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Quote from: Mourne Red on July 17, 2024, 01:37:14 PM240 Tickets for each club in Armagh

Thats a huge number of tickets for small junior clubs, doesn't seem fair that all clubs getting the same amount of tickets. I doubt there's many counites who go down that route.
Surely each club has a registered number of members and it wouldn't have been hard to calculate the allocation on a pro-rata basis? 
I have read elsewhere that Armagh clubs voted in favour of each club having an equal allocation in regards AI tickets, and it carried due to there being so many small clubs. So tough titty for Clann √Čireann, Cross, Killeavy etc.

A very odd take on it, I'm sure there's plenty of good people in those clubs who won't get a ticket now because of the incompetence of their County Board.
Quote from: Mourne Red on July 17, 2024, 01:37:14 PM240 Tickets for each club in Armagh

Thats a huge number of tickets for small junior clubs, doesn't seem fair that all clubs getting the same amount of tickets. I doubt there's many counites who go down that route.
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How does this lad get so many gigs?

You didn't get the memo??

His stock has seriously deflated after the Derry experience, as has Harte's legacy.
There are a number of high profile coaches on the club and county circuit that are stealing a living  and continue to get employment with clubs who are desperate to get an outside manager involved.
A few notable exceptions but generally the rest are snake oil salesmen.

Not according to Sam Mulroy, reckons Devlin's the best about

You'd have to wonder how many top coaches a Louth player has worked under?
GAA Discussion / Re: All-Stars 2024
July 16, 2024, 11:10:39 AM
Its a funny year for forwards with only Turbit from the 2 finalists nailed on too win an All Star.

Kerry had a soft run to the semi final, they've won enough all stars in recent years.

Has Gallen done enough to get one? Don't think any of the other Donegal forwards have done enough but they may push Mogan into the forwards as there's a lot of competition in the back. A lot will depend on the final

Sam Mulroy could well end up with one but as ever a lot will depend on the final, Tom O'Sullivan was in player of the year category before the 2022 final and didn't even get an All Star which was harsh as all of Shane Walsh's score were ridiculous.
I assume the season tickets in Armagh and Galway aren't sold out? As usual seeing lots of sob stories online, the ST is there for those who don't contribute in a club and just want to go and watch county games.

Clubs will look after those who do the work and rightly so.

Galway/Armagh people will get their hands on tickets that go round the country, don't worry about that.
GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Galway
July 16, 2024, 09:54:59 AM
Quote from: galwayman on July 15, 2024, 04:21:07 PMDelighted with the win. It was such a tight game - could easily have gone the other way.
Donegal's shooting let them down in the last 20 minutes.
Have to say to a man/woman every Donegal person around us and in the pubs afterwards we spoke to were were extremely gracious in defeat. Not easy in such a close game to be like that after the final whistle.
Just reinforced my experiences with all Donegal people I have ever known through work, college etc. (and there have been quite a few). Great warm people.
McGuinness is a brilliant manager.
Ye will definitely be back.

A lot of talk Donegal would be the stronger team in the last 15 minutes going into the game, the likes of Gallen who'd been superb had been asked to do cover a lot more ground then Comer would have to.

Donegals shooting for the first 50 minutes was outstanding, scored a lot more scores from distance then Galway. McDaid scored one for a difficult enough angle but other then Conroy and Silke hit scores from the edge of the D but the rest were all around the 21. Donegal must have scored 5/6 points from well outside the D; Thats always going to be difficult to keep going!

Can't recall a bigger Galway crowd for a football match outside of the 2022 final, great scenes at the final whistle with N17.

67000 for a Galway Donegal semi final was outstanding!
GAA Discussion / Re: All-Stars 2024
July 16, 2024, 09:35:18 AM
Quote from: galwayman on July 16, 2024, 08:23:19 AMFor us - McGrath and McHugh are nailed on. For the rest - the final will dictate a lot.
For Armagh Turbitt looks to have one in the bag already also. He should get one even if were to have a poor final he's been exceptional

McHugh 4/5 to win Player of the year with PP.

When I saw Galway get roasted by Mayo in the 2nd half 3 years ago I didn't think McHugh was good enough, his improvement has been nothing short of phenomenal.
GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Galway
July 09, 2024, 11:11:54 AM
Judging by ticketmaster looks like there'll be a big crowd Sunday.
GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Galway
July 05, 2024, 12:39:23 PM
A bit unfair on supporters selling tickets in the Upper Davin before the Upper Hogan, no guarantee I suppose they'll even open the Upper Hogan as they didn't for last Saturday either.

Reckon the logic with this it is that the viewers can't see the empty seats in the Hogan Stand.
I thought before the match Galways's downfall would be Dublins playing Howard and Bulger in the backs then you add in McCaffrey & McCaffrey and Dublin had 11 players on the pitch capable of scoring a couple of points from play but ultimately it may have been their downfall, Dublin with a lack of natural defenders were very loose.  Galway had 16 shots in that second half and will be disappointed not to have scored 12-13 points given all those 6 misses were well within range for the shooters. Dublin must have scored 8 points before 20 minutes, no pressure whatsoever put on Dublin all over the pitch during that period and it was way too easy for them to get scores.

Silke on O'Callaghan in that first half wasn't a great matchup, Silke is a brilliant defender but always struggles with real raw pace like O'Callaghan has, remember James Carr giving Silke a really difficult time a few years ago in Limerick and there's been other instances where he's struggled too but stick him on a forward like Sean O'Shea and he'll do brilliantly. It didn't help that 3 times the ball was kicked into O'Callaghan no pressure was put on the kicker.

Now its going to be difficult to replicate that 2nd half for a the whole match but Galway don't want another first half like that but it was the best day in HQ for 23 years and a day to remember.

Special mention to Mulkerrins, didn't think he had it in him but the move to wing back has brought the best out of him; When Galway were struggling in that first half he kept on taking on his marker and made something happen. McHugh exceptional as usual, after the game against Mayo in 2021 I'd written him off but since then he's turned into one of the best wingbacks in the game and easily forgotten he missed the defeat to Mayo last year too. D'Arcy a bit limited in possession but those of us who remember him from his u21 days know he could always kick a score and continues to do so, if he understands his limitations he'll continue to be an asset.

Draw Donegal opponents out first, if it was Galway or Derry then the one not chosen automatically gets Dublin. If it Roscommon or Louth then whoever didn't get drawn automatically gets Armagh.

Draw Kerry out next and if Derry/Galway had not come out then have a separate pot with just Derry/Galway in. Whoever doesn't come out automatically plays Dublin.

None of the above is complicated and was a much fairer way of doing the draw which has ended up as a distorted farce.

Nobody mentioned the bizarreness of the draw?

Galway/Derry Co Board have every right to complain. Galway/Derry both had a 1 in 3 chance of meeting Dublin ended up with a 1 in 2 because of it the decided to make the draw that way.

Considering Donegal could play everyone surely the sensible option was to draw their opponents first and then work backwards from there, it wasn't rocket science. Roscommon's chances of meeting Armagh went from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 due to it too.

It wasn't really mentioned but interesting to see Galway drop John Daly and make a tactical change and it worked in fairness, Glynn & McGrath got forward a fair bit more then normal. Mulkerrins coming in was totally out of the blue, looked like 3 or 4 others were well ahead of him in the pecking order but he played well. Joyce trying to become a lot less predictable.

I'd like to see Joyce make a good few changes and start Culhane, Heaney, Sweeney & O'Flaherty but don't see it happening, perhaps some of these Galway players like Walsh, Tierney & McDaid needs games given all the football they've missed this season looking at it from a very optimistic view although after Sunday I've very little of that left. 

Culhane is still very slight for a lad who'd been around the panel for last 3/4 years, appreciate he's still only 21/22 but even compared to Cathal Sweeney he looks like a lad who's years behind in those stakes, very noticeable in Sundays team photo.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
June 12, 2024, 10:21:13 AM
Quote from: lurganblue on June 12, 2024, 10:01:53 AMA little surprised by this. Perhaps you can argue that he has had a bad hand dealt with the injury hit defence and he has still won the FA Cup. But then you consider the real lack of any discernible style of play, his management of players like Sancho, Rashford etc, and his big money spend on Anthony and I just dont see how the board think he's still the right man. Perhaps the options were limited.  I'm sure they put the feelers out. 

Sancho is a disgrace, club didn't do their due diligence on his mentality. You won't find a match going fan happy to have him back. As for Rashford he's got a lot going on in the background affecting his play, hope he can sort that out over the summer which is not ETH's fault!

As for Antony he should have pulled the plug on the deal but when you're desperate and you'd idiots running the club you can see why he didn't! Murtough, Arnold & Co are more too blame, they were told by the scouting department his value was no more then £30m!

I've no idea if he's the right man yet but given the alternatives like the majority of fans I wanted him to stay.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
June 12, 2024, 09:30:25 AM
Its the right decision, even Tuchel who was the best candidate available hasn't a CV that would you make he'd definitely be a success. Nagelsman was the only manager who'd i'd have liked to have seen take the job but that ship sailed as son as he committed to Germany for few years; Now 6 months down the line that may change.

Clearly no guarantee Ten Hag is going to be a huge success but he's shown that come a big game he's capable of getting his tactics right and when he had his best players available like in his first season results were good, the bad periods that season were when he had too many injuries and too many games and we couldn't cope. Ten Hag knows the club inside out, knows by now which players aren't good enough whilst a new manager may give another chance to some of those we all know are out of their depth.

Big summer ahead, opportunity now to get rid of the deadwood and hopefully buy better players considering all the talk about the recruits behind the scenes; Wilcox and Ashworth appear to know what their doing but I won't be getting carried away just yet.