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Quote from: Applesisapples on Today at 03:46:44 PMThat Tyrone team have better fire power than most Ulster team, it'll be an interesting game. I hate to say it but the sons of God are a joy to watch.
They are brilliant in fairness. The Donegal boys will soon soften them up though!
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Quote from: Manning18 on January 01, 1970, 05:45:37 AMOutside of occasionally Armagh and Dublin, no football teams fans can really hold a candle to Munster hurling teams at the moment

Not really fair comparing with the completely different setup in hurling.

The football provincials are not much more than a warm-up before the serious business starts with the group stages.

The Munster hurling round-robin has real jeopardy with every single game being critical given 40% of the teams taking part will be finished for the summer in a few weeks (and possibly even sooner depending on how results go).

But football fans aren't going to any games in those numbers is the point. If you took Armagh fan out of the All Ireland quarter final double header on the Saturday last year there'd have been less than 15k there. Similar for the Sunday double header if you took Dublin fans out. Those are exceptionally big games and nobody outside of an Armagh bandwagon will travel for them anymore

Hurling fans, especially in Munster, will travel for games currently tbf. Clare who are a small county have brought 35k+ to their last two semis. Limerick and Cork (hurling only) have huge support constantly
Cost/amount of games have to be putting people off. The 2 Ulster games and the Limerick/Clare hurling match were all brilliant watches at the weekend, but theres a semi final and final for Tyrone/Donegal coming soon, plus 3 group games to come. The product is great but isn't helped by wankers running it down in the media and by the price of tickets.
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Quote from: downtothecore on April 21, 2024, 10:53:28 PM
Quote from: Tones on April 21, 2024, 09:03:33 PMSo Armagh and Donegal in the final, ffs I have tickets for Armagh against Down, is that cancelled?
No but Armagh are expected to have no problems in this fixture....

Akin to Monaghan v Cavan, Derry v Donegal, Cavan v Tyrone  pretty sure 3 teams there were meant to have no problems in their respective games!
I'd have only had those 3 as slight favourites tbh. Armagh massive favourites
General discussion / Re: The FA Cup Thread
Today at 09:10:24 AM
Ah look you can blame Ten Hag for a lot of things but conceding 3 in 20 mins to a championship team is on the men on the field.
Tyrone and Donegal an interesting one, Donegal will surely not allow the Canavans and McCurry freedom of the park like Cavan did. And Donegal have better forwards than Cavan. Full credit to Cavan for dragging themselves back into that.
Quote from: Lamh Dhearg Alba on April 21, 2024, 07:09:40 PMI didn't think it was over at half-time as Tyrone under this management team are liable to be a basket case in the second half. Happened again there, absolutely rudderless ship and lucky to get over the line in a game which should have been won by double figures. For the talent available that team is nowhere near good enough and it was good to see Mattie so angry at the end. Too late to be learning all the lessons he was talking about. They'll lose to Donegal and they'll lose to anyone half decent later on too.

Tyrone's problems go way beyond refereeing decisions but that was an erratic display. The game turned on the Hampsey black card. If he was guilty of pulling Lynch down it probably didn't help that Lynch was all over him initially. A terrible call by a ref who was influenced by the pattern of the game rather than refereeing what was actually happening.
Lynch missed a shot and Hampsey went over to let him know. Then Hampsey dragged him down. No complaints
Quote from: Dreadnought on April 21, 2024, 06:52:02 PMNot to mention Coldrick allowed the physio rule to be ignored. Player gets physio, meant to go off. He did it once but then not after. And multiple times that player had an impact the next play. Coldrick bad today overall
Shite rule that.
GAA Discussion / Re: Standard of Refs
April 21, 2024, 06:39:13 PM
Horrible shower altogether. Massive advantage Donegal with that extra time. Jimmy be licking his lips.
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Quote from: Dreadnought on April 21, 2024, 06:22:11 PM
Quote from: tyrone08 on April 21, 2024, 06:21:07 PMHow the hell is it a free out when 3 players are kneeing on you. Goldrick is a complete balloon
I'd go get your eyesight checked if I were you. The ref won it for you

He gave Cavan more time than they should have got at the end for them to try and get an equaliser.
Last free that Morgan missed the ball was out of play for over a minute but he only played 45 second. Cavan probably wouldn't have scored anyway
Was at least another 20'seconds there
Game on
Not another Tyrone man down holding his face?
Quote from: tyrone08 on April 21, 2024, 05:07:39 PMThat was a stike.
On Donnelly? Seriously?

Dont know how one got yellow and one got black there, maybe Lynch will get into it now abit but probably too late
Quote from: From the Bunker on April 21, 2024, 04:47:47 PM
Quote from: Gael85 on April 21, 2024, 04:21:22 PMSurely referees are wise to Ryan O'Donoghue diving.

When you're a Marquee Forward you have to look for protection from the Referee.
Whats that got to do with O'Donoghue? ;)
Derry could end up in group with Dublin/Kerry and one of Mayo/Galway/Donegal/Armagh. Then possibly into a prelim qf which will be tough going. Bigger result that than alot think.