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General discussion / Re: Car Insurance!!!!!
July 05, 2024, 04:20:23 PM
Quote from: armaghniac on July 05, 2024, 12:33:08 AM
Quote from: Tony Baloney on July 04, 2024, 11:24:04 PMCheers lads. I'll pass all that info to the boss. Delgany that link looks useful.

Make sure that at least one parent is on the policy, ideally one parent owns the yoke and adds the youth as a named driver.

Fronting a policy can be an issue if something goes wrong !
General discussion / Re: Car Insurance!!!!!
July 04, 2024, 11:13:52 PM
TB...few wee points ..but your probably over it... add yourself and Mrs as named drivers.

Try multi car offers

Try quotes on different days / evening etc  ...

If close to lads birthday wait to it look at least 5 weeks ahead for a price
Better than the football ffs!
I definitely thought...he looked odd , on TSG...maybe it was a combination of the jet black hair and his left side profile not being the best option.
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
June 28, 2024, 04:20:34 PM
Quote from: marty34 on June 28, 2024, 01:16:37 PM
Quote from: NAG1 on June 28, 2024, 11:30:58 AM
Quote from: johnnycool on June 28, 2024, 11:18:27 AM
Quote from: NAG1 on June 28, 2024, 10:34:06 AMReally hope Clare can bounce back.

Lohan has over thought this game the last few times and got his tactics wrong, he needs to decide on his front 5/6 and get the ball into them whichever way but loose.

I expect Kelly to stay out the field and come running onto the ball, Whether Butler is sent out that far I'd not be so sure about.

To be fair the have shown snippets in games of getting it right, but then they go away from it and struggle as a result. SO'D could win this on his own if they play it right.

TK needs to pick up a bit of form but hopefully for the sake of the game we can see him at his best.

Not sure about KK, hard to judge off the Dublin game, they got a lot of it right but was it as a result of how bad Dublin were?

KK are KK - you know what you'll get, regardless of opposition. They'll give everything in terms of effort and workrate etc.

Lohan, and Clare need to change things up.  They have to.  In a way, others, apart from Kelly and O'Donnell, need to stand up and be counted.  It's a 20 man game now.

People like Conlon at No. 6 needs to dominate. Quilligan needs to make no mistakes. Cathal Malone, in mid-field, needs to have a stormer.  Ryan at wing-half back needs to tag 3 scores from play.

Rogers needs to come alive in Croke Park. Reidy/Galvin need big games.

For me, this game is all about Clare. This is now or never for Clare.  To lose 3 Munster Finals and then lose 3 AI semi-finals to Kilkenny will be fatal for Clare.

Limerick aside...the margins between the other counties is so can come down to the timing of an attack
Quote from: imtommygunn on June 28, 2024, 11:15:54 AM
Quote from: marty34 on June 28, 2024, 09:32:45 AMChannel 4 did a good expose on Reform last night.  Racist and homophobic was a constant theme.

I just read that Farage was never elected as a MP.

He was parachuted in this time, after a lad was already picked and spent £6k of his own money on PR and election material etc.  He was told step aside, we'll refund you and we'll give you a key role in the campaign and set you up with a handy number basicalky after the election...if you mske no fuss.

What happened?  He made a statement saying he supported Farage etc. stepped aside but has been sidelined ever since. Standing as an independent now.   

Farage is a bad man and I don't think there's any other way to put it. Creates division and then thrives on the repercussions of it.

I would doubt he believes anything that comes out of his mouth.

He looks up to Trump ffs....says it all!
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
June 25, 2024, 09:14:45 PM
Quote from: ClubScene13 on June 25, 2024, 08:55:04 PM
Quote from: Rebel84 on June 25, 2024, 07:24:18 PM
Quote from: NotedObserver on June 24, 2024, 11:03:37 PM
Quote from: Walter Cronc on June 24, 2024, 10:41:49 PM6k at Omagh. What has happened the Tyrone support lads? Not taking the p*ss.

We must have one of the worst support in the country. Especially for a div 1 side.

- style of play
- thoughts that the best county players are not all involved 
- all on tv

Now when they need a bit of support the support has dwindled which is v disappointing. However the club league games are v well attended

Cost of living is a massive factor as well, with inflation most people are approx 30% worse off than a few years ago (and if you aren't count yourself lucky). The fact that Tyrone won an unexpected All-Ireland only 3 seasons ago means the same appetite isn't there for supporters when you also add in the factors above. Derry and Armagh are getting more support than Tyrone atm but that's because they aren't as satisfied/content as the average Tyrone supporter that has experienced 4 All-Ireland wins since 2003.
Personally I now get more enjoyment out of going to club games in Tyrone as they are of a high standard as each game means something with the league being linked to championship and county players also available to play in the majority of league games.

Totally agree with all of this.

Too many non descript games, that are generally of poor quality,  charging premium prices...without any concessions for a standing driving people away. Cost of living has impacted, a tyrone game in Omagh costs me about £60 / £65 for all expenses.just can't justify it anymore, especially when  it is on TV in living room 
General discussion / Re: Cycling
June 21, 2024, 10:12:24 PM
Davagh is first class, 4 or 5 trails.
Excellent facilities. I think it has been used for national competitions.
The landscape & scenery is amazing
General discussion / Re: Death Notices
June 20, 2024, 06:51:00 PM
Always with the negative waves, Moriarty.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
June 19, 2024, 09:34:38 PM
0-12. 0- 8
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
June 02, 2024, 10:25:02 PM
Quote from: Round or stuffed on May 30, 2024, 10:52:48 PMwill we find out who plays who in the division 2 split at some stage before the first game next week, or expect white smoke lunchtime Wednesday?

Round 1.  Wednesday 5th
Naomh Treasa v Naomh Pádraig
Naomh Pol v Naomh Seosmh

Round 2
CLg Mac daibheid v Naomh Padraig
Naomh Seosmh v Naomh Treasa

Round 3
Naomh Padraig v Naomh Pol
Naomh Treasa v CLg Mac Daibheid

Round 4
ClG Mac Daibneid v Naomh Pol
Naomh Seosmh v Maomh Padraig

Round 5
Naomh Seosmh v CLG Mac Daibeid
Naomh Pol v Naomh Treas

Div 2B

Round 1 Wednesday 5th
Ciceam Ard Eoin v Gort na Mona
 Padraig Sairseil V Rasharkin

Round 2
Dunloy v Ciceam Ard Eoin
Rasharkin v Gort na Mona

Round 3
Gort na Mona v Dunloy
Padraig Sairseil v ciceam Ard

Round 4
Padraig Sairseil v Gort na Mona
Rasharkin v Dunloy

Round 5
Padraig Sairseil v Dunloy
Ciceam Ard Eoin v Rasharkin
The current system is total turn off as a life long supporter. Group games to knock out 4 teams is completely unacceptable process...little wonder no one is attending games. Super 8s was the for ole rope.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Hurling
May 26, 2024, 04:47:52 PM
Quote from: Saffron71 on May 22, 2024, 09:55:08 PMDoes anyone know what the story is with promotion and relegation in the leagues.  In Football there seems to be talk of relegation play-offs.  Will this be the same in hurling or just bottom team relegated and top team promoted. 

DIV 2, 3, 4 league winners promoted automatically.
DIV 1,2 & 3 Bottom team relegated.

2nd last placed teams in Div 1, 2, & 3 play runners - up in Div 2, 3 & 4 in promotion/ relegation play off !
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
May 24, 2024, 03:05:10 PM
Quote from: Round or stuffed on May 24, 2024, 02:42:43 PMthe winner of the relegation final is also relegated, so barring a major upturn in form for Ardoyne, the 5th place team in group 2 gets automatically relegated

If that was the situation, would there  be a relegation play off ? 
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
May 23, 2024, 06:43:08 PM
Quote from: Delgany 2nds on May 23, 2024, 06:36:08 PM
Quote from: asaffgael on May 23, 2024, 08:54:50 AMJust looking at the draws on the website. It notes -

3rd placed team in each group is safe from Relegation
4th placed team in each group play off (2 Semi Finals & Final)
(Losing Finalist is relegated to Division 2 and Intermediate Championship for 2025)

Is the 2 losers of the play off semi final relegated as well, so 3 relegated after senior champ?

DIV 1 bottom team in league and relegation 'final' losers relegated via championship. Two relegated only.

Div2 League Winners and IFC winners promoted.

Same process for relegation / promotion from Div2* /3,
* Div 2 relegation is straight playoff from two x fifth placed teams