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probably had a son lose a decision and there fragile egos couldnt take it.
There was an incident on dublin too on a bus.
was about to come on and say apparently it all kicked off in roscommon last night
can derry do it in a warm sunday afternoon in croke park
goals from hands should be worth only 1 point (except own goals from hand they should be worth 3)
GAA Discussion / Re: RG at arms length
Today at 04:10:09 PM
would there not be a risk for of various activists groups showing up to any match hes at.
i couldnt find any other thread to put it since this is the closest to a repuiblican thread i put it here
Dissident Arm na Poblachta claim two PSNI vehicles targeted in Co Derry
Security alert continues around Dungiven
they just brought in the group stage 16 i dont think they can t**ker with that again too soon
burns wants to reduce inter county cost how does he do that
GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 2024
February 25, 2024, 12:44:48 PM
did dublin just put a lot of people off caring about the all ireland this year.
i would like to see all 4 all ireland quarter finals played in 4 provinces would Connaught need a new stadium
GAA Discussion / Re: Railway cup no more?
February 24, 2024, 02:51:27 PM
You would need an incentive to win it for players to care and you cant really offer prize money incentive
could they football/hurling double headers to get a bigger crowd.