County Manager Merry go round

Started by Rossfan, August 11, 2015, 02:39:34 PM

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O'Rourke retired from teaching makes it a good time to take on the Derry Gig.  Interesting if Glen win Derry and
and Kilcoo were to emerge from Down again, the big two in Ulster club football for the last two seasons would be on opposite sides of the draw, unable to meet until the provincial final.
Is the ref going to finally blow his whistle?... No, he's going to blow his nose


Harte stepping down in Louth

Derry bound ?


Wanted.  Forwards to take frees.
Not fussy.  Any sort of ability will be considered


Davy's given us a dream to cling to
We're going to bring home the SAM

Duine Inteacht Eile

Mickey Harte - Derry
Paddy Tally - Kerry

Funny old world.


I'm sure that will go down well with the natives... of both counties


A team who believe they are capable of winning an All Ireland and a manager who has a point to prove as many believe, especially in his own county, he did not have it in him to win an All Ireland again.

Some crack if Derry draw Donegal in the championship with the boul Jim back on the scene.

Aaron Boone

Where does Mickey get the energy. 

Sandy Hill

"Stercus accidit"

Tony Baloney


Interesting development,  big loss for Louth had them punching well above their weight.  Derry hoping to challenging for All Ireland and bring in All Ireland winning manager.
Is the ref going to finally blow his whistle?... No, he's going to blow his nose


What a time for the board to be on the go-slow!


Based in his last 5 years at Tyrone, Mickey is not the man to give Derry the attacking freedom and confidence to climb the last hurdle or two.

They're more likely to implode than explode from here I reckon.