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Croí na hÉireann

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1. Stephen Cluxton
2. Conor Gormley 3. Paddy Christie 4. John Keane
5. Tomás O'Sé 6. Kieran McGeeney 7. Sean Óg De Paor
8. Dara Ó'Sé  9. Seán Cavanagh
10. M. Donnellan 11. P. Joyce 12 Brian Dooher
13. Stephen O'Neill 14. Peter Canavan 15. Gooch Cooper

Surprised no one has even mentioned double All Star, corner back specialist JK. 12 was probably the hardest position to fill, went for Dooher as he's probably defined the role this decade...

how hard was that ???!an automatic i would have thought!

Automatic? No! Not the most skillful of players but certainly makes the most of his talents. Was ran very close by Galvin, Declan O'Sullivan, Brogan, Browne, McDonnell, Dolan and Forde.
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Totally agree with you C na HÉ....... my team selection was a toss up between Galvin and Dooher.... with Dooher shading it.

Alot of sacred cowlike opinions about Ulster players around which heaven forbid should ever be disagreed with.


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I'll put Canavan in my 1990s team along with Maurice Fitz. No need for any other players on that team. I'm sure Peter wouldn't mind.

In a previous thread on this subject I listed a team without Canavan. My kneecaps are only recently after growing back.

It made me come to the conclusion that there's 5 players that are practically certainties on everyone's team:
P Joyce, S Moynihan, S Kavanagh, C Cooper, D Ó Sé. These 5 would be the shortlist for player of the decade.

The next 4 are close to certainties:
P Canavan, B Dooher, T O Sé, S McDonnell. A case could be made for these to be included in the player of the decade shortlist.
2 really great players but would they not have arguable played their  best stuff in the 90's?although same could prob be said of peter
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Good man Puckoon. This is what discussion boards are supposed to be about.

1. Stephen Cluxton             1. Pascal McConnell

2. SM Lockhart                   2. Marc Ó'Sé
3. C McAnallen                   3. Conor Gormley
4. D. Fay                           4. A. Lynch

5. S. Moynihan                   5. A. O'Mahoney
6. K. McGeeney                 6. R. McMenamin
7. S. Óg De Paor                7. P. Jordan

8. D Ó'Sé                          8. P. McGrane
9. K. Walsh                        9. S. Kavanagh

10. M. Donnellan                10. B. Dooher
11. C. McDonald                 11. B. McGuigan
12. P. Joyce                      12. D. O'Sullivan

13. S. McDonnell                13. A. Brogan
14. P. Canavan                   14. S.O'Neill
15. Gooch                         15. R. Clarke

Very hard to call that game. Keepers very good.I think my entire defence would be ahead. Midfield I'm open to persuasion. I'm from the west so my half forward line, on their day, are as good as it gets. That is not to ignore McGuigan's obvious class and O'Sullivan's part  in destroying Mayo in 15 minutes twice. Every team needs a Dooher, but my team seems to know how to deal with him. I have never seen him play well against us.

Full forward line, I blundered by forgetting Kavanagh but even Tyronies won't ague against PTG. Stevie and Gooch, what can you say? Having said that Ronan Clarke would be top of my transfer list, if it was allowed and Mayo would really love if Alan Brogan moved to his relatives in Knockmore but I would have him CHF now that supermac has left us.

Who'd ref the above game though?     

I think head to head you generally got the best players picked early, but, in terms of how the teams would play against their opponent (not their direct equivalent) I think it would be a belter. As logical as it sounds, we would just have to go out and try to outscore you - thered be little sense in defending.

Pat McEaneany would be my choice (cos Ive more ulster bies and he'd give us more frees).

How great would it have been to see De paor and Dooher and Donnellan and Jordan going at it.

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ahh jesus muppet don't let mc eaneny ref it whatever you do
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All stars are for individual years of brilliance my team actually defines the decade and those who achieved consistently over a few years within the decade. Positions are along the 6.  
1Stephen Cluxton
2. Conor Gormley 3. Seamus Moynihan  4. Marc o se  
5. Tomás O'Sé 6. Kieran McGeeney 7. Philip Jordan
8. Dara Ó'Sé  9. Seán Cavanagh
10. Declan O Sullivan 11. P Joyce 12 Brian Dooher
13. Stephen O'Neill 14. Peter Canavan 15. Gooch Cooper
Id love to have put ciaran Donaghy in (as an honoury Tyrone man) or Paul Mc Grane or Stevie Mc Donnell, but Ive put in players who probably had the most impact on the most all irelands won this decade.  Joyces impact in 2001 was maybe enough.  Any team omitting Moynihan loses a little for me.  Canavan was on the wane this decade but still marshalled a team to their first all ireland and their new era and gets it as he was undoubtedly the greatest footballer that ever kicked a pigs bladder and that includes the so called team of the millenium.  I think Declan O sullivan just ahead of Mc Guigan and the rest but the firts name on my team sheet was Brian Dooher to me the player of the decade and a fabulous example to any youngster learning the game.