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Started by BallyhaiseMan, November 10, 2006, 01:47:12 PM

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The Bottom Brick

Ah lads give it up on the violence and the International Rules!

Any word on new fellas into the Cavan panel? I hear Larry and McCabe are still there, Corr from Denn is in too. Martin Reily and Donal Thomas from Killygaryy. Seanie Smith from Mulahoran. Shane Sheridan from Lacken. Any others?

They're training in Navan tonight apparently.
33, 35, 47, 48, 52, 07!


I've heard nothing save for Gallagher turning up and running rings round the lot of them. Most of the old heads are back in supplemented by a gang of new lads. I think there's a McCabe lad from Crosserlough in there, a former minor.


Declan McCabe from crosserlough was shaping well in the McKenna cup earlier this year,then seemed to vanish.   :-\


The 2007 league fixtures are being finalised this weekend.  As its year 2 of a 2 year cycle we will have 3 home and 4 away games this coming year.

Away games v Waterford, Antrim, Tipperary & either Meath/Wexford.
Home games v Sligo, Wicklow & either Meath/Wexford.

I hope we get Meath at home, play it on a Sat. night under the lights.

2007 McKenna Cup games courtesy on hoganstand

Jan 7th away to Derry
Jan 14th home to Queens
Jan 21st home to Tyrone


Away trips to waterford,Antrim and Tipperary... f**k...
indeed Wexford and Meath will be our two biggest challengers for promotion id say.
Meath game under floodlights at home would have a great atmosphere as you said Blue06....
knowing our luck though we will get Meath in Navan again though.


Don't overlook the value of securing Wicklow at home. They'll have come up a long way by then under Micko and will be seriously in the mix in this division, especially in the very early rounds of the league when bigger teams are getting warmed up. They'll be flying fit and rearing to go from the off. With things as bad as they are with us, you wouldn't be surprised if they turned us over. Although hopefully I'm being pessimistic on the side of caution there... ;)

Also, it'll be a serious grudge match away to our great rivals Waterford. :-[

Meath at home under lights would be sweet. Played them four/five times in league in my living memory, all but one of them has been in Navan so it's about time we got them back in Breffni.


Just though id bring this back up to the top it was getting lonely on the 3rd page.  Has anyone any news on how the  county team is going in training???


Away trips to waterford,Antrim and Tipperary... f**k...
indeed Wexford and Meath will be our two biggest challengers for promotion id say.
Meath game under floodlights at home would have a great atmosphere as you said Blue06....
knowing our luck though we will get Meath in Navan again though

Hope your optimism is justified Ballyhaise Man. Antrim, Tipperary, Wexford, Meath and Wicla for starters won't be too worried about us. As for Waterford, I for one will be keeping the head well down in advance of that one. Hopefully you can rely on me for a report or two from some of the more remote southern outposts.
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I think we played Meath at home twice in the league in the last 5/6 years. I remember we beat them by one point cos someone threw a bottle at Sean Boylan that day. I also remember Prior from Swad blatently flattening Geraghty in front of the posts and the ref playing on in the last minute. We also hammered them by 10 points or so as well, I remember Mark Reilly getting sent off that day. Was that the year we made the league final??

I hope the league will be taken serious this year as in reality my only goal at senior level this year is to get promotion back to Div 1. A bonus would be beating Down and then putting Monaghan back in their box in the championship.

I was wondering if anyone knows, if we beat Down, where will the game against Monaghan be?


I was wondering if anyone knows, if we beat Down, where will the game against Monaghan be?

Not wanting to get ahead of ourselves but if we got through we would play Monaghan in Clones.
If Down beat us they'd have home advantage against Monaghan.


Allianz National Football League Div 2B
Round 1
03.02.2007 (Sat) @ 7.30pm

An Mhí v An Cabhán
04.02.2007 (Sun) @ 2.30pm
Cill Mhantáin v Aontroim
Tiobraid Árann v Sligeach
Port Láirge v Loch Garman

Round 2
10.02.2007 (Sat)   @ 7.30pm

Aontroim v An Mhí
An Cabhán v Cill Mhantáin
11.02.2007 (Sun)  @ 1.30pm
Loch Garman v Tiobraid Árann
Sligeach v Port Láirge

Round 3
25.02.2007 (Sun)  @ 2.30pm

Port Láirge v Aontroim
Tiobraid Árann v An Cabhán
Sligeach v An Mhí
Cill Mhantáin v Loch Garman

Round 4
10.03.2007 (Sat)   @ 7.30pm

An Cabhán v Sligeach
An Mhí v Tiobraid Árann
11.03.2007 (Sun)  @ 2.30pm
Aontroim v Loch Garman
Port Láirge v Cill Mhantáin

Round 5
24.03.2007 (Sat)   @ 3.30pm

Aontroim v An Cabhán
25.03.2007 (Sun)  @ 3.30pm
Cill Mhantáin v An Mhí
Loch Garman v Sligeach
Tiobraid Árann v Port Láirge

Round 6
31.03.2007 @ 7.30pm

An Mhí v Port Láirge
01.04.2007 @ 3.30pm
Sligeach v Aontroim
An Cabhán v Loch Garman
Tiobraid Árann v Cill Mhantáin

Round 7
08.04.2007 @ 3.30pm

Port Láirge v An Cabhán
Loch Garman v An Mhí
Cill Mhantáin v Sligeach
Aontroim v Tiobraid Árann

Well we have ended up with 4 Saturday & 3 Sunday games.

3 under lights, 2 at home and 1 away to Meath.


Having to travel to Meath - again - is disappointing but overallw e can be happy that we've got the other strong teams in the division all at home - Wexford, Sligo and what should be a plucky enough Wicklow.

Away to Tipp, Antrim and Waterford but if we're in any sort of shape at all, should be too difficult although Antrim might be interesting this year too.

Meath away to Sligo, Wexford, so it could be worse for us. Will be an intersting league with the placings dictating who ends up in the Timmy Morphine Cup.


I hear Pearse McKenna is back on the Cavan panel, can anyone confirm? Encouraging news if so, he's no Jack O'Shea but has proven himself a very valuable and hard working memeber of the team in an area where we are always short on quality. Happy to have him back.


courtesy of Hoganstand

Reilly quits Cavan
29 November 2006

New Cavan manager Donal Keoghan must plan without the services of Peter Reilly in the coming season after the Knockbride clubman announced his retirement from the inter-county game.

Reilly, who won an Ulster championship medal in 1997, retired before, only to answer an SOS call last season after the squad was depleted by injury.

Encouragingly for Keoghan, all of the Breffni County's long-term absentees have returned to the fold, while midfielder Pierce McKenna – who opted out last year – is also back in harness.

Gerald Pierson (cruciate), Micheal Lyng (hernia), Nicholas Walsh (ankle) and Darren Rabbit (cruciate) are all back in training.


Also from Hogan Stand

Cavan football star Micheal Lyng has spoken of his near-death experience following a routine hernia operation last year.

Lyng had surgery to have a double hernia rectified, but after being released from hospital, he began to feel unwell and had to be rushed back in for emergency surgery which he claims saved his life.

"I was close to dying when I was in hospital – they reckon I was about a day away if they hadn't operated," the 21-year-old revealed.

"I came home after the hernia operation and started getting sick the day after – there was complications.

"Football wasn't that important when I was sick. I lost about two stone in weight. I was knocked for six – I didn't go back to college that year.

"I didn't train or do anything for about five months because I had 20 stitches down the middle of my stomach and that took ages to heal. I was scared to go back at the beginning but now I can't wait to get back in action," he added.

The Cavan Gaels attacker hopes to make his comeback with DIT in the Sigerson Cup in the New Year.