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I've an old type car stereo, no cd player ,just a cassette deck and radio, FM MW etc

i've nokia lumia phone with my music on

now i've trying to research and is there some way i can play the music on my mobile phone thru an fm transmitter.

how does this work ?
it doesnt have to connect into the radio itself i beleive, but the fm transmitter is powered thru the cigarette lighter and un unused fm station is found on the stereo, you then match the same station on phone radio and from that you are then able to go into the phone music library and play my collection of stuff ?

can anyone confirm ?
Every third thread on here is politics related, far too much politics guff on here.
I've been having terrible problems with O2 network coverage of late. Since over 2 months ago the coverage on the mobile phone at home in Armagh was great. Then one weekend we noticed the phone was floating between 1 bar and no coverage at all, basically we couldnt text or use calls at the weekends for 2 months ongoing. This is still the case only the situation is now worsened to most days.
(this is same for my girlfriend and neighbours on O2)

O2 have confirmed for me that there is work going on at a nearby mast. However the network engineers aren't saying when this work will be completed AND O2 will not confirm for me if the service will ever be restored to how it was when i first took out my contract in Mar this year. (18 mth)

As a goodwill gesture they can give me 2 months free line rental.

But really as there is no confirmation being provided by O2 to a successful resolution, if i thought i could get out of this contract and move to a different network I would.

what are my best options at this stage? O2 customer complaints are prepared to provide me with a PAC ( i purchased phone from

ok, the cousin is just after texting me asking would i know how to copy from camcorder to dvd, I don't, so thought maybe some of you's could advise ? anyone know how to go about this ?

thanks in advance
General discussion / BT broadband & mobile broadband
November 10, 2009, 09:15:18 PM
i signed up recently to BT home broadband package but i also needed the mobile broadband more importantly for work purposes. now I'm not a big user or downloader, mainly viewing sports news, an odd forum and youtube. i've found that my mobile broadband is ample for my needs.

so big question now is - do i really need the home broadband if i am happy with what my mobile/dongle is providing ? i dont want to be paying on extra that i dont really need. i'm hoping the bt line rental would be ample and then i can top up for whatever mobile broadband as and when i need.

this is how you do it .....

check out the photograph on the fixtures page of todays irish news
where does the GAA think people are getting the money out of to pay this kind of money into an u21 game ?!

in the space of a week most of us could be going to 3 games.....

1 national league game from last weekend
2 midweek u21 game
3 next weekends national league game

i think the gaa need to propose something pretty quick, because right across the whole board in all sports numbers are starting to drop as people are beginning to feel the pinch. the GAA should know the seriousness of the job loss situation and credit crunch and for the next year or two i think they would do well to start thinking about lowering admission prices instead of cranking them up !
ok anynoe any ideas on a real simple easy to use mobile phone for a parent who just hasnt a notion about mobile phones and wouldnt be too nimble with the fingers for using the small buttons...any phones out there with a nice big buttons and for ease of use (ie just for making a call or a txt) ?
General discussion / ulster v munster
October 24, 2008, 02:04:29 PM
can someone find out for me any rugby betting for ulster -v- munster tomorrow night at fortress ravenhill ?
What are the odds of turning up at an airport to go somewhere and just book flight somewhere there and then ?
ie. hope for a plane to have at least one spare seat ? would airlines then let you pay and walk on ? are you going to be charged a packet ?

have to agree....reffed at underage myself for one year hoping to maybe progress over a few years through to senior eventually.
unfortunately my head was wrecked with parents shouting from the lines.

i'd be doing an u-12 game.....wee lads just looking for a bit of craic, play some football and enjoy themselves. then if some decision did not go the way of a team or more likely some parents son, then you'd be let know about it, next thing the abuse is raised a notch, getting into more serious territory.....all the while, the wee lads are hearing this....what must they be wondering and then they have to be thinking, "do, i really want to play gaelic?" if my mummy or daddy is shouting all this over a simple mistake.

i knew things were only going to get worse as i've seen some abuse handed out to refs further on up to it wasn't worth it....all i wanted to do was help officiate a few underage games initially and theres no way its worth it.

another thing, when the young players on the pitch hear the abuse from the lines from their parents, then who follows suit ? yes, the young players and then the discipline is totally out the window and once they get away with it once then they'll continue on with it
This time under the banner "Children before cars" !

had to park elsewhere this morning. i can partly understand their gripe but i think they always like to have a good moan about something thes'uns. if its fast or dangerous driving they're concerned about, its non-existent. so it must be because cars are parking along the through road which is allowed.

now as fas as where the children come in, i dont know cos during 9 - 5 they should be at school when all the cars are parking there. ok theres 2 months of summer, but they have a big play park and another ball park right beside that. do the children never use it ? and if the parents prefer their children playing games on the road then surely thats their lookout ?

what are they really moaning about cos it certainly ain't about the children ?!
Anyone hear Jim Rodgers on BBc Radio Ulster this morning. He was being interviewed and his complaint was about the difficulties being posed for the disabled accessing certain parts of cornmarket and surrounding areas with all the works going on -

BUT then to clinch it he finishes sentence off by saying "its not only a problem for the disabled, but human beings also!"

and the interviewer never even batted an eyelid ! :-\
Was just sitting down looking forward to putting on the liverpool game thing no reception for setanta sports channels.
anyone else having this problem ?
Armagh now i'm getting behind Tyrone with the mum being a Brockagh woman.
She'd support Armagh to the hilt as long as they weren't playing Tyrone...won't be pulling on a red and white jersey though!!!