.


Reported where Craig, cannot find it anywhere ? As far as I know, he was not the one stretchered off? How come the AFL medical team did not pick up on this??

Shame he'll miss the pre-season but at least his contract will cover his wages for the time he was off, not like poor old Graham, his kids have to go hungry ;) ;D


I Think that was the incident where Shane Ryan slid into him feet first :-X

magpie seanie

I see your tinkers started fighting again yesterday when they were losing.


But found their professionally conditioned opponents were more than physically able for them this time around and quickly thought better of it. Hardy bastards those Aussies alright. ;)


Quote from: magpie seanie on November 20, 2006, 10:40:24 AM
I see your tinkers started fighting again yesterday when they were losing.

did they? Why no outcry in the papers? What about the children!??!?!  ???


Noel thompson will wade in with fists flying this evening on scene around six or whatever its called these days.

Or maybe they'll lead with an intermediate football match instead. You decide
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