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GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division Four 2023
« on: Today at 06:32:48 PM »
FT Sligo 2-10 Wicklow 0-14.  Well done to Sligo a nice boost to win a trophy in Croke Park as they make the trip to London in a couple of days.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division Four 2023
« on: Today at 06:09:35 PM »
20 minutes to play it's looking good for Sligo as they lead 2-7 to 0-9

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division Four 2023
« on: Today at 05:37:29 PM »
Half time Wicklow 0-8 Sligo 1-3.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division Four 2023
« on: Today at 05:20:49 PM »
20 minutes played Wicklow 0-5 Sligo 0-1. Two sides by the looks of it with minds more focused on next week's championship opener.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 2023
« on: March 31, 2023, 06:46:13 PM »
Mayo have named the same starting 15 that beat Donegal 1-17 to 0-9 in round 6 and just 5 that started against Monaghan in round 7.

Colm Reape
Jack Coyne, David McBrien, Sam Callinan
Stephen Coen, Conor Loftus, Paddy Durcan
Matthew Ruane, Diarmuid O'Connor
 Fionn McDonagh, Jack Carney, Jordan Flynn
Aidan O'Shea, James Carr, Ryan O'Donoghue.

Galway team

Conor Gleeson
Johnny McGrath Sean Kelly Sean Fitzgerald
Dylan McHugh  John Daly Cian Hernon
Paul Conroy  John Maher
Matthew Tierney Johnny Heaney Peter Cooke
Rob Finnerty Shane Walsh  Cathal Sweeney

GAA Discussion / Re: Ticket Prices
« on: March 30, 2023, 10:10:40 PM »
Upcoming Opening round games.

Adult prices


New York v Leitrim  30 dollars
London v Sligo  25/30 euro
Mayo v Roscommon  €30/25


£15.00/20 for Antrim v  Armagh


Clare v Cork and  Tipperary v Waterford   €15.00 general admission


Longford v Offaly,Wicklow v Carlow and Laois v Wexford €20/15.00

Connacht overcharging has been going on for a few years. Should be a set price on these provincial games and €15.00 is more than enough for Quarter finals or preliminary round games.

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster U20 Championship 2023
« on: March 30, 2023, 07:18:15 PM »

Different C Daly, Ciaran played last year Callum came on last night.
Fair enough, edited corrected.

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster U20 Championship 2023
« on: March 30, 2023, 04:47:00 PM »
How many have Tyrone on the team from last year? Still a mighty result for Down whatever the context.

Last year All Ireland final team.

S McMenamin,
M Rafferty, B Conway, E Corry,
J Donaghy  S Donaghy, N Devlin
R McHugh  C Daly
C Cush C Bogue R Canavan
S O’Donnell, M McGleenan, D Muldoon.

Subs brought on G Potter, F Taggart, S Daly, L Donnelly, L McGarrity.

Team last night

C McAneney;
M Rafferty, E McCaffrey, B Hughes;
G Potter, F Taggart, B Cullen;
R McHugh, F Hayes;
C Cush, O Gormley, R Canavan;
S O’Donnell, O Miller, R Cassidy.

Subs: J Donaghy, E McElholm, S O’Hare, O Brolly, C Daly

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 2023
« on: March 30, 2023, 04:33:21 PM »
it did seem he did not know how seeding worked or he thinks its not that important

“The way the whole season is crammed in now it looks like this is the beginning of the end of the Ulster championship the way it’s all going,” he said.

“We will be going out to try and compete to win every match but we are under no illusion – our main priority is the super 16s. That’s when the real football starts.”

“There is no incentive now to go and win an Ulster championship,” he insisted.

McKeever doesn't seem to have even a basic understanding of the new structure. Pretty much exposed himself as clueless.

Say Armagh did win Ulster this year - that would mean that they would definitely avoid all of the other provincial winners in the group stages which would surely increase their changes of getting past the group stages.

Even getting to an Ulster final would mean they would avoid all of the other provincial runners-up (which is probably not as great a benefit as it would be in other years because of the Connacht draw but most years a 2nd place seeding would mean avoiding one of Mayo/Galway/Roscommon)

By comparison as a 3rd or 4th seed Armagh would be guaranteed to play at least one provincial winner and one provincial loser in the group stages.

Also there is no protection for them to avoid any Ulster teams in the group stages if they end up as 3rd or 4th seed - the only protection/restriction is that the provincial winner and the provincial loser can't be drawn in the same group.

That's before you even consider the advantage the 1st and 2nd seeds have as regards their fixtures.

With all the effort it took to get the new structure accross the line, I don't see any significant changes being made for a good few years so I think that the Ulster championship is here to stay for a good few years yet, even though in time the Ulster counties are bound to be giving out about how it is harder for them to win an All-Ireland. I wonder will any of the county officials look back and realise that voting against the Green proposal effectively brought this on themselves.

Can understand some supporters left confused about the new format and no doubt that will be case when it gets underway but I find it remarkable that someone involved with a inter county team like McKeever has a lack of research done.

As for County officials bringing it on themselves, a change was going to happen regardless and was the other options any better than what is starting this May?

Influence of this thread come from reading the opinion of Ciarán McKeever?  You are using the same headline from the Irish Independent anyway.

Plan from HQ was to make provincial championships like pre-season competitions with their original proposal B format but the current format is not that and still has importance or be it Lessened

As i already said a good start is half the battle and as it stands winning your provincial championship is a round 1 match at home.  If you don't reach a provincial final you'll play a provincial champion away in round 1.  I think the preference would be to win the group which would include a week rest against your All Ireland Quarter final opponent.

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster U20 Championship 2023
« on: March 29, 2023, 11:04:30 PM »
The Tyrone result is a big shock. One of the favs for the All-Ireland out in 1st round.
Who would be favourites for Ulster now?
Derry and as i stated yesterday they had 11 of their 2020 Minor All Ireland winners on their current U20 team.

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster U20 Championship 2023
« on: March 29, 2023, 08:56:54 PM »
Quarter final results which includes the Ulster and All Ireland champions Tyrone making their exit.

Tyrone 1-8 Down 2-9
Cavan 0-13 Monaghan 1-11
Donegal 0-9 Antrim 0-9  (extra time to be played)
Fermanagh 0-8 Derry 3-12

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 2023
« on: March 29, 2023, 05:25:57 PM »

McBrearty suggests the squad will be circling the wagons now and adopting that trusty ‘us against the world’ approach ahead of their Ulster quarter-final against Down on April 23rd.

“We have to, because as a panel of players we have been through the mill of it this year between injuries and narrow losses and we are going to have to create a siege mentality because there’s a lot of people inside the county that don’t want to see us do well.

“Listen, there are a lot of arrows in the back there, coming from a lot of places. We’re sticking together, media, supporters, they don’t know what goes on in the dressingroom and they never really will either.

“They can speculate all they want but those lads, the 35 lads in there, will stick together; we don’t really care what anyone else says, to be honest with you.”

Probably a good job he doesn't speak that often as this is a bit unbelievable. Facts are they lost 5 games majority of which weren't narrow losses, they them got rid of their manager and the next day out instead of proving themselves they got hammered by Roscommon.

Circling the wagon is grand but at some point they have to look at themselves and hold themselves accountable.

All that rant has done is place a higher expectation of their shoulders that they are going to come out and win the next game.

Mayo, Roscommon matches was almost a carbon copy. Both matches Donegal was competitive for 15 minutes only to find themselves 5 points behind at half time and lost by 11,12 points.

Fine that McBrearty calling for a siege mentality now but they'll need to find scorers (more than just him returning) to make any impact in the championship. Just 11 points per game average in the league and only one goal which was a penalty.

GAA Discussion / Re: Connacht U20 and U17 championships 2023
« on: March 29, 2023, 05:09:47 PM »
A bit silly having the 1st u20 semi the day before the prelim!
Galway (likely) having 15 days between games while if winner of Ros/Sligo * make Final its 3 knock out games in 15 days.

* Ros and Sligo played in 2020 and 21 Minor Finals.

Agree with Cunny..u 20 should have same format as Minor.
It's classed as a development grade so should be about giving each team games.

It's like a Galway man scheduled those U20 fixtures

Common sense was to have both semi finals on the same week. Final probably should be pushed back to April 26th

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster U20 Championship 2023
« on: March 29, 2023, 03:04:36 PM »
Strong line out that from Derry, with McEvoy still to come in

Would Ryan McNicholl be involved in that panel as well? he got a bad injury for the minors last year

I must have misunderstood the new rule, i thought Murray and Downey were cup tied as they played for the seniors on sunday past. I thought there was a 7 day rule

Championship rule only is it not?

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