Social Media & Website for GAA Clubs

Started by Padman, September 10, 2014, 01:52:21 PM

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Hello to all,

Our Club has really been lagging behind the last few years when it comes to social media and websites etc. I know it's a really important part of the modern Club but we've never really got around to sorting it out. I know over the years there have been various unsuccessful attempts.

Can any of you guys give us any tips when it comes to engaging in social media and setting it up. What sort of things does your Club do? Any good examples etc.?

Also, are there any features that would draw people to our website etc. I've heard a few lads on about photos but I'm not sure. Any idea how other Club's do that?


Also I hope to get more involved here. It looks like a great forum.


create a facebook page, not a profile
create a twitter account
have them linked to your website - make your website tablet/mobile friendly

post stuff to your website - share it with twitter & facebook

You could also user instagram/flickr for photos and youtube or vimeo for videos