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Dogs kick ass, cats are just evil!

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Gaoth Dobhair Abu:
Dogs every time for me, loyal, friendly and great family pets.

Have the pup sitting at my feet at the minute.

Whats your view.

Gaoth Dobhair Abu:

How could you not love this?

Im 100% with you on this one, Dogs are class.

I found this abandoned dog in the desert left out there by some heartless pricks. Been taking care of her for a few weeks now. She was extremely thin and hungry but getting better. Absolutley class dog, great for walks etc... havent fully trained her yet, shes only 1 yr old. Shes a real pet.

This is our pet in the home place, another great dog.

As a member of the dog family, I find a lot of this mealy mouthed rhetoric very hypocrital. No-one has ever taken me into their homes and taken cute little snaps of me on their sofa. What's more I have seen dogs, distant relatives, trained to chase and tear me and my family apart.
So... basically, youse can go f** yourselves  :-\


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