GAA games in Nice France.

Started by An Gaeilgoir, April 26, 2007, 09:45:36 PM

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An Gaeilgoir

I am in Nice at a wedding the weekend of the Mayo - Galway game. Do any of ye well travelled lads know any Irish pubs in Nice that would show the game. I have tried on line searches but no joy. Thanks.

Bogball XV

Not sure if Nice has a venue, don't think so tbh, but Cannes does and it's only 30mins on the train, and well worth a visit too (film festival probably on when you're there, might get to watch the game with Tarantino, Sheen or some other wannabe Galwegian ;))  Afraid I can't find it online, although O'Neills does say it shows them, i have a feeling that it's Morrissons the other pub - not sure, but it's 2 lads from Wicklow who own one of them.  Call/email them both and you should be able to get it sussed.


As long as there's no soccer then you should find 2 bars with the GAA. One is O'Neills(plastic paddy bar) and the other is the Maureen O'Hara (I think) on the same street. The O'hara is run by a jaffa from the north and his english wife who beats the feck out of him. Ask nicely and this is probably your best bet of seeing the games. Bit dodgy with directions, but turn left from the train station and then right down a large  central street with marks and spencers etc. Continue to a massive juction with fountains and stuff. Cross over this and head to the left, the bars are parallel to this (I think)


I watched a couple of matches in O'Neill's in Cannes last summer. They'll show the soccer in the back room if there's a clash. I been in Nice a few times and I've never found anywhere to watch GAA.