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GAA Discussion / Re: Sam Maguire permutations
« on: Today at 01:00:17 PM »

The weekend just gone offered up a bracing reaffirmation of what has been happening for the last couple of years. And this isnít really a scathing criticism of the game as itís currently being played Ė itís just the reality. The boring thing to do is now also, almost always, the right thing to do.
So Roscommon holding on to the ball for over six minutes in their own defensive third and middle third is boring to watch. It is also without doubt the right thing to do, as proved by the point they kicked at the end of that now famous phase of possession, 77 passes, almost 10 per cent of the total game time, and a score to finish. It brooks no argument.
On Saturday, Westmeath had three minutes and 50 seconds of basically uncontested, and uninterrupted, possession at the start of the second half.
Monaghan had been comprehensively outplayed by Derry four weeks before their rematch on Saturday. They learned their lessons, and one of the key lessons was that they would have to drop their two best attacking threats, Conor McManus and Jack McCarron.

. It takes no skill whatsoever to hold on to possession inside your own half and hand-pass the ball back and forth between your goalkeeper and full-back line. All it takes is patience, and discipline. And it is, under the current rules, absolutely the right thing to do for many teams.
A few months ago, Denis Walsh wrote in this paper about Limerickís hurlersí laissez-faire attitude towards wides. Give the ball to the right player in the right position enough times, accept that there will be a few wides, and take your shot. The team that takes more shots usually wins the game.
That has not infiltrated Gaelic football. The refusal to take on a shot, even when you have 14 or 15 of your own players inside the opponentsí 65, is a real part of the frustration for the spectator. Youíre in an ideal position to press the kick-out, even if the ball goes wide, and you have every chance of winning that kick-out if you force the ball to go long. It might go over, and if it doesnít, at least you havenít wasted three minutes of game time searching for a chance that might not materialise anyway.
Teams have likely crunched the numbers and realised that two or three minutes of possession football aids recovery, slows down the game, and is risk-free. I always thought a tactical innovation would naturally happen that would bend the game back towards more kicks to a contest, more scores, more attacks, and more excitement.
But the reality is that it may not happen, that it hasnít happened. Rather than walking around the edges of the problem, it might be time for the big idea Ė whether thatís a shot clock, or a restriction on how many players you can have inside your own half, or restricting the use of the handpass.
If the last few weeks have proved anything, itís that managers are now smart enough to adapt to whatever the new reality is. At the moment theyíre expertly playing the hand theyíre dealt by the rule book. We thought the game would fix itself. It hasnít.


They wanted Rory Beggan, and 14 athletes. And it was the right thing to do. I canít say it enough times. Every one of these selection or stylistic decisions was correct. It doesnít mean it didnít make me a little sad, though. Any sport that sees selecting an attacker of the luminous ability of McManus as an unconscionable risk is probably in need of a course correction.

Tyrone were good in the first half versus Monaghan and the second half versus Galway. If they can put 2 halves together they could be hard to beat.

What's clear from Dublin is that there was no plan for afterwards. It's going to take a long time to reach cruising altitude again. This is the third lost season. If they had focused on rebuilding after the 4 in a row would they be contenders now ?

Surely if funding was the reason for the 4...sorry... 6 in a row, there'd be no problem getting back to those altitudes?  Unless the issue was we just had really excellent players for a decade, and the new lads aren't close to as good?
Not if they had the wrong process. Using the funding to identify players is not the same as managing the team to perform at a consistent level over time. If the performance level falls they have to start a new team  It took them 7 years to build the team that won the first all Ireland. It's quite a long run in.
The challenge is to minimise the downtime between all Irelands.
The funding's not used to identify players seaf. The county development panels receive zero of development games funding. Easy mistake for you to make though, no matter how many times you're told.
It's used to weaponise Dublin's population advantage and widen the footprint of Gaelic Football in the county. Finding footballers is a secondary feature.
"Last year Dublin spent Ä3.6m on coaching and games development. Of that, Ä1.2m from central headquarters, the clubs paid 50% of the games promotion officers and the balance of the funding comes from the county board funds, through sponsorship and gate receipts."
Dublin, with 10 intercounty sponsors on board, earned Ä1.46m in commercial revenue in 2017 - more than twice that of their closest rival in the financial stakes, Cork.
However, Costello rejects the suggestion Dublin no longer need financial support from Croke Park.
"We have huge challenges in Dublin. We have developing areas that we have no presence in: there are areas like Cherrywood, Hollystown and Adamstown."
The Dublin county board has ambitions to develop up to four centres of excellence around the county,.
more clubs would be a start. too many super clubs in Dublin
Land may be an issue

the A5 will be finished in time for the United Ireland

Armagh will have a Westmeath hangover on top of the Ulster Final hangover. Both conditions are untreatable.

Carrick on Shannon next sat 5:15 for Mayo  v Monaghan

Double header with Galway v Derry at 3:30pm

Other two semi finals a double header in Nowlan Park at 1pm and 3pm

Kilkenny should get nothing football considering how poor an effort their county board put in to the game.
Kilkenny play junior and recently won the all Ireland plus they have a decent county championship.

I think you are seeing a drop off in Derry due to the absence of Gallagher. Both Donegal and Derry now have caretaker managers and the uncertainty can't be good for either team. That game will not be one for the purist and I'd predict a horrible spectacle and the fact that it is in Ballybofey there won't be much in it. If Derry get out with any sort of victory they would sign up for that now.

Yeah that's my take too.
Earlier in the year I would have had us in with a real chance of an AI. Now, it wouldn't surprise me if we finished 3rd in the group and got knocked out in the QF.
The loss of Gallagher is huge for this team in terms of the intensity he drew out of the players. That has definitely been missing the last 2 games.
Gallagher prepared the team for the Armagh - i appreciate he wasn't at the game but it was always going to be a tight game. If Brendan Rogers had of fisted the point over the bar near the end we'd probably have won by 3 points and everyone would say it was a great performance. Levels definitely dipped for the Monaghan game, who were excellent on the day, had 4 weeks to prepare and played us in their last game. We would have found that game tough under RG too. Every provincial finalist underperformed in the 1st round of group games.

I'm still expecting us to beat Donegal but probably not as hopeful of a long run in the AI as i was pre RG scandal but we'll see. The last day out, of our key players only McGuigan has performed near the level we have become accustomed to so I am still expecting an improvement in the next 2 group games.

I see Vinney Corey isn't happy with the scheduling as it gives Clare an advantage this week (2 week rest). He wasn't too bothered about it last week.

The loss of Gallagher is massive for Derry. The media won't say it too loud as he is now deemed persona non grata but his imprint was all over that team as he was the coach, manager, tactician and motivator all in one. Add in the terms of his departure with the claims hanging over him with players and their family reading the media stories about it ever since then and it can't be easy for the Derry players.

That is a large part of why I think we will continue to see such a drop off in their performance levels. I don't think they were ever going to win an All Ireland anyway but now I'd be surprised if they get past the quarter finals.

As for Corey complaining about the 2 week gap, well some of these county managers just need a chip on their shoulder about something. These are highly conditioned athletes so I don't see how they need more than a week to recover between matches. The same managers would likely be running weekend training camps or playing full 70 minute training matches if they didn't have a match anyway. Too few games and they are complaining and too many games and they are complaining also.   

Yeah, week on week games are the way to go. Cuts down on training:game ratio.  That's good in my opinion.

I'd like to think players feel the same also. Bit of recovery the first evening, light session and tactical the next night.

Players want games.
Nobody wants to be injured but injuries happen and often to key players. The weekly game proposal would punish lighter panels. Roscommon can't have as much panel depth as Galway, for example.

It will be a tough battle but I still think Tyrone by 5 as they need it that bit more. I expect to see a little more memory muscle in Tyrones performance ie  for winning big games.
I think Tyrone are better than both Ulster finalists

Based on?
Derry without Gallagher are not up to last year's standards.
Armagh struggled against Westmeath and couldn't beat Derry.
Plus I think the format with the multi match run it to the qfs suits Tyrone.
It will suit teams that will top their group and how likely it that now to happen for Tyrone after losing to your own Galway?

Jury is out on Derry without Gallagher, beating the same division 1 opposition twice in a matter of weeks is never easy.  Armagh against Westmeath understandably had a Ulster final hangover after losing on penalties.

As I said already I feel Tyrone will edge this game with home and the schedule advantage.
Ulster final hangover sounds like an excuse. Sligo didn't claim a Connacht final hangover. I don't think the Ulster finalists are great this year.

General discussion / Re: A5 WTC (New Road from Aughnacloy to Derry)
« on: May 31, 2023, 08:43:05 PM »
What came firstÖ the houses or the road? Thatís madness.
The road was built in the 50s . Most of the houses would have come later.

I thought i would get the juices going my starting a new thread.

Predictions? I am going for a tight game with armagh to bounce back after 2 disappointing results to knick it by 2.

Emmm, I thought the mods wanted all Group 2 games to be in the Group 2 thread, lol.

Ah sure anyway, Tyrone by 5 ffs.
Mod 5 told me exclusively that threads for high emotion ties such as Armagh v Tyrne could be generated separately.

It will be a tough battle but I still think Tyrone by 5 as they need it that bit more. I expect to see a little more memory muscle in Tyrones performance ie  for winning big games.
I think Tyrone are better than both Ulster finalists

Based on?
Derry without Gallagher are not up to last year's standards.
Armagh struggled against Westmeath and couldn't beat Derry.
Plus I think the format with the multi match run it to the qfs suits Tyrone.

It will be a tough battle but I still think Tyrone by 5 as they need it that bit more. I expect to see a little more memory muscle in Tyrones performance ie  for winning big games.
I think Tyrone are better than both Ulster finalists

Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2023
« on: May 31, 2023, 03:40:09 PM »
West Clare is football. East Clare is hurling.

That will be news to the likes of Ballyea then
The plural of anecdote is not data.


and when you make sweeping generalisations that display your lack of actual knowledge

Expect to get pulled up on them
West Clare is football country. East Clare is hurling. It is not the other way around.

Galway are the only team in the Sam Maguire to win all championship matches so far.
Long may that streak continue!
Have only played 3 matches to be fair though.
Very few expected Kerry to lose and Derry and Dublin to draw

Galway are the only team in the Sam Maguire to win all championship matches so far.

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