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Im a big Golf fan both playing and watching so thought this be a good thread for anyone who shares my love of the game, Be it course's you played on,Hints and tips or how the Pros are doing well this is the place to post!

As an 18 handicapper  :-\ here are my 3 most important tips for golf:

1) keep your head down
2) keep your stupid head down
3) keep your goddamn stupid head down

My target for 2007 is to have a 16 handicap.

got a Taylor made R5 driver for Christmas
hope that is helps launch my drives even further and keeps them straighter

other than that I am the Irish happy Gilmore

Just started a Fantasy Golf League on Yahoo.

Name/Group: Gaa Board

Group ID# 15645

Password: golf07

Never did golf before but lets see how it goes.

Sign up before 4 Jan 07

The hardest thing is too get a game though isn't it..I'll play 4 or 5 times one month and will be acutally staring to get somewhere with my game then i won't play for 3 months then im right back where i started


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