Armagh v Dublin 1977

Started by Orior, July 04, 2013, 09:08:51 PM

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Did anyone see the re-run on TG4 last night? I was in the Canal End to witness the 12 point defeat 5-12 to 3-06. If...

- Jimmy Smyth had worn studs
- Larry Kearns could jump and catch a ball
- Tom McCreesh could man mark
- Big Joe didnt collapse after running 50 yards
- Noel Marley had sat nav
- Dublin didnt have Kevin Moran

then we could have won!
Cover me in chocolate and feed me to the lesbians

From the Bunker

Seen it alright. No offence but the AI semi final with Kerry was the final. Dublin just turned up in the final to collect the Trophy. A great Dublin side 3 AI's in 4 years.

T Fearon

Hard to imagine 36 years have elapsed! Still remember the day vividly.Armagh out on the field like eejits in the pouring rain for 25 minutes before throw in,while the crafty Dubs waited until the last minute.Tom Mc Creesh slipping in slow motion and Keaveney's shot for a point finding the top corner of the net, Sean Devlin's shot crashing off the post early in the second half.

Down in the minor final when it should have been my late brother and Armagh,as a certain Mr Corvan did nothing in the Ulster Final drawn game or replay,when a mere 10 minutes from him in either game would have sufficed.


wathed the game last nite
jez some of teh tackles were poor
armagh actually played alright in the second half but couldn`t score
wife thought big joe looked a bit of alright in the prime
my abiding memory of this was my da a down man getting me and nd my older brother tickets for the game( hogans to boot) we swapped for canal end( i was 9 and couldnt see a thing) brother was 19 and on a carryout.feck he was pissed off he had to take me

we went on a bus from the green road with the judge annoying the hell out of everybody


Watched it myself...that game has not worn well with the passing of time. I suppose the same can be said for old soccer and rugby matches too...the standard of a lot of the basic skills were very very poor...some of the soloing...kick passing and attempted catches were dreadful


we went on a bus from the green road with the judge annoying the hell out of everybody

Ha Ha Ha!!!!
35 years later and the Judge must be the most consistent man in Armagh.  The energy levels have not dropped!!!!

JUst retired

He is still annoying the hell out of everybody. :D


I think Armagh will win this