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General discussion / Posts since your last visit
November 15, 2017, 09:34:56 AM
Where has this feature gone at the top of the page?
Or is it just me it isnt appearing for?
Tyrone / Tyrone Club Fixtures
October 11, 2016, 12:15:02 PM
Before I start, i dont want this to turn into a county board bashing thread!
I realise the fixtures issue is a complex one and is very very difficult to solve.
I am looking for posters to make suggestions about how the thing can be improved.

The fixtures this year for clubs have been an absolute disaster, so something has to change.
We are in the situation now where in mid October we still have two rounds of league fixtures to play then promotion relegation play offs AND the reserve championship!
For senior clubs, we haven't had a league fixture now in 8 weeks.There will obviously be none next week either and then with the ulster club on 30th October that's likely to be another week with no club football.
Like i said rather than just bash the county board, has anyone any suggestions on how to improve the situation for both senior and reserves?
GAA Discussion / Indentured slaves?
December 23, 2015, 10:08:30 AM
I wasn't really sure were to post this, but I thought it was an excellent piece and deserved a mention, an alternative view to a lot of the stuff joe brolly (and others) have been writing recently, and something I can relate to a lot.

from Conan Doherty for

If GAA players are slaves, then I really don't want to know any other way of living

By Conan Doherty

"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle...

I was asked a question recently that really made me think.

"What would you say has been your favourite moment in life so far?"

Try answering that without a bit of soul-searching.

The answer I found was pure clarity. It was unheard of to the rest of the world. But the answer I found was the GAA.

For pure joy? It came to me instantly.

In 2011, winning a promotion/relegation play-off on a muddy field in November to reach senior football in Derry for the first time in the club's history.

The scenes, the celebrations. Scores of men and women trampling atop of one another in utter euphoria. Hugging everyone in sight. Roars and laughs and embraces that seemed to go on forever. Timeless.

The changing rooms after. The jokes of mistakes that you could now own up to. Talk of the madness just passed. The aul' fella who lost his mind. Ribbing the manager for the first time all season. Relaxation. Fulfillment.

But what about the proudest moment? Your finest accomplishment. That moment when you stood in achievement and drank it all in. It came to me quicker than the first.

And, to the outside, it was even more unimportant.

In 2014, winning the under-16 B championship with a group of teenagers who had worked their balls off and done exactly as you asked.

Seeing a younger generation in the club lift a cup for the first time since you were back there playing yourself, watching them come together in elation and catching that same bug we all caught at one stage or another. And feeling like you actually helped them do it? That's a difficult high to replicate.

But you go in search of it again. And again. And again. That's what you do.

Your favourite moment in life so far... Your favourite.

Over the course of 27 years of laughter, friendship and love, those are the two definitive ones plucked out when pressed. Two moments, two games of football that no-one has even heard of. Two local, modest, insignificant-to-the-rest achievements that interested maybe 200 people.

Yet, in 27 years, they stand out as the mark of someone's time here.

In 27 years, they represent someone's whole world.

They show us just why we play this game.

You know, that time we got promoted - that most joyous moment ever - we only ended up spending three years in Derry's top division.

In hindsight, we failed in our objectives and those seasons were a tough slog that were, ultimately, a big disappointment. We got relegated. We cried. We went backwards. Still, you look at one cold day that got us there and smile. You look at a day that most of the people in your life don't even know or care about and you hold it dearest. It's memories that aren't tainted no matter what came after.

That's why we do it. That's why we live. You make moments, good and bad, and hope you can lose the shit in the editing process. You keep the good ones. You look back and remember. And you tell your story.

You don't get to do that when you're afraid to give it a rattle. You don't get to tell your story when you refuse to put in a bit of the groundwork.

GAA players have gotten a lot of bad press recently.

"Indentured slaves" is a term that has incredibly - even impressively - caught on and it's being bandied around about anyone willing to go a few extra yards to achieve something at the end of it. About anyone looking to give something a go.

Apparently county players and club teams are doing too much work. They're in the gym every day, they're sprinting for miles and their diets would make you wince. So what? Why are we scowling at people who are trying to be the best versions of themselves?

What's the alternative?

It's human nature to want to better yourself, to want to achieve something. If you don't play GAA, you might undertake triathlon and put your body through even worse. You might just take up a marathon for the hell of it having done nothing previously and head out for hours upon hours of tedious running. Because you have an end goal in sight. Because you have an objective to overcome. You want to challenge yourself. You want to make memories.

No-one's forcing players to put the work in. Players are doing it because they want to improve. They're doing it because they want to win. They want to make memories.

And when you commit yourself to this way of life, when you're building something with your community and friends, when the GAA becomes your entire world, it doesn't matter one bit if no-one has any clue what, where or why you're doing it.

All that matters is that you're playing the game. All that matters is that you're giving it a shot.

To paraphrase Jim McGuinness's book: There's something so thrilling about starting something and having no idea if you're going to succeed. But it's so daring and brave to say to yourself that you're going to give it a rattle anyway.

At the end of it all, you might not be famous, you might not be rich and you might not even succeed. But there's something so pure and natural about giving it your all.

"To any young people... all I can say is make the sacrifices... because it's worth it." (AP McCoy)

Please stop belittling the noble hard work that amateur athletes are dedicating their lives to out of choice. Out of dreams.

I'll get nowhere near the top of my sport and, still, with 27 years to look back on, nothing even comes close to the feeling I got from two mediocre GAA achievements. Two moments of pure happiness. Two moments hardly anyone knows about.

I got them by working.

I got them by busting my balls, sweating and even bleeding. I got them through sacrifice.

I got them through pain and defeat. I got them through working my heart out in a good cause.

And, do you know what? I can't wait to do it all over again.

That's what the GAA is. That's what living is

GAA Discussion / What Size is your Club?
December 02, 2014, 02:38:44 PM
Following on from the Small parishes thread, I would be interested to know what the average size of a club is and what level you compete at.

Our club would have well under 300 adult  members (something around 230 I think and about 80 youth members if my memory serves me right).
We are currently a senior club, and i would say are one of the smallest, if not the smallest numberswise.

I would say some of the dublin clubs are bound to have huge numbers.
General discussion / Great Youtube covers
July 04, 2014, 01:47:44 PM
Browsing though Youtube you come across some great cover versions of songs
( as well as plenty of rubbish)
Thought it might be a good idea for a thread to post up any you have come across

to start off

Aint no sunshine/harder to breathe

Arcade fire the sprawl cover

Bon Iver -Holocene cover
TUV leader Jim Allister says students wearing GAA jerseys to university are "creating a substantial chill factor".

More and more Catholic students are opting to don club, county and college jerseys on campus at the north's universities and - claiming to have received complaints from students at University of Ulster - Allister says the proliferation of GAA jerseys in intimidating members of the Protestant community.

A ban could now be imminent...

In response to the Traditional Unionist Voice chief's complaints, UU is to review its policy of allowing students to wear GAA tops, with minister for employment and learning Stephen Farry telling The Irish News that plans have been put in place to develop a good relations policy in conjunction with the Students' Union:

"The University of Ulster has now advised that a working group has been established to develop this policy.

"An action plan has been developed, which will be presented to the relevant university committee in April. The policy will cover inter alia, political expression, culture, language and dress code."
General discussion / flying in the uk
May 09, 2011, 03:40:08 PM
can you still fly in the UK with out a passport?
just using your drivers licence?

i have sent my passport away to be renwed and i wont have it back in time.
do all the airlines still accept photo id other than your passport?
General discussion / Arcade fire
December 06, 2010, 10:18:17 AM
Any one see them last night at the O2?

what time where they on stage? gonna be tight for time travelling to dublin in this weather, and just wondering what time they will be on at ?
General discussion / Rugby tickets
October 29, 2009, 10:47:30 AM
Anyone any idea where i could get tickets for the Ireland v south africa  or ireland  v australia rugby at croke park?
i'm not a member of a rugby club
General discussion / best gig you've been to
July 30, 2009, 01:18:09 PM
i see the debate is going on the u2 thread, who is better live, springsteen or U2, so i thought i'd ask, whats the best gig you've been to/whos the best live act you've seen?
was at U2 on the monday night and although it was a great spectacle, for me it was nowhere near the best gig i've seen

I saw Radiohead in marlay park (supported by Beck) a few years ago which i would rate as probably the best

others which were class

Kings of leon last year in melbourne- seen them 4 times in otal , but this was by far the best
the frames- , Glen Hansard is a great frontman esp in a small venue
Rage against the machine last year at oxegen
the flaming lips a few years ago at oxegen, bizarre show, but great!
Red hot chilis at slane in 2003
GAA Discussion / Strange training methods
July 24, 2009, 11:26:49 AM
I'm sure alot of you have heard the story about john Morrison making the derry squad walk along a plank over a skip in the car park and getting them to@dump out there negative feelings after a particularly heavy defeat to Tyrone.

Got me thinking about strange/ funny training that you have been made do with your clubs.
there must be plenty cause there are some head-the-balls out there taking club teams!!

Whats the rarest thing you've been asked to do at training/ before a match?
General discussion / PGCE part time
July 15, 2009, 02:49:03 PM
Anyone of the many teachers on the board do their pgce part time?
I have my degree and have been working for about 3/4 years now since graduation and was thinking of going back and doing my pgce or trying to do it part time.Anyone any views
I see open university offer it aprt time,but is this looked upon 'as good' as getting one from st marys/queens etc?
What are the job prospects like for teaching at the min? would probably be in technology & design
GAA Discussion / Team of the noughties
April 23, 2009, 03:29:36 PM
Been alot of banter on here between tyrone & kerry folk as to who is 'team of the decade' so i thought i try and name a team of the decade selection from all counties.
turns out its tougher than i thought!!!!
would anyone outside kerry/tyrone/armagh get in it?

for me there are a few automatic selections to go on it,tomas o'sea,sean cavanagh,gooch,
and then a raft of others that a very good case could be made for

mcgeeney, gormley,canavan,dara osea, jordan, mcdonnell, joyce, s.o'n, oisin, ricey, mcgrane.

Anyone brave enough to have a go at lining a team out?

Manchester United may go retro with new kit
Manchester United players could be looking for summer transfers if these leaked photos of their 2009/10 prototype kits get the go-ahead.

New kit designs for Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea and Manchester United have been published on The Spoiler and early indications suggest it is United's players who could come off worst.

Designers of the white and red away shirts have used a lace-up collar to finish the neckline similar to that last seen on their green and yellow shirts in the mid-1990s . The second effort is kinder on the eye, with a '60s feel about it.

i know its nearly impossible to list your top 3 of all time,(for me anyway as they constantly change), But what are the top 3 albums you are listening to at the minute?Hoping to discover some new stuff through this ;)

At the minute, i am mostly listening to:

In rainbows-  Radiohead -
for emma, forever ago- Bon Iver -
into the wild- Eddie Vedder -
General discussion / new york/toronto
March 12, 2009, 01:04:36 PM
was considering booking a holiday to new york and Toronto  for the summer,driving between them to see niagra falls.anyone ever do this , have any idea how long it takes? How long would you need to spend in new york or toronto to see the main sights?