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If this thread is allowed to stay I'm utterly disgusted.

Itís been 2 days since you posted.

On a scale of 1 to ex Garda commissioner Callinan how disgusted are you   :D

As an aside ,I have to say that Iím disgusted at your abysmal punctuation .
Must try harder syferus.

General discussion / Re: Bob Geldof
« on: November 14, 2017, 02:40:34 AM »
Deserves a thread of its own, I think.

Am I being a begrudger or is he really an insufferable West Brit bollox?

He's right. The treatment of the Rohingya is horrific. As usual we Irish have to indulge in whataboutery and make it about his Knighthood. Of course the Shinners in council more worried about flying a Catalan flag than Rohingya babies burned alive.

How do you figure that?

Anyway Geldof is a **** , an utter utter west Brit ****.
The image of him flopping around the Thames been a **** to the fishermen during brexit speaks volumes, him and Farage having a bun fight is the proverbial 2 bald men arguing over a comb.

A Blackrock boy to the core, the f**king Jesuits have a f**king lot to answer for. Geldof is the very definition of an elitist "look at me and do what I say ****"

I notice he is happy to hang onto his KBE and ignore the human rights abuses that are welded to that particular gong by association.

Like I said a **** .

General discussion / Re: The Great Tracker Mortgages Robbery
« on: October 23, 2017, 12:29:40 PM »
and the planned economy worked out great in eastern Europe at least capitalism had a built in recovery system where as communism collapsed
but  no what im  asking is  what crime was committed . the bank should operate within whatever laws are in force not what ever popular injustices that the newspapers discussions boards or politicians will be make them sound like they are on the side of the people .
had I tracker and gave it up I would consider that stupid by me unless things had turned out differently and trackers been a disaster . would people be then squealing for relief from them?

What was that?

Yeah what is the recovery system ? Really keen to know?
Anyway I'm seeing lots of headlines about swift settlement and compensation payouts before Christmas.
Now maybe I'm reading this wrong but if you agree to pay compo aren't you in effect admitting guilt ? And if you admit guilt aren't you admitting that you have operated beyond the boundaries stipulated for your industry and in doing so you have adversely and materially negatively affected others.

Or just plain broke the law.

General discussion / Re: The Great Tracker Mortgages Robbery
« on: October 23, 2017, 11:39:06 AM »
So you want light touch regulation ? That worked out before for us didn't it......

General discussion / Re: The Great Tracker Mortgages Robbery
« on: October 21, 2017, 08:47:10 PM »

Why is this not a criminal investigation?
Because that's the way things are done in Ireland
White collar crime is a mere transgression
Working class crime of any description-TV licence, dog licence, etc - are horrendous heinous acts that must simply be made an example of.
Low hanging fruit to use a ridiculous management speak anology

The people who have their fingerprints all over the tracker mortgage scam won't see a day inside a courthouse let alone a cell, anyone remember Anglo?
A few of "the lads" had a little scholarship in Loughin house for 3or 4 months- garlic man got longer in Portlaoise.

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:23:44 PM »
You can also get banned for shite attempts at humour😂😂
If they looked at your twitter you wouldn't be allowed on the plane to Glasgow never mind into the ground  ;D

Is the age of the farmer in GAA dying out? the 80s,90s use to have loads of tough farmers on their county teams and every second advert on TV before a game was somewhat related to farming.
Darren Hughes the Monaghan midfielder is a farmer .

Dunphys comment was a joke. He has a pretty nationalist outlook and is very supportive of the northern boys playing for Ireland.
Brian Kerr was a great youth coach but didnt do it for the first team he didnt beat a single team ranked higher than 80 (EIGHTY FFS) in a competitive match. He reckons he didnt get a fair go at it but he did! Euro 2004 he took over after 2 defeats fair enough but he was in charge for the whole 2006 campaign which included 2 draws against Israel were we literally just threw away the points and then the big must win game against Switzerland I dont even think we had one single shot. He was rightfully given the boot but should have been replaced by a proper manager not Staunton (what were they thinking of???????????)


Brian Kerr was the bargain basement choice after Mick McCarthy was sacked.
All that's wrong with Brian ever since is that the FAI have moved away from the incesteous Dublin soccer circuit when looking for new national and underage managers.
The Dutch fella who is technical director now has ruffled a few feathers amongst the Dublin based football intelligentsia- The hardcore DSL & LSL crew who think that north of balbriggan & south of Kilternan there be dragons.

Kerr is a fellow traveler with that mob and unless you are cut from a the same cloth you are an inferior being when it comes to Irish football as those boys see it.

If Martin O'Neill was from Monaghan or Mayo it wouldn't make a difference to Kerr & co

GAA Discussion / Re: GAA books
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:56:39 PM »
Surely the likes of O'Rourke wrote his? I just never associated the Gooch with that sort of language (I have never seen the word used as much) or being an unsporting loser,which comes across.

Most County players nowadays are very well educated and should not need ghostwriters.

Tony , why did you not think that the gooch would not use bad language ?
Surely you are not the hat innocent to believe that the earnest young man you see in print and on the Sunday game discussing matches is like that all the time ?

He is human like everyone else and has his faults like everyone else, he swears like everyone else does or doesn't sometimes.

Different strokes etc etc

General discussion / Re: Death Notices
« on: October 05, 2017, 12:20:12 PM »
I will always remember Cosgrove as the man who was central to the state sponsored clusterfuck that was the "investigation" into the Dublin + Monaghan bombings.
Again , at Cosgrove's behest , the families were then treated worse than criminals for many years afterwards.

That's Liam Cosgraves legacy.

General discussion / Re: Catalan Independence Movement
« on: October 02, 2017, 11:41:44 PM »
Very interesting development on the horizon and how the Spanish government and the EU deal with any independence vote.
A yes vote isn't beyond the realms of possibility but what impact it will have on Spain's central government is the big question.
It will open a can of worms in relation to Basque if it is given any credence by the government.
We are entering a period of unstable governments across Europe in relation to many issues involving economics and reform including Brexit and the role of the EU in sovereign states.
Independence issues in places like Catalonia and Scotland will only be getting more frequent and if regions start to be granted independence where does that stop.
Brittany and Corsica in France next?What about closer to home and the North?Bavaria in Germany maybe?

Many of the Breton separatists sides with the Nazis against the French Resistance. Happily many of these collaborators were rounded up and executed after D Day. Of course a few escaped to Ireland and were employed by the I.R.A.designing memorials

That last bit sounds a interesting, have you got any links that could provide further reading ?

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: October 01, 2017, 01:00:01 PM »
Who mentioned work ???
We all work?? Those that are lucky enough or healthily enough to be able
To get it.
You landed into the middle of a discussion without any knowledge of the subject in question demanding answers to questions that could have easily been discovered in 6 seconds on
Don't be a dick.

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: October 01, 2017, 10:25:14 AM »
Final score and official names of both teams please.

Most normal people would google something like that instead of petulantly demanding the information.
Radical thinking maybe ?
Most normal people would mind their own business instead of petulantly  commenting on someone's genuine enquiry.
If it was a genuine enquiry you would have done a wee bit of research before entering a thread on a discussion board about a particular subject,the clue is there for you
Try and keep up there , it's not hard.
See a subject that interests you.
Get a wee bit of knowledge on/about it
Discuss same
Get a wee bit more knowledge
Rinse and repeat

Don't just f**king tr**p in looking for every hoor to do your homework for you. Good lad. Tip on.

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: October 01, 2017, 01:03:57 AM »
Final score and official names of both teams please.

Most normal people would google something like that instead of petulantly demanding the information.
Radical thinking maybe ?

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:49:18 AM »
Huge win for Adelaide over Geelong in the first of the semi-finals today, 136 to 75, the game was more or less over as a contest by HT.
Yeah they won pulling up
It would be hard to get a bet on them to win the GF now
The pick of the tigers & GWS wouldn't beat them

Bit of humble pie for myself , the Tigers destroyed the Crows in a very one sided GRand Final.
The tigers defence completely shut out what is usually a rampant Crows forward unit, Rance in particular having a brilliant day at the back.
Dusty ran riot up front for the tigers.
A bit of a damp squib of a final to be honest, the Killers Plato g before were very good though !

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