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My prediction for this election in the North is that Nationalists will outpoll Unionists. This happened for first time ever at the local elections last year.  The trend cannot be reversed and Unionists will never outpoll Natiobalists ever again,  including in a Unity Referendum.
Quote from: Norm-Peterson on April 28, 2024, 05:53:45 PMCeltic park seems to be lucky for Donegal, maybe because of the towns Tyrconnell history. I notice there is a street down the road from it called Tyrconnell street.

I always thought that Tir Connail was Donegal but not including the Inis Eoghain peninsula (which includes Derry City) Tir Connail & Inis Eoghain combined create Contae Dún na nGall. Is this correct??
General discussion / Re: Death Notices
April 23, 2024, 05:27:49 PM
King Scum, Tony Felloni.

Reading about him today would near make you sick. Forced his 6 children onto heroin. They all ended up either dead, HIV, Prostitution,  serious addiction.
It's a pity Hell isn't real because that's where he belongs.
Jim Allister
Mr Jim Allister KC (North Antrim)
To ask the Minister for Infrastructure to detail the acreage of farm land that is required to be acquired for the A5 project.
5:53 pm · 18 Apr 2024

What is this cnut at now?
Just watched Simon Harris' inaugural leaders speech at FG Ard Fheis. Not one single word on a United Ireland.  Not one single mention of new constitutional arrangements.  Not one single utterance about the Irish Government preparing for reunification.
Watching Cliftonvilke v Larne live on BBC tonight,  before the match they kept talking about the big crowd  ;D   but it looks like less than 1000 to me.
If Casement doesn't happen due to bigotry and sectarianism then that truly will be the final nail in the coffin for Northern Ireland.  Nolan, Alistair etc just can't see that.
General discussion / Re: The Gym and Fitness Thread
October 26, 2023, 10:49:57 AM
Can anyone recommend somewhere in the North where you can go and get a proper healthcheck.  Bloods, MOT, Heart check, etc, etc.  I know Randox in Antrim do something like this.  Anywhere else?
General discussion / Re: Books
October 24, 2023, 02:34:12 PM
Just started a new book yesterday 'Dirty Linen' by Martin Doyle. It's a history of the Troubles in the parish of Tullylish,  Co Down. A small rural area between Banbridge and Lurgan.  Very interesting so far.
GAA Discussion / Re: Falls from Grace
October 24, 2023, 01:30:12 PM
Compare Newry to Lurgan. Similar size towns about 25 miles apart. Newry would be a bit bigger with an almost entirely nationalist population,  whereas Lurgan is famously split and would historically have more social problems. Newry is surrounded by GAA heartland where Lurgan is surrounded by very mixed countryside.
This year playing for Armagh in the Championship were Lurgan men Conor Turbitt, Tiernan Kelly & Barry McCambridge from Clann Eireann, Soupy Campbell & Shane McPartland from Clan na Gael and Andrew Murnin from St Pauls.
Down have no Newry men, and haven't had for years!!
General discussion / Re: The DUP thread
June 30, 2023, 11:47:32 AM
Nationalists outnumber Unionists
Catholics outnumber Protestants
How are we going to keep NI in the UK??  I know!, we'll try and get Orange marches back down the Garvaghy Road, and through Ardoyne.  And we'll build the biggest f**king obscene monstrosity of a bonfire and fill it with everything belonging to Kafflicks and set it on fire.
In addition we'll encourage the DUP/Newsletter/Bel Tel to keep attacking the GAA and the Irish Language.

That should keep the Union secure for another 100 years!  A foolproof plan.

And, I almost forgot, we will not share power as a junior partner to a Fenian first minister.  Northern Ireland.  Stronger Together.
After the election showing Nationalists considerably outpolling Unionists, and the Census showing Catholics outnumbering Protestants, there was an awful lot of discussion on the election programmes and the days following that Unionists need to reach out to their Catholic neighbours to show that NI is for everybody, and can be shared with a generosity of spirit, and NI can survive by being inclusive and welcoming to Nationalists.  Lots of Unionist commentators, Sam McBride etc where weighing in behind this.  This is how to save the Union, and there are lots of good arguments for NI staying in the UK

Since then we have had the UUP on radio arguing that East Belfast GAA do not deserve a pitch and they have some way to go before they can demonstrate they would be acceptable to 'The People'
We have had the DUP in the most openly bigoted way possible objecting to Bi-lingual signs in a South Belfast Leisure Centre.
We have had the BBC/Nolan and Belfast Telegraph and all Unionist parties go apeshit over an annual Republican commemoration in Mullaghbawn. 
We have had the Newsletter publishing lies about alleged sectarian chanting at GAA matches (Not true)
We have had the DUP continuing to Boycott Stormont because they wont play second fiddle to a Fenian First Minister

There is a very clear path on how NI can stay in the UK, but Unionists don't want to go down that road.  NI is finished.  The time for a Unity Referendum is NOW!
Nationalists outpolled Unionists by a not insignificant margin at the last election.  Unionists will never outpoll Nationalists at any election ever again, including the Unity Referendum, no matter how quickly it happens.

Also, the census results are already 2 years out of date, and the gap will have increased since then.
Check out the fascinating demographic blog by Faha & Bangordub

On the latest post they dissect the latest religious figures.  Interesting how every Tom, Dick and Harry are lumped into the Protestant/Other Christian pile.
Unionists 286,058

Nationalists 311,444

Others 113,617

In addition there were 34,396 votes for Independent Candidates, there were definitely more votes for Independent Nationalists than Independent Unionists, but not overwhelmingly so.  There was a very small number of votes for Independent Others.

No matter what way you swing it, '1 Million Unionists' is a fantasy, this is not 1921