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Swift return to the Premier League for Southampton after they beat Leeds 1-0 in the championship play off this evening.
Quote from: The Hill is Blue on Today at 04:36:51 PM
Quote from: Blowitupref on Today at 02:39:17 PM
Quote from: manfromdelmonte on Today at 01:35:32 PMWhat did the Roscommon player get a black card for? It looked like he was pulled down by the Dublin player

Was coming together of two players I don't think it was even yellow card offence never mind a black card. Not the first time that ref Derek O'Mahoney has handed out odd black card.

From the Hill it was clear that after the ball was played the Roscommon player extended his arm across the Dublin player's chest to prevent him following the play. They then tangled and ended up on the ground. It was a clear black card.

Needs to be deliberate body collide for it to be deemed a black which IMO wasn't the case in that incident. 
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
Today at 03:56:27 PM
Quote from: From the Bunker on Today at 03:34:32 PMThat's the end of Shefflin! Galway out of the Championship in May!

Hard to see him manager of Galway next year, results business and Galway greatly underachieved this year.
Quote from: bennydorano on Today at 02:33:38 PMHard luck Armagh. Don't see Derry winning any All Ireland tbh, very easily nullified today by a team they beat by 17 pts a few weeks ago. Then again it's hard to know how the provinces measure up and if they'll give Derry the free reign to do what they like.

From what I've seen and similar to U20 this year Ulster appears to be the strongest province of the four.
Quote from: manfromdelmonte on Today at 01:35:32 PMWhat did the Roscommon player get a black card for? It looked like he was pulled down by the Dublin player

Was coming together of two players I don't think it was even yellow card offence never mind a black card. Not the first time that ref Derek O'Mahoney has handed out odd black card.
A few results

All Ireland MFC Tier 2 knockout
Clare 1-7 Sligo 2-10
Cavan 2-9 Wicklow 2-5
Monaghan 0-9 Wexford 2-7

All-Ireland MFC Tier 3 quarter-finals
Limerick 0-7 Down 3-13
Tipperary 0-10 Westmeath 3-19

Derry v Armagh Ulster final starting at 1pm live on TG4.


Quote from: Gael80 on Today at 11:03:40 AMGreat result and a fantastic performance from United yesterday.

There are problems beyond Ten Hag though and the fact the United team can produce that level of performance and Sancho can drive Dortmund to a CL final highlights this.

It is clear Ten Hag has lost most of the dressing room but a Wembley cup final is an occasion players can forget this. For that reason United are likely to restructure everything at the club and start with a new manager.

Ten Hag did his best, but the club was a mess.

If that was the case it would have been 3 or 4-0 defeat than sticking to the managers game plan to beat Man City.
Donegals best performance since win against Derry. In a very good position to top the group now and would have to fancy them to reach the last 4 for the first time in a decade which was last done under McGuinness.
General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
May 25, 2024, 08:29:47 PM
Some win for United was a mile out on my prediction thinking City would win by a bit to spare. Yes I believe that's the case so bad day for Newcastle especially missing out on European football altogether next season
Quote from: snoopdog on May 25, 2024, 08:01:01 PMGreat performance today. Brilliant result. Every player put a shift in and City looked ordinary. Bad season but finished with a good trophy.  Inited win means chelsea are conference and Newcastle aren't in Europe at all.
Decent competitive half in Croke Park with some fine scores from play. Dublin 0-10 Roscommon 0-9

Dublin showed their clash in the end to win by 12 but a harsh scoreline on Roscommon when you consider it was 0-17 to 0-13 on 65 minutes and they missed to frees just before Dublin got their first goal.
Decent Connacht final tonight, Roscommon the better team 1st half but left to rue they were only level. Mayo the better team 2nd half and kicked on to win by 4 points.

Quarter final line up

Mayo v Cork
Roscommon v Kerry
Longford v Armagh or Derry
Dublin v Armagh or Derry

Niall McDonnell
Donal McKenny, Dan Corcoran, Peter Lynch
Conall McKeever, Anthony Williams, Craig Lennon
Tommy Durnin, Bevan Duffy
Niall Sharkey, Ciaran Keenan, Conor Grimes
Ryan Burns, Sam Mulroy, Ciaran Downey.

Subs: Craig Lynch, Chris O'Neill, Peter Mcstravick, Liam Jackson, Dermot Campbell, Ciaran Murphy, Tom Jackson, Leonard Grey, Ciaran Byrne, Conor Early, Paul Mathews.


Billy Hogan
Donal Keogan, Adam O'Neill, Ronan Ryan
Harry O'Higgins, Darragh Campion, Seán Coffey
Ronan Jones, Cian McBride
Ciarán Caulfield, Cillian O'Sullivan, Cathal Hickey
James Conlon, Mathew Costello, Eoghan Frayne.

Subs: Seán Brennan, Michael Murphy, Seán Ryan, Brian O'Halloran, Ross Ryan, Conor Gray, Daithí McGowan, Ruairí Kinsella, Jack O'Connor, Jordan Morris, Aaron Lynch.
Quote from: imtommygunn on May 24, 2024, 10:20:42 AMIs James McCarthy injured? I don't see him in the dubs panel and hasn't been about much this year.

He played the full 70 minutes in the Leinster final.

Dublins 26

S Cluxton; E Murchan, M Fitzsimons, C Murphy; S MacMahon, J Small, S Bugler; B Fenton, T Lahiff; N Scully, C Costello, C Kilkenny; P Mannion, C O'Callaghan, C Basquel.

Subs: D O'Hanlon, T Clancy, B Howard, J McCaffrey, R McGarry, K McGinnis, D Newcombe, P Ó Cofaigh Byrne, L O'Dell, K O'Gara, P Small.


Conor Carroll, David Murray, Brian Stack, Niall Higgins, Niall Daly, Robbie Dolan, Eoin McCormack,Enda Smith, Tadhg O'Rourke, Dylan Ruane, Donie Smith, Ciaran Lennon,
Conor Cox, Daire Cregg, Diarmuid Murtagh

Subs - Colm Lavin, Patrick Gavin, Shane Cunnane, Ruaidhri Fallon, Ben O'Carroll, Cian Connolly, Ultan Harney, Keith Doyle, Conor Hussey, Adam McDermott, Conor Hand
General discussion / Re: European Leagues.
May 23, 2024, 02:48:50 PM
GAA Discussion / Re: GaaGo
May 23, 2024, 12:26:48 AM
Quote from: SouthOfThe Bann on May 22, 2024, 11:51:24 PMKerry v Meath and Derry v Armagh both on RTE in round 2

Cavan v Dublin and Roscommon v Mayo on GAA Go.

A disgrace that Cork v Donegal not on GAA go.

Id have it ahead of all those games bar Derry v Armagh.

Can understand why Mayo Roscommon will be shown ahead of it but it was already televised this year and was an atrocious watch.

Kerry v Meath would be the surprise selection for me.  Mayo v Roscommon and Derry v Armagh would be among the first choice picks for both RTE and GAAGO.