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Can you just do it by surname or do you need more detailed insight ?

General discussion / M&S: mask slips on their anti-union bigotry.
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:31:48 AM »
Jeffrey is on the case:

Coming after the Ashers case this just puts the icing on the cake......


General discussion / Maginnis quits UUP
« on: August 28, 2012, 03:14:52 PM »
The former Ulster Unionist MP Ken Maginnis has quit the party, he announced today.

He has been a member for 50 years, but announced his decision to resign his membership after the leadership distanced themselves when he referred to gay marriage as “unnatural and deviant behaviour”.

No tolerance for "deviants" and their “unnatural physical acts”



A GAA road safety event had to be cancelled when members objected to the involvement of the police.

The ‘Live to Play’ event in Co Tyrone was called off when some host club members threatened to hold a picket when the PSNI was due to take part in the Ulster Council Scheme.

The scheme was set up following the deaths of a number of road deaths involving GAA members and aims to encourage young players to drive safely.

The road safety drive involves the Fire and Rescue Service and the PSNI and was to take place at the grounds of the Derrydresk GAC near Coalisland on Monday.

The decision to cancel the event comes amid a unprecedented period of close links between the GAA and the police.

The former arch enemies came together publicly last year for the funeral of murdered PSNI officer Ronan Kerr, a member of the Beragh Red Knights.

His coffin had been carried through his home town by a joint cortege of GAA and PSNI members.

A senior GAA officer, Ryan Feeney, is now also an independent member of the Policing Board after being appointed last May.

Derrytresk chairman Barney Campbell confirmed some local people were opposed to the police’s involvement at the event.

“As it turned out, the PSNI were coming to it and we were never informed about that and there were a few people in the club not very happy about that we just called it off,” he told the Irish News.

Tyrone county board spokesman Damien Harvey said the GAA’s decision should be respected: “At the end of the day it’s not something Tyrone GAA are forcing on clubs and if clubs take it on then that’s good and if they decide it’s not for them we have to respect that decision.

“We don’t want it make into a political issue," added Mr Harvey.

A spokesman for the Ulster Council said it organises road safety events “in partnership with the NI Fire service, An Garda Siochana, the PSNI and the relevent county committee”.

“The club in question request to host a Live to Play education event but have cancelled and are reviewing arrangements.”


General discussion / I just don't get it............
« on: November 04, 2010, 10:27:47 AM »
House of Commons debated the Saville report yesterday and we had to usual DUP bleating about focus on one incident.  Also as per norm, Gregory Campbell led the complaining.

Gregory and co. want to know why Bloody Sunday was different from Enniskillen, La Mon, Darkley.

Is it not obvious that one incident fits 2 criteria:
  • Was carried out by government forces
  • Was not subject to proper investigation at the time

I just don't get Gregory besmirching the good name of the Royal Ulster Constabulary by suggesting that they did not investigate La Mon, Enniskillen and Darkley to the best of their abilities?  Because if they did, what further information will an new inquiry find?

From Irish Times:


General discussion / Who grassed up on OWC?
« on: May 28, 2010, 10:36:27 AM »
Ulick do you still have an account there?   ;D ;D

SF man slammed over attempt to 'demonise' NI fans

Published Date: 27 May 2010

NORTHERN Ireland football fans have hit back after being accused of "gloating" over an injury sustained by a young Republic of Ireland player.

Sinn Fein's Paul Butler released a statement last weekend slamming comments which were posted on the NI fans' website Our Wee Country (OWC).

The Lagan Valley MLA said the messages, directed at 18-year-old Everton defender Shane Duffy and two other injured players, were "absolutely sickening" and added: "Comments gloating over a life-threatening injury and wishing a similar fate for fellow northern-born Republic of Ireland players are absolutely disgusting.

"The incident appears to be yet another unfortunate consequence of the Irish Football Association's ill-informed campaign aimed at preventing Irish citizens born in the north of Ireland from representing the Republic of Ireland at international level."

The teenager, who played for Northern Ireland's under-21 side before switching allegiance to the Republic, was playing in a practice match when he suffered a freak, life-threatening injury to his liver.

Shortly after the news of Duffy's injury broke, one fan on the OWC site posted the comment: "What goes round comes round. Hell slap it up them."

The posting was met with a string of responses from genuine fans who were supportive of the injured player.

One typical response said: "I hope your family never have to suffer such torment, you sad individual."

Even '"grahamer" — the author of the original line — saw the error of his ways and added: "My comment was over the top... I presumed a laceration was a simple tear and nothing major."

Gary McAllister, of the Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters' Clubs, said: "It's very unfortunate that Paul Butler has seized on a small number of posts on an internet forum in order to attempt to demonise both the Irish FA and Northern Ireland fans in general."

Mr McAllister said he accepted there were some "very uncharitable" comments but added: "The majority of posters on the thread in question expressed their good wishes to the player and indeed one poster later retracted his earlier remarks upon realising how serious the injury was."

IFA president, Raymond Kennedy, said: "Everyone at the Irish Football Association would like to wish Shane Duffy a speedy recovery from his life-threatening injury.

"I also intend to contact the Duffy family to pass on the best wishes of the association to Shane."


General discussion / Eurovision......
« on: May 26, 2010, 02:49:07 PM »
.....well not really.

For all "confused" DUP'ers out there!


General discussion / Robbie Keane: Rising like Lazurus
« on: March 03, 2010, 10:40:16 AM »
What do we think?

General discussion / Now The Guardian is out to get them.............
« on: February 23, 2010, 01:38:48 PM »
..................we exist!

Irish unity is inevitable by Seamus Milne, The Guardian

In addition to the political will for unification, there is a strong economic case that can no longer be ignored

It's not hard to see why Sinn Féin wants to turn up the volume on Irish unity – or why the party threw its weight behind a packed London conference at the weekend aimed at driving the issue up the political agenda.

This month's police and justice devolution deal set the seal on a 15-year process that has brought the republican leadership into the heart of the power structure in Northern Ireland. It's already delivered far-reaching reforms of that structure, the withdrawal of troops and once unthinkable advances in civil rights and equality.

But to many of Sinn Féin's natural supporters, the central goal of Irish republicanism – the end of British rule in the north and the reunification of Ireland – looks as far away as ever. That fuels the armed dissident republican campaign, however politically marginal it looks likely to remain.

And as the Sinn Féin leader, Pat Doherty, put it to the London conference (Gerry Adams pulled out for family reasons and Martin McGuinness was grounded by Aer Lingus engineering problems), the Good Friday agreement was an "accommodation, not a settlement" and "the underlying cause of conflict persists".

Meanwhile, the collapse of the south's once-lauded Celtic tiger economy and the savage cuts imposed by the Dublin government have been seized on by unionists and others to deride the prospect of any move towards Irish unity.

Why, they ask, would northerners now want to link up with the basket case in the south, or the south take on responsibility for Britain's taxpayer subsidies to the de-industrialised north? The idea is a nonsense, Andy Pollak, director of the Centre for Cross Border Studies, told the Sinn Féin-sponsored event on Saturday

But as former City economist Michael Burke argued, the economic case for reunification and independence is in fact stronger than ever. Dependence and control by Britain have been disastrous for the Northern Ireland economy, where living standards were comparable to Britain's at the time of partition and far higher than in the south. Now they are well below the British average and far less than in the south, where independence allowed trade diversification and economic development impossible under British rule. Even after the implosion of the speculative boom, median weekly earnings were still £532 in the south late last year, compared with £357 in the north and £397 in Britain.

Ireland is more than wealthy enough to fund a national health service, Burke pointed out, if only its politicians could be convinced to make their friends pay tax. And any process leading to unity would clearly require far-reaching social and economic reform on both sides of the border.

The dysfunctionality of that externally imposed partition for a modern economy, and the demographic trend towards a nationalist majority in the north were of course recurrent themes at the London gathering, along with the historic democratic and national case for independence and self-determination.

But so was Sinn Féin's insistence on the necessity of "reconciliation between Orange and Green" and the need to persuade unionists that Irish unity is in their own economic and social interest. Even after more than a decade of the peace process, it was startling to hear Doherty insist that the Orange Order, sectarian scourge of northern Catholics and nationalists for decades, is "part of who we are as a people" (did that mean we were wrong to oppose the unionist veto in the past, one republican veteran wanted to know).

Irish unity will no doubt have a different meaning in a 21st-century global economy, Ken Livingstone speculated, than when he first campaigned for dialogue with republicans at the height of the armed conflict a generation ago – let alone in the context of a possible breakup of the rest of the United Kingdom, as others suggested from the floor.

But the conviction voiced by Sinn Féin leaders and SDLP assembly member Conall McDevitt at the London conference that Irish reunification is inevitable is surely right. The crucial question on this side of the Irish sea is whether Britain will help that process or hinder it.

General discussion / Wilson called to the Dark Side
« on: February 22, 2010, 12:02:09 PM »
He's going to be popular in some quarters..................

Trapattoni names squad ahead of Brazil game
Soccer – Squad news: Giovanni Trapattoni today named a 23-man squad ahead of the Republic of Ireland’s international friendly against Brazil at the Emirates Stadium in London on Tuesday, March 2nd.

The Italian has called-up James McCarthy, Greg Cunningham and Marc Wilson for the first time.

The Irish squad will face a full strength Brazil side as Dunga and his players prepare for this summer’s World Cup finals in South Africa.

“I look forward to working with my squad again after the disappointment of Paris,” said Trapattoni at today’s announcement. “The priority now is to build on the progress made during the last campaign and prepare ourselves over the coming months mentally and tactically for an important Euro campaign.”

Kick-off at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium is 8.05pm

Further details to follow

Republic of Ireland squad (v Brazil)

Goalkeepers : Shay Given, Keiren Westwood, Joe Murphy

Defenders : Richard Dunne, Stephen Kelly, Kevin Kilbane, Kevin Foley, Sean St. Ledger, Paul McShane, Marc Wilson, Greg Cunningham

Midfielders : Aiden McGeady, Damien Duff, Darron Gibson, Glenn Whelan, Keith Andrews, Stephen Hunt, Liam Lawrence, James McCarthy

Forwards : Kevin Doyle, Robbie Keane, Shane Long, Leon Best

General discussion / Brian Kerr brings Faroes to Belfast
« on: February 08, 2010, 10:21:34 AM »
Seems like Mr Kerr is looking forward to bringing his charges to Belfast:

"If we weren't to play Ireland, I'm happy to be playing Northern Ireland. Friends have been on to say that the bus for Belfast is ready," he added.

I wonder if his friends have been talking to the boys over on OWC, especially MD_HNISC:

I already cannot wait to give this complete and utter c**t the most vile and disgusting abuse ever at both games.

Football for All!


General discussion / Worst conspiracy theory ever!
« on: February 02, 2010, 05:25:29 PM »
OWC finest (and most well rounded) supporter "Golden Boy" on David Healy's transfer to Ipswich:

"Surely it can't be that oul fcuk-face is simply buying SDH to keep him on the bench and therefore damaging his NI chances? 

He's such a twisted anti-NI bsatard I wouldn't put it past him"

Even Fearon couldn't match that one!!!!


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