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With all the millions of euro given to Dubl$n GAA over the past decade and with the extra millions given by aig, this has to be one of the most unbalanced and unfair championship games in the history of the GAA. If the moneybags don't win by 40+ points they should be ashamed of themselves.

GAA Discussion / Time to Split Dublin
« on: September 22, 2013, 05:28:16 PM »
Time for the lines to be drawn. It's going to be either Dublin North and Dublin South or maybe Dublin Fingal, Dublin South and Dublin Dun Laoighaire Rathdown.
Bertie and co granted Dublin 7 million euros, the plan was for Dublin to dominate All Irelands in hurling and football. 2 in 3 years in football and the first real Leinster title in hurling shows that the plan is working well, not as well as it should but working well non the less.
They have over 1 million people, all the best facilities in the country, all the best coaches available, play every game at home, the best set up in schools and underage because of money. It's not what the GAA is all about. It's meant to be teams playing against eachother on an equal footing.
It's an ameteur game, how much are Dublin spending on that management team and backroom staff? They can even afford to pay Bernard Dunne to hang around for the banter with players.

Lets hope the GAA stop looking after their pockets and bring fair play back to inter county football. Split Dublin into 2 or 3 and start dividing resources fairly, also introduce caps on money spent on inter county teams.

What a match we have here.

GAA Discussion / New League and Championship Format
« on: June 02, 2013, 06:30:33 PM »
Easier to understand version further down the thread.

Ok here's my proposal for a new improved All Ireland championship. One that will mean we keep the Provincial championships, have a straight knock out competition and teams still get more Summer games.

For the league we use what used to be the All Ireland championship. Straight knock out for the Provincial championships and it goes through to the semi final and final to decide the winner.
The only difference is the losers of first and second round games in their province go into a league together to decide the Division 4 champions. 16 teams in that are split into 4 groups. Top teams in each group play semi finals and finals and the position you finish in your group will decide your seeding for the championship draw.
The semi final losers go into a 2 groups together and go through the same process as Division 4 and this will decide the Division 3 champions, 4 teams in each group.
The 4 Provincial final losers have an open draw, winners are Division 2 champions and then obviously whoever goes through unbeaten will win the National league.

I will use last years championship for an example, sometimes people can understand this way better. Just to reiterate, teams that lost the first round or quarter finals in their Provincial Championships will be Division 4. Lost semi final then Division 3, lost final Division 2 and whoever wins it outright is Division 1 champs.

Using last years Munster championship they will split into 4 Divisions. Waterford and Tipperary are in Division 4 because they lost in the quarter finals of the Munster championship. Kerry and Limerick are Division 3 because they lost in the semi final of the Munster championship. Clare are in Division 2 because they lost the Munster final. Cork are Division 1 because they won the Munster championship. Instead of playing a quarter final like last year, Cork go straight into a semi final to play Donegal because there is no qualifiers. This is the new league format, I'm only using last years championship as an example.
Munster Senior Football Championship
Division 4: Waterford + Tipperary
Division 3: Kerry + Limerick
Division 2: Clare
Division 1: Cork

The teams are split like this for the same reasons as the Munster championship.
Leinster Senior Football Championship
Division 4: Westmeath, Laois, Wicklow, Louth, Longford, Carlow, Offaly
Division 3: Wexford, Kildare
Division 2: Meath
Division 1: Dublin

Connacht Senior Football Championship
Division 4: Rosscommon, London
Division 3: Galway, Leitrim
Division 2: Sligo
Division 1: Mayo

Ulster Senior Football Championship
Division 4: Cavan, Derry, Armagh, Antrim, Fermanagh
Division 3: Monaghan, Tyrone
Division 2: Down
Division 1: Donegal

Now all the Division 4 teams go into a random draw.
Random draw for Division 4:
Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Then the winners of group 1 and 2 play eachother and 3 and 4 play eachother. Winner of the next game is Division 4 champs.
So something like Louth v Armagh and Derry v Laois. Then Armagh v Laois final, Billy Sheehan gets the winning goal in the last minute but then McKeever hits him a flying kick. So Laois are Division 4 champs.
For Division 3 it's the same only 2 groups.

Random draw for Division 3:
Group 1

Group 2
Maybe a Kerry v Tyrone final.

Random draw for Division 2:
Group 1

Group 2
A Down v Sligo final or whatever.

Division one last year would have resulted in Donegal winning. They went through their province winning so under my proposal they would pick up the Anglo-Celt Cup. Mayo would have won the J. J. Nestor Cup, Dublin would have won the Delaney Cup and Cork would have won the Munster cup, whatever it's called. Then the league semi finals and final would have been like this:
Semi Finals                        Final
Cork    1-11            
Donegal    0-16                  Donegal 2-11
Mayo    0-19                  Mayo      0-13
Dublin    0-16    

You all following so far?

So to summarise, the new league format will decide who the 4 Provincial champions are. They will get their Provincial cup and celebrate. Also we will have Division one to four decided. It will also decide the seeding for the Championship draw which I will explain now.

In the division 4 groups of the league the bottom two teams in each division will be fourth seeds for the championship. The top 2 teams in each group will be third seeds.
All the teams in Division 3 will be second seeds and all the teams in Division 2 and 1 will be first seeds. If you want an easier draw make sure you do better in next years league.

Ok I'm not using last years championship for this example, I just picked 8 teams for each seeding. Then put them in random to do the draw for me. It worked out like this:

















Then you go through the first round, the second round, the quarter finals, semi finals and final to see who's the All Ireland Champion.
To make sure everyone gets some Summer football we have an extra thing, kinda like the Tommy Murphy cup etc.
The losers of all the round of 32 games will go into an open draw and they play out to see who wins that competition. It'll be called the Jody Devine Cup.
The second round losers are put in an open draw and they play off for their competition we'll call it the Ger Houlahan Cup.
The quarter final losers play for the Vinnie Murphy Cup.
No point having competitions after that or we might even drop the Vinnie Murphy Cup.

The overview:
We still have the National League Divisions 1-4. We still have all 4 Provincial Championships. We still have all the teams getting games in the Summer. We now have a World Cup type format, all the teams have to win an equal amount of games to become All Ireland Champions. We are back to having straight knock out championships where it's do or die.

What you think?

GAA Discussion / Challenge match in kerry
« on: May 03, 2010, 03:27:06 PM »
Is there any Kerry people that can tell me what time Kerry are playing Laois in a challenge match in listowel tonight and if it's behind closed doors?

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