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General discussion / Re: Caption competition of the hour
« on: September 28, 2022, 02:43:08 PM »
Sure we all know Dinosaurs are amphibious

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: September 28, 2022, 08:20:14 AM »


Maybe if they had bought an elder stateman on a bit sooner they be in the semis.

He didnít do too much in extra time when we got to grips with him and hadnít the ball

s to take a penalty. Some leader thatÖ

The man owes nothing to Down or Burren, he's a legend.

Absolutely, enormous contribution to GAA , in his club, county and beyond.

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: September 22, 2022, 11:27:59 PM »
No offence but Scor??....does anyone give a shit really.
Outdated concept.

Not one single fkck. I do agree the relegation from senior championship should be scrapped.

What are your proposals for relegation/promotion from sfc?
If ifc winners this year are to get promotion to sfc , who is to be relegated ?
If itís done on league position itís unfair , as many league games are played without county players. Surely you canít penalise clubs with county players?
A sfc club plays championship with full deck including county players , if they lose 4 sfc games with their full deck then relegation is close to a fair fight. If you relegate a team from sfc on the basis of a league where they play many matches without a full deck , then itís clearly unfair on clubs with county players

General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« on: July 16, 2022, 03:25:33 PM »
Teams to win series in New Zealand:
1937 South Africa
1971 B&I Lions
1986 Australia
1994 France
2022 Ireland

Consecutive New Zealand home losses:
1937 v South Africa,
1949 v Australia,
1994 v France,
1998 v South Africa/Australia,
2022 v Ireland

Monumental result .

Can ireland maintain this for World Cup ?
That aside , the achievement stands in its own right as historic.

Plenty of Derry and Armagh GAA flags made the pyres this year! And these c***ts have the audacity to tell us to respect their culture?
Various media and politicians can take some responsibility for this, for painting the GAA as the Catholic/nationalist version of the Orange order. Apart from all the toxicity surrounding orangeism and the unashamed linking of anti- ďRoman CatholicĒ sectarianism with hardline unionist/anti-Irish political views, the simple difference is that the GAA wants Protestants to join,  whereas the Orange order forbids/discourages Catholics joining , marrying Catholics or even attending a Catholic chapel . Itís Apples and oranges, pun intended🤦🏻‍♂️

This culture must be challenged at every opportunity. Whilst respecting that people are born into this culture and are invested in it, it is not acceptable to aggressively coat-trail, mark territory and be a vehicle for sectarianism . Itís unacceptable  to celebrate victory over your neighbours with such ferocity and frequency. Itís unacceptable to destroy public property and be loose about health and safety.
Why is this nonsense peddled as normality . Itís at the core of the dysfunctional society here, and it will continue to stifle progress and run this place into the ground , until unionism grows up and calls it out for what it effectively promotes : ugly, sectarian bullying .

What a tragedy for this man and his family .

Another victim of dysfunctional Orange culture .

At what stage are the  toxic elements of this culture going to be called out.
I accept that people are born into this culture, so itís not of their choosing and itís not easy for individuals to turn their back on their heritage, but heritage , history and tradition must be challenged if itís toxic and harmful. Thatís how society develops.
Toxic , so-called Loyalist Unionist  Orange culture is too often passed as normal but itís unacceptable. The very ethos is questionable : loud, destructive, threatening, superior, unneighbourly , aggressive . It not only harms ďnationalistsĒ but pollutes , stifles and rabble rouses , but in reality embarrasses most ďunionistsĒ. This toxic culture is all about domination and bullies moderates to the extent that they are reluctant to challenge it. Take Doug Beattie for example , heís a British war hero, but if he espouses moderate views, heís a Lundy. Bizarre but classical bullying.

Orangemen are supposedly  Christians by definition but how much of this culture sits well with the warmth , generosity and friendliness of the Christian ethos. It literally doesnít make sense to me.

I live in a local area where this orangeism doesnít exist. Sectarianism on either side is frowned upon and ridiculed. And you know what, people get on, there is one community only , regardless of ĎbackgroundĒ. It genuinely annoys me how so many unionists are being robbed of this normality. The argument for the union is weakening. Toxic bullying Orange culture may have worked when unionists were a majority , but now itís time unionism grew up and play adult politics . Argue for the union certainly but have a bit of respect for your neighbours and indeed yourselves , by challenging toxic orangeism

I have 3 complaints about the first half

1. Why was the Glass score not given when Walshís was
2. There was a clear footblock from a scoreable position
3. Benny Heron was tripped at the top of the D and should have been a free in

No conplaints  about the second half other than the keeper jogging back to goal when he was caught up the pitch. He mightnít have made it but jesus make an effort!!

Lynch is a calamity. Has been since he first took the jersey. I just hope Gallagher has the humility and foresight to get rid of him. Connlan Bradley is a better option at present and surely we've a decent u20 keeper coming through the ranks. It's a major issue of concern going forward!

Lynch is a quality footballer , and was outstanding in his rye of a needle kickouts . When Galway pushed up he was under pressure as Derry donít currently have enough quality fielders to go long. Derry will look to improve that with perhaps using Bradley more etc.
I remember Niall Morgan and rory beggan being roundly criticised in their youth for making similar mistakes as Lynch. They persevered, and became two of the top keepers of their generation . Derry donít need to press any panic buttons. Consolidate what they have , bolster their panel and s&c over the next couple of years , and they can be real contenders . Ultimately This year was a year too soon for them .

GAA Discussion / Re: Tailteann Cup 2022
« on: July 11, 2022, 08:51:21 AM »
Would like to see Kilkenny follow there win today by putting a league team out.

Long overdue a return to the NFL, 2012 since they last played in it?

IIRC in the last couple of seasons they were in the NFL they were shipping some right hammerings, even against London, Waterford & Wicklow IIRC. It's one thing entering a team into the league, it's another getting eligible players that are of a competitive standard to want to play for them, especially as football is primarily a winter/ early spring activity for most clubs there before the hurling starts to get going. You can take a horse to water, and all that...

Where I have a problem with Kilkenny is that most counties invest heavily in two sports, they only have to invest heavily in hurling. Counties who do not promote both sports should be penalised financially to level the playing field

Let go of the "Hawkeye excuse".
Galway outscored Derry 2-8 to 0-3 between 20th and 70th minutes.

Youíll be hard pressed to find any poster using Hawkeye as an excuse for losing the game!!!

Donít think anyone is using Hawkeye as an excuse, but if a team lost a game by a point due to a Hawkeye error it would be unthinkable. Itís been shown up as not good enough .gaa should ask for its  Money back

I canít believe Derry just rolled over during HT and agreed that the score from the 45 be allowed.
Gallagher could well have argued that the time it took to check Hawkeye denied Derry the chance for a quick kick out. Galway won the subsequent kick out and Comer scored.
Also, the Glass effort was never shown again after being given wide, despite looking like a point to most people. If the game had been closer at the end the GAA would be in an awkward spot.

The Hawkeye incidents are ridiculous tbh. Hundreds of thousands invested in a system that doesnít work. Is it not probable that the error in the system was technical tŠ errorred to nŪl . With glass point also clearly a point . They should scrap hawkeye and get their money back. There have not been enough human errors by umpires to warrant investing in this joke.

That said , and accepting that the ref gave Galway the run of the green on several occasions , Galway were clearly the better side .
Much as they have excellent forwards, their defensive system was actually better than Derryís.
Derry totally dominated the first half but their only scores were ultimately down to brilliant individual evasion to work tap over openings. Other than that Derry didnít look like scoring. Ultimately they were caught out by not having enough forward talent to keep the scoreboard ticking over . But theyíre young and inexperienced at this level , theyíll improve and theyíll be hoping a marquee forward or two emerges. Thought mccloskey performance was outstanding, pace, discipline, quality tackling . Ironically his attacking approach highlighted Derryís problem yesterday . He got himself into excellent positions but didnít have the confidence in his shooting ability.
Even though Galway were best with Comer being the main difference, galwayís ease of winning and scoring scoreable frees edged them into their position of dominance .
Gallagher has been credited with Derryís success but in reality their underage success over last few years put them in this position . Gallagher's approach was found wanting yesterday , and only a massive improvement in attacking creativity and scoring capability will win them an all-ireland . Itís one thing banging in 5 goals in a once off match, itís another breaking down well organised defences of the very top teams. Derry can win an all-ireland but a lot of work to do, it remains to be seen if Gallagher has the qualities to
Lead them there.

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 30, 2022, 08:47:31 AM »
The GAA really need to look at these melees.
They are dangerous and somebody could get seriously hurt through weight of numbers or unseen digs/ gouging , MMA tactics etc.
They are extremely bad PR for GAA.
The current sanctions are not working
The 3rd man in rule is impossible to police fairly particularly in club games with only 1 official .
Kieran mcgeeney is right , Itís human nature to push back when pushed, particularly in the heat of an attritional sport. Itís also human nature to protect a teammate in a dangerous clutch or on the ground with someone battering his head. I havenít heard one person criticising the Galway man who punched Tiernan Kelly ,  was this an acceptable human reaction to perceived assault on a teammate?
Some players are now MMA trained or influenced,  putting them at an advantage in a wrestling situation where they could inflict damage against an opponent not trained.
Armagh seem to be involved in a disproportionate number of these melees.

Accept human nature but penalise dangerous aggression. Encourage peacemaking (pulling back, calming words ) but  heavily penalise aggressive intent whether a player is first or last into the melee inevitably itís  the peacemakers who eventually bring these melees under control. If it became accepted practice to be seen to calm these situations down, they would be less likely to  develop. Iíve seen this happen on several occasions , so it could work if a lone ref had the support of ďinfluencersĒ, from both sides-players and team mentors/officials .
Heavily sanction repeat offenders financially , if Armagh were handed a £10k fine every time theyíre involved in a melee, it might help them reflect on what is perceived as their melee ethos.
Seperate teams at interval. Eg teams go into changing rooms separately and stay to allocated area
Strict on numbers inside the wire , eg 5 , no subs. Heavily sanction those that cross the wire or cross to opposition area.
Those inside should include a discipline official for each side, whose job is to promote control of potential melees.
All above would help change the culture around melees, which are dangerous and seriously bad PR.

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 27, 2022, 04:52:13 PM »
I would agree with a lot of that. I would have preferred Armagh won but I do generally like Galway. Comer was wired in that game and I honestly thought he should have had red. Walsh while wasn't fantastic was subject to some not great treatment by Morgan so I wouldn't have his behaviour down as quite as bad as you would but still expected better from him both behaviour wise and taking the game to armagh wise.
On what basis should Comer have seen red?
Some of the claptrap here since the match yesterday is incredible. That was a great game, fair play to both sets of players, a phenomenal atmosphere in the stadium which the Armagh support contributed to in a massive way. The melee was the usual handbags with the exception of one complete tr**p who should be fucked out from playing for a year.

Shane Walsh "feigning injury", I'll be kind and assume this person wasn't in CP, how Morgan didn't get a second yellow is the only "remarkable" thing. It's even noted in the IT match report, "they should also have been without James Morgan whose enthusiasm for wrestling Shane Walsh and clattering into him off the ball miraculously failed to draw further punishment than one yellow card.". Presumably this will be disavowed as West Brit propaganda.

I met some absolute gents from Armagh both pre and post match in and around CP, a much fairer appraisal of the match and the controversies was had with them, so to come online and read back through this thread is surprising, either people weren't at the match or if they were, have put some quare slant on what happened out there. I would have preferred a replay for the game but both teams knew that penalties were a possibility.
Galway turned up and once they got over the first 15 minutes gave the performance that was required on a big day. Finnerty, Tierney and McDaid came of age in Galway jerseys yesterday, Tierney had not been in top form in Connacht but came alive in CP. Shane Walsh did not have a good game, he'll know that himself, the great thing is that there is another match to try and play better in only two weeks away.
The Galway collapses are seriously troubling as against Mayo, Roscommon and now Armagh, Galway have been the better team and have contrived to make comfortable victories into something that would take years off you. Gleeson and the kickouts have been flagged as a huge weakness for a long time and it is hard to believe that we got away with those catastrophic errors yesterday. Armagh were gifted 3 goals and still didn't win, the grit and clutch play from McDaid in ET to ensure that they didn't was a sight to behold.

Derry are a formidable team and the league result will have no bearing on the semi final whatsoever. Galway need to show up and play better again the next day again, simple as that.

Iíve stated I wanted to see Galway win , so Iím at the very least giving a neutral viewpoint. I wasnít at the match, my opinion is formed after watching live Tv,  and replays and analysis , which those at the match didnít benefit from. I equally accept there are things not picked up on camera that I didnít see .
Shane Walsh is as gifted a player as there is in the country. But Look at the video , in the first half he was in agony with an ankle injury , but he managed to strike a free immediately afterwards with perfect technique and balance and run at 100mph. The incident with Morgan looked as if he was in real trouble , writhing about , but again running without impediment immediately after. Morgan was on a booking, who had most to lose by the wrestling match towards the end with Walsh and another?
Armagh are no angels, but it seems to me that Galway escaped scrutiny from the pundits for questionable tactics . Questionable antics are part and parcel for every county team, but RTE seem to cherry pick who they want to scrutinise.

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 27, 2022, 03:05:32 PM »
As a neutral , (though Iíve no love for Armagh as our closest neighbours and rivals and wanted to see Galway win), I really admire what Armagh brought to the championship this year. Riain OíNeill and Soupy Campbell are both All star material. Galway as always showed flashes of flair . Maybe Iím wrong but I thought that Walsh disappointed overall , he didnít take the game to Armagh but was feigning injury and attempting to get cards all day. Comer was acting the hard man all day , and Tbf was more likely to be the instigator of the row than Morgan who was already on a yellow. Sean Kelly wonít be too happy with Comer and Walsh , Particularly if he misses out on the Derry game. Walsh was writhing about all day but made several miraculous recoveries. Remarkable to see him still standing at the end to take his penalty with such aplomb 😜.  The officials in the Derry game will presumably be wise to Comer and Walsh particularly. Though itís remarkable how RTE commentators , presenters and pundits werenít wise to them, given their scrutiny of Tyrone tactics over the years .
Rteís coverage and bias, is light years behind Skyís objective professionalism .

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 27, 2022, 11:13:00 AM »
Morgan got nothing at the time for hitting Walsh on the blindside.
Didnít see that. Walsh could have had a black when he took Morgan out off the ball after Morgan was on a yellow.

The GAA seriously need to look At Melees. They are often ďhandbagsĒ but seriously bad PR. The current sanctions arenít working and actually penalise normal human behaviour. If u see a friend in a headlock , youíre going to want to protect him. It 10 of your opponents rush into melee youíre not going to wait on the sidelines to see what happens.
Kelly and Nugent appeared to be peacemakers yet theyíre red carded. Previous sanctions have been rescinded as presumably legally unsound.
A few things to consider :
1.Subs outside the wire . Only minimal specific personnel inside the wire.
2.Those who pull people out are not treated the same as those who aggressively interject.
3.Heavy financial sanctions to teams

Finish on the day must stay. Replays mess up the calendar, are a further strain in amateur players, and financial strain on the punters . Perhaps 10 seconds to score from the edge of the D , might be a better option than penalties.

Mcgeeney is right about trial by media/social media. RTEís view has dictated rule changes in the past , and they have their own agenda. Eg They want replays as itís clearly good for RTE viewing figures and itís another payday for the pundits . SeŠn cavanaghís crocodile tears about his neighbours and Tyroneís biggest rivals losing out on penalties was laughable . The irony of the likes of Whelan and Cavanagh wringing their hands in disgust at foul play is even more hilarious .

Great game. Deal with melees going forward but keep the ďwin on the dayĒ.
Great championship so far and it will be finished in July so that 95% of players can enjoy club action for the rest of the year . Well done GAA

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