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Things that make you go What the F**k?

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The Real Laoislad:
Not so much gear grinders but more things that you see that just leaves ya thinking to yourself did i really just see that happening...

I was in the local takeaway last night as it was my turn to cook  ;)..
One of the wemen behind the counter was washing the tiles on the wall,It was bad enough that there was gushes of soapy water drowning most of the sockets on the wall but she then preceded to wash the sockets with a sponge full of fairy liquid and water....I honestly couldn't believe what i was seeing  :o

Anyways it gave me the idea to start this thread as im sure we all see things everyday that leave ya gobsmacked.....

POG starting a happy thread  :D

The Iceman:
comments made by actual american girl in conversation in work:

"I love it when a guy tells me I'm really intelligent, that is the ultimate compliment" (this girl has the mental capacity of a breeze block by the way)

The Real Laoislad:

--- Quote from: hardstation on November 19, 2007, 07:02:11 PM ---The Gaaboard Bodybuilding Thread.

--- End quote ---

Ya beat me too it  :D

Square Ball:
theres always one, or two


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