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General discussion / New Star Trek Movie, your thoughts.
« on: June 22, 2009, 07:40:21 PM »
The wife and I went to see the new Star Trek movie yesterday afternoon, I didnt know what to expect as some of the trek movies have been shite, this one was probably the pick of the bunch, a young vibrant cast, great special effects and great entertainment especially since i was able to pull a fearon and get two comped tickets which included free popcorn and drinks.  ;D

What did youse think of the movie?

I was cutting the grass today and an obscure name popped into my head for some reason and it made me laugh out loud given it's randomness. It has been at least a quarter century since I thought of this guy and why his name came to me I have no idea why it did.

the guys name................................................................

Keith chegwin!   :D

I was thinking about this in relation to Armagh and the best i can come up with is me aul mate Miko McAleavey who played for Armagh for the first time aged 29. I am sure there are older than that but I would be interested to know who the players are that had late starts in their intercounty careers.

Benny O'Kane cant have been a spring chicken either when he finally got a run.

General discussion / David Carradine dead, aged 72
« on: June 04, 2009, 05:21:51 PM »
I am sorry to hear of the passing of David Carradine, star of the hit series Kung f* and the hit movie series Kill Bill. I always liked him as an actor and he died aged 72. Bummer.

It gets worse:
BANGKOK - Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s TV series "Kung Fu" who also had a wide-ranging career in the movies, has been found dead in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A news report said he was found hanged in his hotel room and was believed to have committed suicide.

A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy, Michael Turner, confirmed the death of the 72-year-old actor. He said the embassy was informed by Thai authorities that Carradine died either late Wednesday or early Thursday, but he could not provide further details out of consideration for his family.

The Web site of the Thai newspaper The Nation cited unidentified police sources as saying Carradine was found Thursday hanged in his luxury hotel room.

It said Carradine was in Bangkok to shoot a movie and had been staying at the hotel since Tuesday.

The newspaper said Carradine could not be contacted after he failed to appear for a meal with the rest of the film crew on Wednesday, and that his body was found by a hotel maid at 10 a.m. Thursday morning. The name of the movie was not immediately available.

It said a preliminary police investigation found that he had hanged himself with a cord used with the room's curtains. It cited police as saying he had been dead at least 12 hours and there was no sign that he had been assaulted.

A police officer at Bangkok's Lumpini precinct station would not confirm the identity of the dead man, but said the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park hotel had reported that a male guest killed himself there.

Carradine was a leading member of a venerable Hollywood acting family that included his father, character actor John Carradine, and brother Keith.

In all, he appeared in more than 100 feature films with such directors as Martin Scorsese, Ingmar Bergman and Hal Ashby. One of his prominent early film roles was as singer Woody Guthrie in Ashby's 1976 biopic "Bound for Glory."

But he was best known for his role as Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin priest traveling the 1800s American frontier West in the TV series "Kung Fu," which aired in 1972-75.

He reprised the role in a mid-1980s TV movie and played Caine's grandson in the 1990s syndicated series "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues."

He returned to the top in recent years as the title character in Quentin Tarantino's two-part saga "Kill Bill."

The character, the worldly father figure of a pack of crack assassins, was a shadowy presence in 2003's "Kill Bill - Vol. 1." In that film, one of Bill's former assassins (Uma Thurman) begins a vengeful rampage against her old associates.

In "Kill Bill - Vol. 2," released in 2004, Thurman's character comes face to face again with Bill himself. The role brought Carradine a Golden Globe nomination as best supporting actor.

Bill was a complete contrast to his TV character Kwai Chang Caine, the soft-spoken refugee from a Shaolin monastery, serenely spreading wisdom and battling bad guys in the Old West. He left after three seasons, saying the show had started to repeat itself.

After "Kung Fu," Carradine starred in the 1975 cult flick "Death Race 2000." He starred with Liv Ullmann in Bergman's "The Serpent's Egg" in 1977 and with his brothers in the 1980 Western "The Long Riders."

But after the early 1980s, he spent two decades doing mostly low-budget films. Tarantino's films changed that.

"All I've ever needed since I more or less retired from studio films a couple of decades ago ... is just to be in one," Carradine told The Associated Press in 2004.

"There isn't anything that Anthony Hopkins or Clint Eastwood or Sean Connery or any of those old guys are doing that I couldn't do," he said. "All that was ever required was somebody with Quentin's courage to take and put me in the spotlight."

One thing remained a constant after "Kung Fu": Carradine's interest in Oriental herbs, exercise and philosophy. He wrote a personal memoir called "Spirit of Shaolin" and continued to make instructional videos on tai chi and other martial arts.

In the 2004 interview, Carradine talked candidly about his past boozing and narcotics use, but said he had put all that behind him and stuck to coffee and cigarettes.

"I didn't like the way I looked, for one thing. You're kind of out of control emotionally when you drink that much. I was quicker to anger."

"You're probably witnessing the last time I will ever answer those questions," Carradine said. "Because this is a regeneration. It is a renaissance. It is the start of a new career for me.

"It's time to do nothing but look forward."


Associated Press writer Polly Anderson in New York contributed to this

I was wondering what peoples favourite thread ever was on the board, there have been some tremendous threads over the years and I was just wondering what you all thought the best of the best were.

Mine was when Fearon started the Biggles thread and half of OWC ended on over here, I was crying I was laughing so hard. :D :D :D

The Holly, aged 8 from kent thread was a cracker as well.

Told your boss exactly what you think of him and given him stick during a meeting?

I just resigned my position and will be leaving a job I have had for eight years, my last day is the first of June, yer man was a mate of mine but turned into a corporate arsehole and he has been abusing his position for 18 months, what came out of my mouth was unreal but I meant every word and he cried ffs!

I feel great about getting it off my chest however I need to find a job in the next four and a half months but I am glad I did it.

Have any of you had the opportunity to tell the boss a few home truths about what you think of him or her?????

General discussion / Grant sacked.
« on: May 24, 2008, 09:50:05 PM »
Chelsea have started their search for a new manager after sacking Avram Grant on Saturday.

Grant, who replaced Jose Mourinho last September, was expected to be removed from his post following Chelsea's failure to win a trophy for the first time in three seasons.

The 52-year-old Israeli found it hard to come to terms with being thrust into the spotlight and although he guided Chelsea into their first Champions League final, the penalty shoot-out defeat in Moscow last Wednesday paved the way for his departure.

After two days of meetings, Chelsea confirmed their decision in a statement.

It read: 'Chelsea can confirm that Avram Grant has had his contract as manager terminated today.

'This follows meetings over the last two days. Everybody at Chelsea FC would like to thank Avram for his contribution since taking over as manager last September.

'We will now be concentrating all our efforts on identifying a new manager for Chelsea and there will be no further comment until that appointment is made.' Grant joined the club last summer from Portsmouth to take up the post of director of football.'

Then manager Mourinho, whose relationship with the board was already fractious, was unhappy with the appointment.

Mourinho was later dismissed after their 1-1 draw with Rosenborg at Stamford Bridge in their opening Champions League game.

Grant, who had never managed a club in England, was asked to takeover and later given a four-year contract.

A close friend of the club's billionaire owner Roman Abramovich, Grant's brief reign was tainted by reports of anti-Semitic abuse but remarkably he equalled a nine-match winning run set by Mourinho's side two years earlier.

Grant brought in Henk ten Cate as his assistant as well as new fitness and goalkeeping staff.

But his appointment was never really accepted by the fans, who steadfastly refused to chant his name until the final game of the season, and his sour-faced demeanour did him few favours.

He was also criticised for being tactically inept but guided the club to the final of the Carling Cup in February only to lose 2-1 to Tottenham.

But remarkably, Chelsea pushed Manchester United to the wire in the race for the Premier League and earned a place in their first Champions League final against Sir Alex Ferguson's side.

But his entire spell in charge was littered with speculation that he was just a stop-gap appointment and that he would leave in the summer.

Chelsea consistently denied they had plans to change their manager but the deafening silence from the club's board after Wednesday's defeat by United, told its own story.

Both chief-executive Peter Kenyon and chairman Bruce Buck paved the way for change by insisting that Chelsea's performance this season was simply 'not good enough'.

Buck said: 'We have very high expectations at Chelsea and a couple of second place finishes is just not good enough for us - so although we never would have thought in September when Jose Mourinho left that we would be able to make it into a Champions League Final as we did - and that is fantastic - Chelsea are here to win trophies. So although it was an excellent season, we are still disappointed.'

A series of discussions finally resolved Grant's future and it is understood the Israeli said his farewells to the players on Friday - telling them it had been a 'privilege' to manage the team.

Personally I think the guy did very well however he was always going to be a short term replacement after Jose M left the fold.

I wish him well.

Keane: Blatter would have put me in prison

Sunderland manager Roy Keane admits he would have gone to prison had Sepp Blatter's demand for some tackles to be made a criminal offence come into force while he was a player.

FIFA president Blatter wants those who deliberately make dangerous challenges to face legal action.

Keane was one of the finest midfield tacklers of his generation but there were occasions when the former Manchester United captain went over the top.

Most infamous was a knee-high lunge on Alf Inge Haaland during the Manchester derby at Old Trafford in 2001, which Keane later revealed in his autobiography was a pre-meditated revenge attack for a spat that began four years earlier.

Speaking ahead of his side's Barclays Premier League game against Everton on Sunday, Keane said: 'I have to be careful with this subject. I would have been doing a bit of `porridge' myself!

'People in the media have been saying some of the tackles have been horrendous.

'I've heard before that if it happened in the street then you might be charged with assault.

'I know there's been one or two court cases over the years. You're opening a can of worms there - I think you'd have to be very careful.' 

I was wondering what you lot thought of Blatters plans. For me if it was pre meditated I would say then yes, it should be treated as asault an the decision should be to go to court, if not I think the courts should stay out of it although it might be hard to prove one way or another if it was a deliberate attack or not.

Dimitar Berbatov wants to leave Tottenham if a suitable offer from a club 'which matches his ambition' comes in during the January transfer window, according to comments attributed to the Bulgarian star's agent.

The striker has rediscovered his stunning form for Spurs in recent weeks and fired four goals in the 6-4 win over Reading on Saturday.

However, his agent Emil Dantchev claims the player is keen to join a team with greater trophy-winning potential than the north Londoners.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has insisted they are not a selling club, but Dantchev is reported to have told The Sun: 'I have already spoken to the Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and told him that if a club which corresponds to Dimitar's class and ambition comes in with an offer which suits his current club in January, he would like to be allowed to go.

'I would like to stress this is not about money, this is about sporting ambition, nor has it anything to do with the new manager Juande Ramos. Dimitar is perfectly happy with Ramos and the way he is working but after Tottenham's bad start to the season it is unlikely they will have the chance to do something big this season.'

Manchester United have been linked with Berbatov in the past, but Spurs have always been firm in stating he is not for sale.

Dantchev added: 'Dimitar is OK at Tottenham. I would not say he is happy but his performances for the club are a testament to his commitment to the fans and his team-mates. He has never stopped trying and scoring goals to help the team.

'Fans must understand Dimitar is 27 next month and time is running out for him to play for a club which can match his ambition.

'It is a long-term plan for Spurs. Dimitar wants to fulfil his potential and win trophies now. He would definitely consider a move outside of England, that is not the issue. What matters is a club which matches his ambition and his level, and therefore there are only five or six around Europe. Two clubs outside of England and one from the Premier League are interested in him.'

Levy said yesterday: 'Once again for the record, we are not a selling club, rather we are building for the future. When we have players on long contracts we have no need to entertain offers.'

If he signs with the arse I fear that tone will jump off a cliff somewhere. they are ket with him but without him they would be relegation material.  :'(

The spuds come back to destroy Reading after being behind three times, Berbatov has scored four and the game isnt even over yet.

Surely this win will wrench the spuds well away from the relegatiion zone they have been hovering around all season. :o

In other news. Keanes Dunderland managed a win against bollocky Bolton and I am sure the Roy worshippers on here will be delighted with that result. ;)

General discussion / Compromise rules youtube clips.
« on: December 27, 2007, 06:11:19 PM »
Hey, do any of you have a link to the compromise rules games showing some of the 'action'. I was looking for it to show a colleague and was hoping that I could get something to show him. Thanks.

General discussion / ' Lost Posters of 2007'
« on: December 13, 2007, 11:44:39 PM »
It dawned to me that we have lost a few posters in the past year and I was hoping we could get a few names out there of people we lost along the way.

Star springs to mind. Dromintee's finest couldnt handle the strain of taking abuse about his teams constant losing to cross and so departed these shores.

A few others.

Randall Patrick McMurphy.

General discussion / So just who is running Blighty these days????
« on: December 10, 2007, 08:53:51 PM »
It is a matter of history that when the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower found the victims of the death camps, he ordered all possible photographs to be taken and for the German people from the surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead. He did this he said, in words to this effect;  "Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses - because somewhere down the track of history some ******* will get up and say that this never happened.


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"   Edmund Burke



This week, the UK removed the Holocaust from it's school curriculum because it "offended" the Muslim population because they say it never occurred.

This is a frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easy each country is giving into it.


It is now more than 60 years since the 2nd. World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, starved, burned and humiliated while German and Russian people looked the other way! 

Now more than ever, with Iran among others, claiming the Holocaust to be a myth, it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

I think that this decision in England is an absolute disgrace and I would have thought that since appeasement never worked for the brits in the past they might have learned from history not to pander to extremists.

I think that it is time they developed a backbone and stopped runing scared of this segment of their society

General discussion / FAO Hurler
« on: December 05, 2007, 12:01:10 AM »
Hurler. The ticket is bought at a reasonable price, one third of the going rate. The tailgate is all set up and the digs are decent. bring plenty of beer tokens and you should be all set. transportation to and from the airport has been arranged and the limo will pull up outside the digsat 9:00AM sunday morning to take you to thepacker game. is there anything else you require boss?

General discussion / Longest ever penalty scored in rugby.
« on: December 03, 2007, 12:26:52 AM »
I was talking to a mate from ireland the night who is a rugby head, I was telling him I remember seeing gavin hastings hit one between the sticks from close to his own own 22 in gale force conditions and he said I was away in the head but I know i saw a clip of it on here years ago. anyway he have a wee bet on it now and i was wondering if anybody  else saw the clip. it was amazing at the time and got a lot of play.

Hastings was one of the best players I ever saw, brilliant player.

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