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General discussion / Re: Podcasts
March 25, 2020, 01:35:53 AM
The Nobody Zone is an excellent podcast, about the Irish serial killer in London.
Well done Mayo but ref should have added more time on at the end . Mc Brearty with the chance to kick it anywhere but into the goalies hands and he messed up. This will give Mayo a huge boost going into the May 13 clash with Galway and they now have to be strong favs. Gutsy display which will bring them in and their experience is massive. Some team when the chips are down.
FFS,  boss came in and when i stuck the radio on again, it had all changed! I'm guessing that denmark will just stroke the ball around effortlessly now and hold on
christ can't see the match, can anyone help please?
Any live streams, I'm in work . Thanks
Dublin seem to be better than last year as they have received no test at all. They have all the experience they need on the subs  bench but I still maintain that Mayo will be ready for them. I could be wrong and Dublin could win at a canter but I just feel that all these matches and tests will stand to Mayo. I wouldn't be surprised to see all those stars on the Dubs bench on the field earlier than expected .
I've never been as confident of a Mayo win in an AI final as I am
now. They have the experience , talent and so many lessons learnt .Dublin are going in undercooked and have yet to be challenged in any match . They are about to get tested tomorrow .  3/1 is a super price and I have laid a tidy sum on them to win. Good luck to Mayo in completing the western double and safe home to all fans .
The picture is becoming a lot clearer now. A lot of assumptions here but let's say that Tipp beat Armagh and mon beat Carlow . Then mon and Tipp play Down and Kildare. So then let's say that mon beat Kildare and Tipp beat Down. Therefore you'd have Mayo, Donegal, Tipp and Mon playing Dublin, Ros, Kerry and Tyrone. Isn't that nearly what the last 8 teams would be expected  to have been anyway?
GAA Discussion / Re: Maigh Eo v Doire
July 01, 2017, 06:32:37 PM
Mayo can't be worse than this in the next round so that's a good base from which to improve on?? They'll find a way to pull through in the end .
GAA Discussion / Re: Galway v Mayo 11/06/17
June 11, 2017, 04:55:14 PM
Not much grounds for appeal looking at half time replay . Higgins was foolish to say the least. Also Flynn looks like he was harshly black carded . The benefit of replays I suppose. Expect Aidan o Shea to come on at 14 and balls being pumped into him
GAA Discussion / Re: Galway v Mayo 11/06/17
June 11, 2017, 04:37:17 PM
I thought Flynn fouled him all right but a black card?
In the normal course of events you'd say that the favorites having played badly would be much better the next day out and win the replay. But while you'd expect the Dubs to be better, what Mayo face prices is that they're well able for them. What Mayo also need is Aidan o Shea to get his finger out . He was very poor today. If he plays well then there's enough there to suggest an historic win .
Carneys bias is incredible. An awful analyst to have to listen to.
Good luck to all Mayo folk travelling up to Dublin for the match. All form, logic, etc points to a Dublin win but I have this feeling that Mayo will do it. They have beaten Dublin in big matches and provided they keep their cool even when it's going against them they can win. Bring Sam west of the Shannon!
Surely the gov have to be seen to be fighting this ruling, just to look good  to the multinationals, don't they? It's all good and well to have tax harmonisation across the EU but we're a tiny component of that Union and we have to get any competitive edge, we can surely? This could have huge implications for FDI into the country and  along with Trumps proposed corporate tax  changes represent the biggest challenge to keeping those multinationals in this country. By a country mile, the biggest challenge for this gov! Good luck to them, there are an awful lot of jobs riding on multinationals in this country of which mine is one.