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Fermanagh have one change. We have changed keepers.

General discussion / Re: Teachers get it handy!
« on: June 23, 2017, 02:16:48 PM »
The Bomber is spot on.
Teaching is an easy number.
Look at the holidays . Sure young ones now a days are great children and they are always well behaved.
No bother out of them at all..............


Teachers at Enniskillen Royal Grammar School (ERGS) are being balloted by the NASUWT union for industrial action after it claims videos were taken up the skirts of two teachers by a male pupil in 2015.

A letter from the chair of ERGS’s board of governors, seen by the BBC, was sent to teaching staff in early June. It said that, in November 2016 “a memory stick containing inappropriate images” was found in the school and it emerged that the images had been taken by a pupil in May and June 2015 – before the amalgamation of Portora Royal School and Collegiate Grammar School.

The PSNI investigated and two female teachers were informed about the images.

The pupil was initially suspended for five days and later for 12 further days, the BBC reported.

The case went to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) but it decided not to prosecute the pupil because the activities reported to them by police as having been committed did not constitute an offence in criminal law. The PPS also said that the women teachers involved “were not observed doing a private act and therefore the evidential test in respect of the offence of voyeurism” was not met.

The letter to ERGS staff said that the governors decided not to expel the pupil after taking legal advice.

The school also said that it had carried out a risk assessment and drawn up safety and support plans for both the boy and the two female teachers.

Two teaching unions have since written to ERGS to voice their concern about the developments.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) said they were concerned there may be other victims “as yet unidentified” captured on video on the same memory stick and claimed that the school should “revisit the question of whether to exclude the pupil concerned.”

The NASUWT letter alleges that the governors were not sufficiently open with staff about the situation and said that the women involved were “sexually exploited and feel objectified” as “it remains a fact that videos were taken up the skirts” of the teachers.

The NASUWT are balloting their 48 members in the school on whether to refuse to teach the pupil involved.

A spokesperson from ERGS told the BBC: “Given the complex and sensitive nature of this issue for all concerned, we are disappointed that this is being dealt with in the media.
“It is not appropriate for the school to comment further.”

Lessons have to be learnt from the last day.  Fermanagh will set up with 13 men behind the ball.  Players (primarily Jamie) can't be doing their own thing.  We have struggled with the blanket defence for years now.  Sunday has to see an improvement on that score.

Rubbish we will be playing blanket attack.
Sure according to your lads in the papers Armagh are a sleeping giant and will reawaken on Sunday. 
"Plucky wee" Fermanagh will not have a chance.

General discussion / Re: Teachers get it handy!
« on: June 22, 2017, 02:45:02 PM »
Any good DVDs?

Kodi is some job

Looks like Ruairi Corrigan is fit again after nearly a year out.

That's a big plus for us

Honestly lads as other Fermanagh men have said on here I can't see anything other than an Armagh win.
We have turned over a lot of players even since last years league meeting and it looks like we have a few key men missing due to injury. 
The Athletic grounds has never been a happy hunting ground for Fermanagh Gaa.
Our defence has been very poor all year and being honest Monaghan beat us pulling up the last day after a very poor first half performance from them when they still went in 2 points up. 
We probably have a better midfield than Armagh but I just think with the forward line Armagh have you will just have to much scoring power for us.
Would love to be proved wrong but just can't see it.

Okay you played a 3 man midfield with one of those midfielders in a purely defensive role as an extra center half back.

You are all confident that it wouldn't work and if it did it would only work once...Cross have proved it can work, if you have the players to carry it out it almost certainly can work. As said previously majority of managers haven't the balls to carry it out for the fear of getting beat and the keyboard warriors tearing them apart for trying it.

The defence need to be capable of taking care of their own men, remember the attackers play a massive role in this as they too play technically as defenders stopping their men breaking out with the ball. Diarmaid Marsden was probably the best tackler you would find and was a top forward, and if you've seven men up in forward line there will almost definitely be no short kick outs.

As a Fermanagh man I think Armagh should play this way.

Cross have always played a sweeper, if not two.
They were the first team to do this IMO.

GAA Discussion / Re: all ireland football qualifiers 2017.
« on: June 06, 2017, 02:13:45 PM »
Glad to have avoided the losers of Monaghan and Cavan if I am being honest.

Armagh is a fifty fifty game.
We have not got a great record at the Athletics grounds.  Would not be a happy hunting ground for Fermanagh.
A lot will depend on who we have back from injury and how Fermanagh have regrouped after the Monaghan game.

That's unbelievable.

Fermanagh played well in the first half.
The goal was a killer.  We should have been well in front at half time.
Second half Monaghan played very well.
They have an excellent bench and once we got 5 or 6 behind the heads dropped.
When you think that Fermanagh are missing 20 players from the panel that togged out against Dublin in the
All Ireland quarter final 2 years ago it wasn't a bad effort.
No county can afford that turnover of players inside 2 years, never mind one with the limited resources we have.

According to the Irish Mirror McCluskey is the longest serving intercounty player who has played championship.
Himself and Breheny both made their debuts against each other in the league in 2000.
Breheny started while McCluskey came off the bench.

Here's the link to the article

Fermanagh team named .

Jones, Cullen, C McManus,
 Breen, McCluskey, Murphy,
Donnelly, Cullen,
Mulrone, Lyons, P McCusker,
Connor, Quigley & T Corrigan

The Bus is being parked

What age is Ryan McCluskey now??

36 I think .  I believe he is the longest serving intercounty player left

I have never been as pessimistic or even lacking in enthusiasm about Fermanagh's opening Ulster Championship match. Don't get me wrong, I'll be there on Saturday evening and will get wrapped up in the atmosphere and positivity will probably grow from there but in the run-up to the game it is quite clear what the outcome will be. We have been hit by injurys, travelling and retirements and although this happens to most teams on a yearly basis it will always effect Counties like Fermanagh more than others. This, coupled with the dismal end to the league campaign has left the general feeling of dread amongst supporters and most are just hoping we don't get hammered. Monaghan are a seasoned team with sprinklings of real talent throughout the team plus they have a top class manager.

The line-up looks ultra defensive with an emphasis on a lot of pace on the counter attack. This could work well if McManus can be kept quiet and Monaghan become frustrated. Our main difficulty this year has been how easy we have been to play against and score goals against. If this has not been rectified since the end of the league then it could be a long hard evening for players and supporters alike.

Anyway, I will be head off to Clones on Saturday in the hope that we can provide another shock but most definitely not in expectance of this outcome.

Have you forgotten 2004 when we played Tyrone in the first round after we had lost most of the panel from the previous year?
Turned out all right that year as I recall. 

Fermanagh team named .

Jones, Cullen, C McManus,
 Breen, McCluskey, Murphy,
Donnelly, Cullen,
Mulrone, Lyons, P McCusker,
Connor, Quigley & T Corrigan

The Bus is being parked

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