2024 Joe McDonagh Cup

Started by Mossy Bruce, March 24, 2024, 08:02:24 PM

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Quote from: Verbal on June 20, 2024, 07:36:53 AMI would share the previous poster's view.

We are going to lose several really important players.
Others are going to wane.

We need a seriously steady influx.

Yeah. Just looking at the team sheet, at least six of the 2013 minor team still were involved and playing against Wexford. Except for Quinlan and Cuddy, how many of the 2022 Leinster final minor team are coming through, or expected to come through in the next couple of years?


I would agree. Lads could have went for pints after the offaly game and left it at that. You could see in the second half that lads were out on their feet. It was to their credit that we only lost by 12 but a fully prepared team with everything going to plan would have made things interesting.

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Quote from: Blow-in on June 19, 2024, 06:51:54 PMI wouldn't be so optimistic. I reckon we could minimum see 4/5 retirements from that panel. I think we missed a huge opportunity especially retaining older players to aid the development of the younger players. Hopefully I'm wrong.

We need to establish a constant supply of 2/3 players graduating from our u20s who are ready and good enough for senior Hurling. I think results should not be the main goal of this team rather producing quality future players. This should be the focus of every underage section in clubs too, not winning at all costs which is killing player development.

Our minors and development squads are so important, exposing them to high standards and aiming to create a culture of players wanting to play at the highest level possible. Putting a top level manager coach at minor level is key and leaving them there for a period rather than putting someone in for the sake of it and changing constantly like what has happened in recent years.

We have so much work to do it's scary. 

Of the starting team for the final I reckon the only player in his 30s is Paddy Purcell. After the year he has had I very much doubt he will want to step away. The other two players in their 30s are Willie Dunphy and Picky Maher. Huge servants to Laois. Willie has a lot of milage put up and is no longer a definite starter so he might consider calling it a day. Picky is just 31 and if he got an proper run of training and stayed injury free would probably be able to nail a starting place come next season. Ross King is 29 and was late back to panel this year. I would like to think at 29 and as he works his way back to full sharpness and fitness would want to be involved and have another crack at winning the Joe McDonagh next year.

I honestly think with the likes of Rowland, Podge Delaney, Ryan Mullaney, Aaron Dunphy etc. we are in good hands in relation to keeping things on track for the coming years and showing leadership and setting standards for the younger players coming through. All these lads are in their mid 20s but have already built up huge experience and have memories of winning a Joe McD and know what is required to reach set targets and goals.
For that reason I am optimistic. We won't face an Offaly team next year in the Joe McD. We will surely be strong favourites to win it and with the reformatted league should get a number of competitive games against high standard opposition and a crack off a 3rd placed Leinster team in the preliminary quarter-final (if it is not dropped next year).

All going to plan we should see a competitive Laois team entering into the Leinster championship come 2026. 
The future is positive for this Laois side if players buy into it and structures/money are put into place to support the development of this team.     

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Wille Maher steps down as laois manager.


Quote from: Laois man on July 09, 2024, 10:28:53 PMWille Maher steps down as laois manager.

Just see that.
Couple of keyboard warriors might consider it. One in particular from your own club!!


Quote from: Laois man on July 09, 2024, 10:28:53 PMWille Maher steps down as laois manager.

He hinted at that in his post-match comments, all right, so not surprised. In all honesty, I think he did an OK job. Sure, we didn't get over the line when we should have, which was a terrible pity - but we had the chances.
Anyway, hopefully a good lad will see us as a prospect. Actually, what's Tommy Fitz at?


Tommy would be a great candidate.


Quote from: Laois man on July 09, 2024, 10:28:53 PMWille Maher steps down as laois manager.

I'm not overly surprised with that. There was a players meeting held after the league with view of getting rid of him, it was only over turned because the chance of getting someone in instead before the Joe Mac was slim.

So I can't imagine the player confidence would have been high going into another year under his management.


Are we in line to stay inside or outside the county for the next appointment?
Tommy Fitz a good and also realistic candidate.

I spotted Willie Maher at one of the league semi finals so I had assumed he was going to continue.


The word is that the Waterford gig is between Peter Queally & Derek McGrath. Maher was selector with D McG during his last tenure so maybe they're linking back up.

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In fairness I think overall we are in a better place than we were a few years ago. Several young players have been added to the squad and definitely there is a fighting spirit there where we don't just roll over when behind as shown in both games against Offaly this year. Hopefully we get a progressive new manager who can drive it on. As long as it's not Davy.

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How could we afford Davy🤣


Davy's stock may have fallen a bit. Not that he'd be my first choice.


I'd say Mc Grath will get the Waterford gig.

Aussie will come back in this year after taking a year out. Plus a core of key players are still there - De Burca, Barron and the Bennetts etc.


Anything to be said to lure Brian Cody? We'd save a bit on the mileage anyways.
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