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Whilst I wouldn't have shed a tear for him I think his assassination would have resulted in some sort of civil uprising by the MAGAs.
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kerry
July 13, 2024, 10:21:13 PM
Armagh team are well conditioned with solid options off the bench. How many kms would these boys get through in a full 70 at Croker?
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
July 13, 2024, 10:07:23 PM
Some balls from Frawley to take those on. Ultimately meaningless in the grand scheme of things apart from injecting a bit of belief into the Irish camp and of course lovely to be travelling home winning the last game.
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kerry
July 13, 2024, 07:43:32 PM
Gough is a cheating **** - bottling out giving a free in
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kerry
July 13, 2024, 07:41:37 PM
Armagh with a couple of silly efforts
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kerry
July 13, 2024, 07:31:22 PM
Quote from: omagh_gael on July 13, 2024, 07:30:01 PMDoes anyone want to win??
Despite only 2 pts in it there's only one team in it.
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kerry
July 13, 2024, 07:27:56 PM
Quote from: grounded on July 13, 2024, 07:25:46 PM
Quote from: clarshack on July 13, 2024, 07:18:44 PMBad miss from Nugent

He's having a tough time. You'd imagine they would replace him at some point.
There's your answer
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kerry
July 13, 2024, 07:24:24 PM
Nugent must be wearing boxing gloves today.
General discussion / Re: Best Cover Songs
July 13, 2024, 08:16:39 AM
Quote from: quit yo jibbajabba on July 13, 2024, 12:04:18 AMHave deffo heard this in a film/TV series, I'll pay big money to whoever can solve the puzzle 🤓
Not helpful but it has been in absolutely loads of stuff. No need to thank me  ;)

Edit: From Wiki...

According to the Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole website, Universal Studios first became interested in using the song in the movie and on the soundtrack for the 1998 film Meet Joe Black after director Martin Brest became interested in it.[5] Kamakawiwo╩╗ole's recording of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" has been used on other soundtracks as well, including the soundtracks for Finding Forrester; 50 First Dates; Fred Claus; Happy, Happy; Hubble; and The Healer.[6][7] It was also featured on TV series such as ER, Charmed, Scrubs, Cold Case, the UK original version of Life on Mars, Glee, and more.[8][9]
Quote from: ONeill on July 12, 2024, 10:55:47 PMTwo songs I hate at weddings:

Rock The Boat
You've never used "young man, are you listening to me?" in the classroom?
General discussion / Re: Movie recommendations
July 12, 2024, 10:34:51 PM
Quote from: mrdeeds on July 12, 2024, 10:28:15 PMWatched a few movies lately.

New Beverly Hills Cop movie was decent and am easy watch.
Iron Claw is excellent as is Promising Young Woman.
Agree on both. Zac Efron must have been on some serious juice to get the shape for that role!
General discussion / Re: Best Cover Songs
July 11, 2024, 09:26:33 PM
Quote from: weareros on July 11, 2024, 09:37:51 AMCan't Help Falling in Love - Lick The Tins
Different Drum - The Stone Poneys
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
I liked Marilyn Manson's version of Tainted Love.

The Man Who Sold The World - Nirvana.
General discussion / Re: Euro 2024
July 10, 2024, 10:05:20 PM
It has taken me to be nearly 50 to not hate them so much. I don't really care anymore  ;D
General discussion / Re: Euro 2024
July 10, 2024, 09:10:20 PM
Quote from: gawa316 on July 10, 2024, 09:02:47 PMBellingham is fond on going down like he is shot when there is any degree of contact
They all are. The old myth of only Johnny Foreigner diving is long gone as they are all at it.
General discussion / Re: Euro 2024
July 09, 2024, 08:25:40 PM
So much for a defensive borefest  ;D