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Easyjet refunds?

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Anyone on any of the cancelled flights of late and get a refund from easyjet?

I've filled in all the forms etc but have got no reply.

If you phone them and go through the options to get a refund they then tell you to use the web-site.

There doesn't appear any tracking mechanism to see what is happening with it.

small white mayoman:
don't know about easyjet imtommy but when my flights with aer lingus were cancelled i just sent away the email and about 2 hours later i recieved an email saying that i would be refunded within 28 days

Have some patience and a little faith.

Cheers mayoman.

I have no patience or faith.

Or no acknowledgement that I sent a request for a refund...

yeah tommy - have some and some  ;) its only 20  :o

stelios is cool


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