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Catch Nets - accessories
« on: March 24, 2015, 04:41:20 PM »
Looking a bit of help here, I've bought 2no. 35ft x 24ft catch nets for a bit of a football pitch I've marked out and fenced off from the field for the lads to practice at the back of the house.

They were got from who are based in Tallow, Co.Waterford.

I plan to erect these 2 nets side by side so that they meet in the middle, and I've concreted in 3no. telegraph poles (should be a strong job!), one at either end and one in the centre. This will ensure they are definitely wide enough and a good height, the goal uprights aren't full length so this should be suffice, but the width of the goals and goal size are full standard size.

Now the problem I have is getting the right accessories to make sure the catch nets are held tightly in place.

Any suggestions? I was thinking of wire ropes, or some sort of pulley/ratchet system that could wind the net tighter. Where the 2 nets will meet in the middle, I'm thinking of gate hangers or equivalent up along the middle telegraph pole to keep the nets together, but not sure of what way to fasten them in place.

Can't see any accessories on any of the suppliers websites in Ireland who provide catch net sales & installation.