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GAA Discussion / Is the Indo going after Tyrone GAA?
« on: September 23, 2018, 09:08:16 PM »
Brolly has consistently hammered Tyrone in his columns in the Indo.

Com O'Rourke has been behind in ladling out the criticism of Tyrone football in his columns.

Recently Ewan McKenna has tackled Mickey Harte and issues relating to Sean Cavanagh.

Today Dermot Crowe goes even further with this article.....

GAA Discussion / Now McKenna takes a swipe at Harte
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:58:26 AM »
'Harte's ability to carry on so strongly and successfully is remarkable but it's not the only reason he is probably the most interesting person in GAA today, for consider the range and contrast of emotions he's brought out in others over the years.

Joy... Pride... Humility... Upset... Anger... Devastation... Inspiration... Infuriation...

That's a powerful cocktail, however plenty veer away from some of the more troublesome feelings.'

GAA Discussion / McKenna takes a major swipe at Galway
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:41:44 PM »
Ewan McKenna has taken a fair shot at the gamesmanship of Galway and points to Paddy Tally as a factor in changing the nature of Galway's game.

General discussion / Never saw this before......
« on: June 23, 2018, 12:12:22 AM »
Today I was travelling from Portadown towards Armagh and about two mile before Richill the DVA vans were parked at the side of the road and they had stopped a selection of vehicles.

The officials in their high viz jackets appeared to be questioning the drivers of these vehicles which had been pulled onto the hard shoulder while heading in both directions.

The strange thing was that virtually all of the approximately ten vehicles had their front driver side wheels  clamped with the drivers still sitting in them!

The vehicles included cars, vans, an articulated lorry and trailer and a motor bike.

No more vehicles were being stopped and they didn't seem to have any police with them as far as I could see there were no police vehicles. 

It wasn't the dippers.

Seemed to be similar to the way cars are clamped on the street in Belfast if found to to be taxed but these vehicles had been stopped and the drivers were still in them.


General discussion / Willing to fight
« on: April 16, 2018, 07:11:11 PM »
The table below shows the percentage of residents in various European countries who are willing to fight and go to war for their country.

Europe is the continent with the fewest people willing to fight a war for their country. Globally, an average of 61% of respondents in 64 countries said they would. Morocco (94%), Fiji (94%), Pakistan (89%), Vietnam (89%) and Bangladesh (86%) had the highest percentage willing to fight.

The country with the fewest people willing to go to war was Japan, with just 11% of respondents saying they would fight.

These are the percentages by country:

74% – Finland
73% – Turkey
62% – Ukraine
59% – Russia
58% – Kosovo
55% – Bosnia and Herzegovina
55% – Sweden
54% – Greece
47% – Poland
46% – Serbia
41% – Latvia
39% – Switzerland
38% – Ireland
38% – Macedonia
38% – Romania
37% – Denmark
29% – France
28% – Portugal
27% – United Kingdom
26% – Iceland
25% – Bulgaria
23% – Czech Republic
21% – Austria
21% – Spain
20% – Italy
19% – Belgium
18% – Germany
15% – The Netherlands

The results are from a 2015 WIN/Gallup International global survey. The sample size and methodology was as follows:

A total of 62,398 persons were interviewed globally. In each country a representative sample of around 1000 men and women was interviewed either face to face in 30 countries, via telephone in 12 countries or online in 22 countries. The field work was conducted during September 2014 – December 2014. The margin of error for the survey is between 2.14 and 4.45 +3-5% at 95% confidence level.

GAA Discussion / Moments of 2017 Football Season
« on: September 16, 2017, 04:19:25 PM »
Malachy Clerkin in the Irish Times has collated his 30 moments of the football season:
(Probably needs a video sequence to do them justice)

30 Conor McManus point v Down
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Croke Park, July 29th
It had been a frustrating championship pretty much all the way through for McManus but occasionally he was able to wriggle free. This was his best score all year, a high-stepping, twirling, duck-n-move run across the Down defence and a soaring finish.

29 Johnny Heaney goal v Donegal
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Sligo, July 22nd
Donegal were actually leading here after the opening quarter. But then Galway outscored them 3-5 to 0-1 for the rest of the first half, starting with Heaney palming home this effort with the Donegal backline nowhere. It was to become a jarringly familiar sight.

28 Diarmuid O’Connor’s point v Cork
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Limerick, July 22nd
Mayo were gone, Part Two. Having rescued the draw, Cork were the ones who kicked on in extra-time. But Mayo don’t fizzle out. This was the go-ahead score, O’Connor nailing it with the outside of his right boot from 40 metres on an angle. The place went dizzy.
Diarmuid O’Connor’s extra-time point helped Mayo get their noses in front against Cork.

27 Fintan Kelly goal v Carlow
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Dr Cullen Park, July 15th
Carlow’s longest summer finally ended but they gave Monaghan a huge fright. Leading with 10 to go, they were only point down in the 66th minute. Kelly finished them off, padding home at the end of a fine running move. Monaghan ran to the bus, relieved.

26 Patrick McBrearty point v Meath
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Navan, July 8th
One of those to-and-fro humdingers that the qualifiers can throw up. Michael Murphy kept Donegal in credit throughout but it was McBrearty who came up with the fistful of dollars in the end. Injury-time, draw game, McBrearty landed a bomb from 50 metres.

25 Ronan O’Neill’s lob v Down
Ulster final, Clones, July 16th
The game was long over and O’Neill had already scored one goal. But none of that diminishes the delicate class of his second goal. Having stolen in behind the Down cover, he lobbed Michael Cunningham with a perfect parabola.

24 Waterford give Cork a scare
Munster SFC, Fraher Field, May 27th
Waterford haven’t beaten Cork since 1960 and haven’t finished within double-figures since 1972. Yet here they were, level in injury-time with Cork down to 14 men. Late, late points from Paul Kerrigan and Colm O’Neill saw the Rebels home. But only just.

23 Cathal McNally’s fast start v Meath
Leinster semi-final, Tullamore, June 17th
Supposed to be a clash of equals but Kildare’s McNally started at a tempo nobody in a Meath jersey could match. He had 1-3 from play on the board inside the opening 18 minutes. The question of who is Leinster’s second team was answered quicker than anyone envisioned.

22 Dublin’s two goals in a minute v Kildare
Leinster final, Croke Park, June 25th
This was a game and then it wasn’t a game. Kildare started well and even went ahead but then James McCarthy got in for one goal and Dean rock got in for another and the awesome might of the Dublin machine milled them to fine flour.

21 Peter Harte’s point v Donegal
Ulster semi-final, Clones, June 18th
This was actually still quite a close game in the 25th minute. The floodgates were jimmied open when Harte dummy-soloed outside one tackle, jinked inside another, turned back on himself to evade a third and swung a rare right-footed score as a fourth closed in. Sublime.

20 Robbie Kiely goal v Cavan
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Breffni Park, July 8th
Without five of their 2016 team, Tipperary came from six points down away from home and produced one of the ballsiest displays of the year. Capped off by this goal from Kiely eight minutes from time, smashed home from the edge of the large square.

19 Luke Connolly’s goal v Tipperary
Munster semi-final, Páirc Uí Rinn, June 10th
Conor Sweeney’s goal in the 69th minute put Tipp 1-9 to 0-10 ahead and it looked like Cork were done. From the kick-out, four rat-a-tat passes moved the ball from midfield to the edge of the square where Connolly palmed home. Tipp had led for exactly 30 seconds.

18 Sean Cavanagh’s last game
All-Ireland semi-final, Croke Park, August 13th
No fairytales. Cavanagh’s 89th and last game in a Tyrone jersey ended after 55 minutes with the game long dead. He jogged off into retirement, holding the all-time record for appearances by an outfield player. A queue of Dubs lined up afterwards to pay their respects.

17 Ethan Rafferty point v Kildare
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Croke Park, July 29th
This is how you make amends. Armagh’s Rafferty had come off the bench and almost immediately given away two artless frees to keep Kildare in the game. This point, a shall-not-yield effort that kissed the sky on its way down, ushered them off the premises.

16 Sean Powter goal v Mayo
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Limerick, July 22nd
Goal of the year contender. Mayo were easing to a sleepy win before Cork’s Powter stuck as defiant a goal as you’ll ever see. Collecting in midfield, he kept running, dodging and bulling on, turning Keith Higgins inside out and beating David Clarke from 15 metres.

15 Lee Keegan goal v Roscommon
All-Ireland quarter-final, Croke Park, July 30th
All the Rossies had to do was catch the kick-out. Or if they couldn’t, they had to foul the man who did. Or if they couldn’t they had to mind Lee Keegan. Or if they couldn’t, they had to go meet him. They did none of these. Mayo were back in it within 40 seconds.

14 Ciarán Murtagh goal v Mayo
All-Ireland quarter-final, Croke Park, July 30th
Even allowing for the Connacht title, this was the high point of Roscommon’s year. Just 11 minutes gone against their old oppressors and Murtagh staked in behind and nailed a low finish at David Clarke’s near post. Rossies 2-2 Mayo 0-1.

13 Johnny Heaney double save v Mayo
Connacht semi-final, June 11th, Pearse Stadium
Six minutes to go, with Galway three ahead. Mayo sub Danny Kirby stripped goalkeeper Ruairí Lavelle and faced an empty net. From nowhere, Johnny Heaney lunged to first block Kirby’s shot and then Diarmuid O’Connor’s follow-up. Superhero stuff to seal the win.

12 Connaire Harrison’s first point v Monaghan
Ulster semi-final, Armagh, June 24th
Harrison was a brutalising force of nature all night for Down, giving Drew Wylie a rare but sound roasting. His first point was Down’s first point, a rampaging full-forward’s rebel yell of a score and Down kicked on from there to their first Ulster final since 2012.

11 Brendan Murphy’s goal v Wexford
Leinster SFC, Dr Cullen Park, May 21st
Carlow hadn’t won a Leinster game since 2011 and now Wexford were within a point in injury-time. Darragh Foley caught a kick-out and fed Murphy on the Wexford 45. Taking the handy point would have sealed it. Murphy decided a goal would seal it better. Rapture.

10 Andy Moran’s goal v Kerry
All-Ireland semi-final replay, Croke Park, August 26th
The moment at which Mayo became a different proposition. Five points up at half-time, the normal course of events would have seen a Kerry comeback. Moran was having none of it, catching high and trading a one-two with Cillian O’Connor to nail down the lid.

9 Conor Loftus’s goal v Derry
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Castlebar, July 1st
Mayo Were Gone, Part One. Derry were visibly tiring but they still had a point lead as the clock ticked 70. This was a brilliant goal, worked the length of the pitch through precise passing. Cillian O’Connor dished off the last one for Loftus to finish with aplomb.

8 Brian Stack’s goal v Galway
Connacht final, Pearse Stadium, July 9th
Roscommon were playing with a six-point lead into what felt like a six-point wind. Stack pounced onto a Galway kick-out 50 metres out, took the mark, ignored the whistle and made for goal, finishing to the bottom left corner. Game, set, Connacht title.

7 Kieran Donaghy’s goal v Galway
All-Ireland quarter-final, Croke Park, July 30th
Galway had a plan for Donaghy - he treated them like errand boys sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill. A long ball in high found his big white gloves, marker flailing, sweeper floundering. Just for kicks, he turned inside on his left foot and roofed the finish.

6 Mayo’s three goals in five minutes v Roscommon
All-Ireland quarter-final replay, Croke Park, August 7th
End of the road for the Rossies, and maybe the true start of it for Mayo. This was the day they said enough was enough. Roscommon were blitzed and goals from Kevin McLoughlin, Andy Moran and Keith Higgins made Mayo’s point emphatically.

5 Jamie Clarke’s goal v Tipperary
All-Ireland SFC qualifier, Thurles, July 15th
Only the geniuses can do it like this. Armagh were a point up in the 69th minute and this was the most elegant killshot of the year. Left alone in front of goal, he dropped the ball onto his left foot, nurdled it around the onrushing Tipp keeper and sidefooted home.

4 Diarmuid Connolly’s push
Leinster SFC, Portlaoise, June 17th
Connolly was manhandled by three Carlow players on the sideline and when the call went against him, he pushed linesman Ciarán Branagan in the shoulder. And so began the summer’s most tiresome circus. Pushgate, Spillanegate, CCCCgate, 12-week-gate.

3 Aidan O’Shea picks up Kieran Donaghy
All-Ireland semi-final, Croke Park, August 20th
The Mayo News came up with five different markers for Donaghy in the build-up and none of them were Aidan O’Shea. So when he went in full-back after five minutes, the hum around the ground was palpable. He probably lost the battle; the war was another story.

2 Con O’Callaghan’s goal v Tyrone
All-Ireland semi-final, Croke Park, August 27th
This was supposed to be different. But then it was just the same. Tyrone gave the ball away in midfield and a quick kick-pass left O’Callaghan with the Hill beckoning him home. Dublin’s new starlet needed only one sidestep and a sight of goal and that was that.

1 Paddy Durcan’s point v Kerry
All-Ireland semi-final, Croke Park, August 20th
Mayo have five minutes of injury-time to find an equaliser - the only surprise is probably that they didn’t find a winner too. Consummate patience from Donie Vaughan sent up Durcan for a return pass and one of Mayo’s most reliable shooters did the business.

The Telegraph is reporting that Ian Junior and family were given £100K in holidays in Sri Lanka which weren't declared in the House of Commons register of interests.

GAA Discussion / Ciaran McKeever
« on: August 15, 2017, 09:27:37 PM »
Ciaran McKeever released the following statement today announcing his retirement from inter county football:

"It was always my dream to represent Armagh growing up so it's with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from inter-county football today. It has been a great honour to have been part of the Armagh squad from 2003-2017, as captain for six of those years, and this is not a decision I have arrived at lightly.

"Having met with Kieran McGeeney at the end of 2016 after undergoing two operations, I was unsure of my inter-county future but we decided to try and get the body right for one more year and I believe the time is now right to call it a day.

"I would like to thank every Armagh manager who I have worked under and all county board officials for their continued support throughout my career. Also to my club St Patrick's Cullyhanna, in particular Ciarán McConville who gave up so much of his time to develop my game.

"My journey as a county player has been truly wonderful – it has been a privilege to have been involved with such an incredible group of footballers and I am very fortunate to have tasted the ultimate success at international, provincial and county level and captaining Armagh's U-21s to All-Ireland success in 2004 was a special highlight.

“While always an enormous commitment, playing for Armagh was a fantastic experience and I would like to thank the many people who supported me during my career, particularly my parents Majella and Michael as well as all my family and friends.

“I was always proud to be the Armagh Rep for the Gaelic Players Association and I’d like to thank the GPA for their support and I look forward to remaining active with the players’ body in the future.

"I'd also like to thank Denis Hollywood, Armagh GAA Games and Coaching Officer, for spending endless hours with me on a one to one basis as he helped to improve my knowledge of the game and develop the skill set needed to succeed at this level.

"I'd like to pay special thanks to Kieran McGeeney, who I always looked up to as a youngster from my days travelling to watch Armagh play. When I joined the squad in 2003, he took me under his wing and helped me develop as a player, he taught me what commitment and values were required to play for Armagh and I'm glad my journey has ended under his watch. I'd like to wish Kieran and the Armagh squad all the best in 2018 and into the future."

General discussion / So Sad!
« on: June 23, 2017, 11:02:29 PM »
Just watched the great Kris Kristofferson at Glastonbury via the BBC.  So sad to see him stumble through his greatest songs, his voice quavering and weak, a shadow of his younger self.  Time has taken its toll on him and really not unexpected as he is now 81.  I found it so sad I had to turn it over.

I googled to see if this was a one off situation but it appears that it is not, yet he is still being booked and touring even going on solo tours that expose his frailties.

GAA Discussion / Top 15 from 2001 to 2017 - Survey results
« on: April 29, 2017, 02:23:12 PM »
Thank you to everyone who contributed a team for the survey.  The results were fairly clear and made relatively straightforward to collate by posters keeping to the required format.

A survey of court reports in RoI on almost a daily basis shows the amount of money that is being claimed and the variety of reasons for the claims.

Some of the claims are almost unbelievable.  The level of payment achieved seems to be very high compared to the many smaller claims in N.Ireland.

These are examples of cases from the last week:

Parents sue club because son suffers PTSD because he wasn't picked for the team

Children bitten by bed bugs

A personal injury claim for €120,000 fails

Injury to child on day out from creche

Injured at a GAA camp

OK, we are still waiting for the 2017 championship to begin, so we need something else for amusement this week.

Taking the idea from the video* of Peter Canavan posted by O'Neill in the Top Forwards thread for a new best team survey.

Please list your top 15 players (not from your own county) who have played since the qualifiers were introduced in 2001 as if it could be your fantasy team for the 2017 championship. Here are the rules:

1. Put the name your county at the top of your list

2. Do NOT pick players from your own county (to avoid obvious county bias)

3. List your team of top players from 1 to 15 no subs

4. Please give the full forename and surname of your players to help with the collation of scores

5. Do not list the county of the players in your list

6. Please do not add numbers to your list

7.  Each of the 6 lines will be counted separately to decide on the overall best team



GAA Discussion / Top 10 Forwards since 1977 - Survey Results
« on: April 22, 2017, 10:52:09 AM »
Thanks to everyone who posted their top ten forward choices and to those who just agonised over them or even to those who trolled others who made the choices and agonised.

There were 44 players listed in 24 submissions and I have listed the top 25 according to the percentage of the vote received with 10 given to the first listed and down to 1 for last on an individual list.

1   Canavan Peter
2   Fitzgerald Maurice
3   Cooper Colm
4   Connor Matt
5   Brogan Bernard
6   Linden Mickey
7   Blaney Greg
8   McGuigan Frank
9   Sheehy Mike
10   Spillane Pat
11   Egan John
12   McDonald Ciaran
13   Donnellan Michael
14   McConville Oisin
15   Cavanagh Sean
16   Tomkins Larry
17   McDonnell Steven
18   O'Neill Stephen
19   Connolly Diarmuid
20   Joyce Padraic
21   Giles Trevor
22   O'Rourke Colm
24   Murphy Michael
24   Corkery Colin
25   Bradley Paddy

GAA Discussion / Thanks Andy Mallon
« on: April 20, 2017, 10:17:29 AM »
According to today's Irish News, Andy Mallon has announced he has called it a day on his county football career.

While Andy will not receive the plaudits sent to Colm Cooper, to Armagh supporters he made a contribution as important to Armagh as Cooper's to Kerry or perhaps even more so if you believe Brolly.  Andy never went awol in any game, his guts and determination harnessed to his great talent as a defender and recently as a scoring defender were his main characteristic. He suited the more defensive modern game able to break so fast from defence and turning up in attack to score. Too many times to recount, he saved the day for Armagh with his tenacity, speed and drive.  His experience and talent will be a great loss for an Armagh team that is beginning to show potential.  There is no way that Tipp would have scored a goal to gain promotion if Andy had been marshalling the defence.

Thanks Andy for your immense contribution to Armagh in the good times and in the more recent difficult times.

I have listed below the forwards suggested by posters from the other thread.  If you list your top ten forwards I will compile an overall top 10/20 forwards of the last 40 years as voted by you.

Please note:

1. Choose your top ten forwards and post your list to this thread

2. Include only those forwards who have played since 1977

3. Choose from the list below

4. Do NOT number your list - assumed to be 1 to 10

5. Please copy and paste to maintain common spellings and to ease the compilation of the final list.


Allen Dinny
Blaney Greg
Boyle Tony
Bradley Eoin
Bradley Paddy
Brogan Alan
Brogan Bernard
Browne Declan
Canavan Peter
Cavanagh Sean
Claffey Vinny
Clarke Ronan
Connolly Diarmuid
Connor Matt
Cooper Colm
Corkery Colin
Coulter Benny
Crowley Johnny
Daly Val
Dolan Dessie
Donnellan Michael
Dowd Tommy
Doyle Johnny
Egan John
Fallon Ja
Fitzgerald Maurice
Flynn Bernard
Forde Mattie
Gallagher Rory
Geraghty Graham
Giles Trevor
Heslin John
Higgins Mick
Hughes Nudie
Joyce Padraic
Kearins Mickey
Keaveney Jimmy
Linden Mickey
Liston Eoin
McCartan James
McConville Oisin
McDonald Ciaran
McDonnell Steven
McGuigan Brian
McGuigan Frank
McHugh Martin
McManus Conor
McManus Tony
Murphy Jimmy Barry
Murphy Michael
Murphy Ollie
Murphy Tommy
O'Brien Kevin
O'Neill Stephen
O'Rourke Colm
O'Sullivan Declan
Rock Barney
Russell Mike Frank
Sheehy Mikey
Spillane Pat
Tompkins Larry

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