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From my own point of view, my intention to referencing the cynicism of Fermanagh was simply to present it as an observation on my part - not a complaint. Armagh last night have too many concerns of our own to worry about what others do.

Our great team of the noughties had a reputation for cynicism, but my feeling would be it was not for trash talking or feigning injury, or indeed disrupting the opposition kick-outs by pinging a second football onto the pitch. Maybe others will disagree and point to some specific incident from 2007 that totally undermines what I said. Ho hum.

The behaviour yesterday from Fermanagh was no surprise given that McMenamin is in the management team.  it would have been poor enough with Gallagher in charge but McMenamin bring things to another level, to that previously was the preserve of his Tyrone teams.

In general the squad from 1999 to 2008 played a hard game and while blocking off the running player was a tactic and not against any rule, the players with the possible exception of Marty O'Rourke didn't bother with the trash talk that was so evident yesterday from the Fermanagh team.  They have taken the feigning of injury to a level that Tyrone have set since 2003.  While Grimley was stupid in swinging his arm, Quigley, who has serious form for cheating, fell to the ground instantly holding his face. 

Owen you need to take the orange glasses off.
The 'treatment' that both Quigley brothers got yesterday was very noticeable.
I watched it and they didn't react.
Daniel Teague came off the bench and was immediately subject to the same 'treatment'.

Sean received a forearm in the face.  That's a red card.
The Armagh tackling was shocking.  Made it easy for the referee.
Armagh went out to be physical and try and bully Fermanagh.
Armagh didn't score from play after the 16th minute.
Armagh were completely cleaned around midfield as well.
That's why Armagh got beat. 

£24 per adult and £5 for under 16s is too dear.
It was a very poor crowd considering the weather.
Same last week in Ballybofey.

I'd like to personally wish Fermanagh all the best today.
Honeslty I believe this was the crucial element in tonight's win

That was a lot easier than expected .
Very mature performance from Fermanagh against a very disappointing Armagh team.
Armaghs discipline is shocking..
Once Fermanagh got in front after half time Armagh just ran out of ideas.

Have to say Brewster Park is in some shape.
Pitch is like a carpet.

Planning on heading down early on Saturday to catch the Scottish Cup final. Can anyone recommend a pub where we could watch it and get some food?

Pats Bar or Crowes Nest in the centre of the town would be your best bet. A lot better grub and beer than Willie Ramblers. 10-15 minute walk from Brewster.

Best pints in the town .
No food though

Fermanagh team named

1. P Cadden
2. K Connor
3. C Cullen
4. M Jones
5. B.Mulrone
6. J McMahon
7. L Cullen
8. E Donnelly
9. R Jones
10.P McCusker
11.D McCusker
12.A Breen
13.S Quigley
14.C Jones
15.S Quigley

Fermanagh going for a very mobile team 1-12.
Plenty of pace and a very big full forward line.
The Armagh defence can expect a few high balls.
It's not to often Fermanagh have had a sub of Tomas Corrigan's class sitting on the bench.
Add to that his brother Ruairi as well as Danny Teague .
We are certainly alot stronger from the bench than we have been for a while.


Armagh have discipline issues and itís an issue Fermanagh have to try and exploit.

And yet it has been Fermanagh who have had key players sent off in recent games.

Indeed it has. But it has been Armagh who have conceded most Frees .

I would probably agree with you if that had happened once.
Armagh should also have beaten Fermanagh comfortably in the league when we had men sent off.
They didn't and couldn't pull away from us. Somehow we managed to get a draw.
Same thing happened in the league final as well.
I think it will be very tight

Fermanagh have beaten nobody of note in the ulster championship in Brewster in years.
Yes we have beaten Antrim but then Antrim have also beaten us at Brewster in the last 5 years.
We have also been beaten by Cavan and Down as well under Canavan before McGrath.
I think you have to go back to Malachy OíRourke before we last beat a team at home other than Antrim.  McEntee is right in that regard and he is also correct that there will be a bigger Armagh support there than Fermanagh in the terraces but not in the main stand.

Build up from Fermanagh has been very low key.  No stories leaking out and injury wise all the main players  have been playing for their clubs mostly. 
I think itís an even enough game and Fermanagh will be well capable of beating Armagh.
Armagh have discipline issues and itís an issue Fermanagh have to try and exploit.
Fermanagh would have won the league final if they would have had a left footed free taker.  Hopefully Tomas Corrigan is back to himself after an injury hit league campaign and can take over from Seamie on this side. 
Defensively we have to tighten up.  Our full back line has to win their own personal duels .  At midfielder Eoin has to deal with the fact that Vernon will be trying to spoil him the whole game( which he has done very well every time I have seen him playing on Donnelly). Himself and Ryan have to get on top and we need to push up on the Armagh kickouts.
Itís a game we should be winning if I am being honest. There is nothing to fear from Armagh and both teams know each other very well at this stage.  Big test for the players.

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster Colleges
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:17:01 AM »
Bigger issue IMO for Ulster colleges is with the Impending closure of alot of smaller "vocational" schools due to lack of numbers and government policy to try and centralise resources ( which is madness -you only have to look at the mess that has been made of the English system with this policy) , what happens the vast majority of lads in these schools who probably all play for their clubs and never make a mcrory squad ?

Also the current state of Gaelic in FE colleges ( the old "techs") is very sad to see.
Seems nobody wants to take responsibility for it .
I remember a time when those Colleges won all Ireland's and would have given most mcrory teams a run for their money

General discussion / Re: Biggest Sh*thole in Ireland (2018 Edition)
« on: April 11, 2018, 10:25:41 PM »
Literally nothing going for it. 

GAA Discussion / Re: 2018 NFL Division 3
« on: April 01, 2018, 06:29:34 PM »
I have never witnessed a referee change their mind after being challenged over a decision by a player.
All I have witnessed is a referee moving a free forward and then, as what happened yesterday, giving the
opposition team some soft frees.
I am not sure why players bother with it.

I would agree that Fermanagh commit abit more in the attacking side of the game.
They have a set of forwards who can do damage.
But then a reliable left footed free taker yesterday and we would probably have won so it might not be pretty
but it is effective.

GAA Discussion / Re: 2018 NFL Division 3
« on: April 01, 2018, 03:38:59 PM »
Interesting enough game for what it was.
Will bear little resemblance to the game we will see on the 13th of May.
Fermanaghs vulnerability to a high ball came to the fore again and Armagh with Rafferty in there
will have noticed a very obvious weakness.
What Fermanagh can take out of it is that Armagh can't tackle and have poor discipline.
That is something we have to exploit.
The referee did give Fermnagh some soft frees but Armagh only have themselves to blame for that.
There approach to when a decision is given against them is very strange.
You would think that the referee was going to change his mind when they verbally contested the decision.
Strange ....

GAA Discussion / Re: 2018 NFL Division 2
« on: March 28, 2018, 09:25:19 AM »
The Division 2 thread used to be a place of robust debate, mutual respect & manliness.
I'm actually looking forward to the Kildare lads coming back.
Assuming we're still here.
If not, I hope the Division 3 thread is a place of robust debate, mutual respect & manliness.

Drop down to the div 3 thread.
Was great craic all together

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