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GAA published its accounts for the 2022 financial year , with Dublin granted €1,086,251 in games development funding, around 19% of the total pot distributed among the 32 counties, and well ahead of the next best funded county, Meath, on €302,852.

That has been brushed under the carpet by all and sundry, and we were told it was changing. Even after 8 All Irelands Dublin get 10 -15 times the funding of most counties, not too mention their far superior commercial deals!
So is the argument that by providing funding for hurling and football coaches in primary schools, which has undoubtedly led to an explosion of interest in Gaelic games, particularly amongst females and making it the first choice sport for many parents (typically from non-traditional gaa backgrounds), the gaa has created the Dublin mens senior football behemoth which is practically unbeatable?
If that is the argument can I ask is it not part of the association's mission to promote Gaelic games and are you and other like minded people suggesting that funding should be cut to ensure that the potential playing pool of the Dublin senior football team is reduced, thereby giving other counties a chance?
Given a large portion of those funds are directed at hurling, would Dublin now be in the Christy Ring but for this funding?

The funding makes a difference in that it massively promotes gaa and generates interest at the 4 - 7yo age groups (in my experience GPO's don't have any involvement with the club teams beyond the nursery/academy), so if  people think that promoting Gaelic games to cohorts of the population who wouldn't traditionally play them is a negative, I'd question their understanding of the association and its aims.

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Back at the end of the league most of us would have picked Kerry, Dublin, Derry and Galway as our best four teams likely to get to the semis depending on the draw. Many would have given Mayo a good chance as well with Tyrone and Armagh maybe next best depending on the draws they got.

Galway were unlucky with injuries this year and getting caught with Armagh and then Mayo.
Monaghan had a very topsy turvy season losing to Derry and Donegal but beating Tyrone, Kildare and Armagh on penalties.

I think the four teams are worthy of being in the semifinals considering the draw.

As I said on another thread, Dublin and Kerry have always been the two main forces in GAA football and will continue to do so for some time.
Kerry and the Dubs go in cycles and often they don't coincide. I think now it's the end of a Dub cycle while Kerry are mid cycle.
We've been hearing about the end of the Dubs for many years, this is their 14th All Ireland semi final in a row. They aren't going anywhere, they will probably win the All Ireland again this year without too much fuss.
Say it ain't so!


Monaghan doesn't usually get much attention but this is a great image from the Irish Times



Ulster championship still good enough to keep.


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Ulster championship still good enough to keep.
Absolutely. (Just no more feckin penalties!)