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I read a lot of the comments last night. Regarding the fullback conundrum, I was more than surprised to see AOS back there. I didn't work in my opinion as he stood off Donaghy too much. I can understand ONeill's opinion of O'Shea negating the high ball in on top of Donaghy influence though. I maintain that O'Shea should be midfield, period.

Clarke was poor on kickouts imo yesterday. Kerry pressed up well on them so I could be harsh on him. The other backs did well enough. 2-14 conceded probably tells another story however. One thing I cannot understand is the persistent substituting of Colm Boyle. I just can't get my head around it. I thought he was one of the better performers we had yesterday. Keegan wasn't influential either. Maybe the illness/injury took a bit out of him.

Midfield was always going to be a battle. Thought we did well enough there. But how we missed AOS in that department. He has to start there the next day.

The half forwards didn't do much apart from Doherty in the first half imo. McLoughlin got on a lot of ball but he should have done more with it in scoring positions (I.e. score). Diarmuid O'Connor wasn't at the races I thought. Could have been taken off earlier. Andy Moran more than made up for them. 1-5 from play. Amazing from a man in the twilight of his years in a Mayo jersey. He's playing the best football of his life at the minute! Cillian was ok. Missed a sitter of a free early on. Fine margins and all that.

Rochford's continuing 'seeing something' in Drake which most others don't is quite worrying. He's not the man to put on to get a score. Loftus should have been brought on in his stead at the time for DOC. Agree with Bomber about Coen. He sadly hasn't lived up to his potential yet and I think Nally would be a better option than him.

I knew Kerry's defence was poor, but I never realised how bad the full back line were. I hope Mayo haven't missed the boat. Sadly though I think they have. In saying that no team deserved to lose it given the conditions yesterday. Up Mayo.

Farr, Boyler was blowing black smoke coming up to HT, at one stage Harrison had the ball and Boyler told him to pass it across the goal to Higgins rather than come up their wing

I also heard from reliable Westport people that Keegan was sick the last couple of days

Syf, are you really suggesting Doherty should be dropped? Outstanding yesterday again, what does the lad have to do

Not really, but if you want to make room for Loftus it's not going to be COC (in poor form in general this year, but will remain for his frees if nothing more), Moran, McLouglin or AOS (he was named at 11..) so the options for a switch would be Doherty and Diarmuid O'Connor, whose main roles are as workhorse linkmen. Doherty is playing better than O'Connor, whose form has been questionable for the bones of two years now and is prone to very poor fouls as well. But we've seen in the past that Mayo managers have seen Doherty as expendable in the past so were his form to dip it's not an unimaginable change.

It's a bit of a curate's egg, the O'Shea - Donaghy thing. Mayo were obviously petrified of the high diagonal ball, with Geaney and O'Donoghue living off the scraps. From that perspective Aidan O'Shea could be said to have done what he was supposed to do, in that Kerry just didn't bother playing that ball at all with him in there, and the one ballooned ball was won by O'Shea.

However, Donaghy was instrumental in a lot of Kerry moves, and if you were to ask simply who got the better of the battle, it was Donaghy. We all know he's not the most graceful or the quickest, but he showed he can peel off his man, and make decent runs. O'Shea just didn't know what to do with him. And Donaghy scored a point, set up at least 1-2 or 1-3, and generally seemed to be pulling the strings for Kerry.

So it boils down to this if you are Stephen Rochford.

Do you commit to the same plan knowing that a) You are your own man, who has been in great form, out of the game as an attacking threat in order to negate the high ball to Donaghy, b) Knowing that O'Shea can't 'mark' him as a traditional full back and c) Knowing now that Kerry expect it, and did reasonably well against it even when they didn't expect it, or know for sure?

He has to stick with it. It's impossible to know if it worked or not. Only a series of games could tell you that.
Putting O'Shea in for the specific reason to mark Donaghey shows lack of faith in Mayo defenders. It's too late now, that has happened.
Changing it back is an admission of tactical failure and will do nothing to restore that lost faith. All Kerry need to do is have their many pundits talk and write about this all week. How Rotchford lost the tactical battle and how he should fix it. Really go to town talking about it. if they can instill a lack of faith in Rotchford's tactical decisions (right or wrong) it will give Kerry and advantage.

No, it's not.

Most people who have watched AOS regularly could have told you exactly what was going to transpire if you played him as a full back.

Shane Nally excellent during the league, canon of a left peg off the bench vs Roscommon.

Coen/Drake are not shooters when the pressure is on, contrast Coens attempt to Barry John Keane down the other end. Very frustrating substitutions.

It's bad when you're lusting after Barry John Keane. Against every big team but Mayo he's the game-loser-in-chief for Kerry.

Nally's nothing special, at least not yet. Even Drake scored against us that day so him scoring then is hardly worth noting. Ye don't have much of a bench no matter who comes on, it's as simple as that.
I'd back Loftus in the pocket over all day long is what I'm saying. I know Coen was on for SOS so it's not like.

Another thing, Coen/Parsons miscommunication on which midfielder to tag on a Kerry kick out cost us....allowed a uncontested mark and Kerry a handy score from that possession.

I forgot about Loftus, though he probably should be starting and someone like Doherty or Diarmuid O'Connor should be on the bench. Durcan is a funny case too. Probably a starter most days but Rochford prefers Barrett because he's more disciplined defending.

GAA Discussion / Re: AI minor football championship
« on: Today at 08:54:59 AM »
I saw Cavan not bothering to defend and now suddenly Clifford should be a senior and is worthy of his own thread. Only here.

Shane Nally excellent during the league, canon of a left peg off the bench vs Roscommon.

Coen/Drake are not shooters when the pressure is on, contrast Coens attempt to Barry John Keane down the other end. Very frustrating substitutions.

It's bad when you're lusting after Barry John Keane. Against every big team but Mayo he's the game-loser-in-chief for Kerry.

Nally's nothing special, at least not yet. Even Drake scored against us that day so him scoring then is hardly worth noting. Ye don't have much of a bench no matter who comes on, it's as simple as that.

AOS spent half his time marking space. The same space a FB marks. This clutching at ridiculous straws needs to stop. Bad decision, bad result, bad manager.

Any Mayo supporter who didn't know AOS couldn't play FB based on his marking, lack of turning mobility and tackling at every grade the past ten years - I'm just sorry for you, no insults, just pity.

If he starts there against on Saturday it will probably be the losing of the game for Mayo. Today it was the difference between a comfortable win and a draw. Rochford must be getting tactical advice from David Brady..

Donnchadh Walsh was a big loss for Kerry today protects their defence wins a lot of dirty ball. Sometimes you don't see how much those type of players are missed until they aren't there

and a good man to foul out the pitch too  ;D. If fit I'd expect to start ahead of Mikey Geaney in replay.

Eamonn Fitzmaurice if fit would be an improvement over Geaney.

I sort of predicted a draw but chance gone I'd say.

Still showing inferior teams too much respect. Kerry are no great shakes. Why can't we put AOS in FF and let them try and convert donakey to a FB. That plan was a cod in hindsight.

You can't become a full back over night and O'Shea proved that. Harrison would have marked donakey today.

We are fooked now for sure. I hear Leroy's foot is still in shit, Harrison looks to have damaged his hammer also.

It's a bit like the 90's team we take a huge effort to score whereas the Kerries get scores handier. Next week will be a car crash!

I think Mayo will be the inferior team on Saturday. Rochford is the worst manager Mayo have have had since Johnno the Second. He's in the process of pissing away this team's final chances of an AI. McEntee and Buckley look like a serious waste of money at this stage. If I was a club member I'd be livid at so much money being funnelled into a brainless set-up.

This Mayo side of the past 5 years or so will be the greatest to never win Sam.

What a game of football between 2 teams really going for it. And Micky Harte still tries to tell us that all these teams are just as defensive and negative as Tyrone. Micky, we have eyes of our own and we're not f**king stupid.

Kerry are every bit as defensive as Tyrone, and usually do it to protect their shoddy FBs. It didn't work today so expect even more bunker dwelling on Saturday.

I do wonder sometimes what people are watching that they could think in 2017 that Kerry could be described as an attacking team. Probably the only two teams in Ireland that you could describe as attack-focused are Dublin (who regularly have 13 behind the ball, but have the conditioning and speed to break fast) and Roscommon. Everyone else plays the game not to lose.

I've been under the impression that Fitzmaurice was a shrewd enough tactician up until today, he'd nothing to offer bar a full court press on the Mayo kickouts, the rest of it was shambolic.

It's really  an unknown if the AOS experiment worked, but again it smacks of trying to outfox your opponent rather than playing to your own strengths, which is balls and i hate to see it.

Are you serious?

AOS at full back is more bizarre than the goalie change last year.


Already at fault for the goal and Star's point. Seems to be marking space most of the time.

AOS has never been able to mark players in all the years I've watched him. If Rochford really thought this was a good idea SOS or Parsons (the best choice of the three for this role) would have made far more sense.

AOS trying to defend - laugh out loud.

Rochford is a complete bluffer. The duo were better managers than him.

GAA Discussion / Re: AI minor football championship
« on: August 20, 2017, 03:17:33 PM »
Anyone overlooking Dublin at any grade is making a serious error. Kerry's defence was ropey itself today.

General discussion / Re: Mayweather v Mc Gregor
« on: August 20, 2017, 01:37:43 PM »
Is your man Al Haymon pretty much trying to tie boxing up a bit to have an overall view of what goes on, or to be more precise what he says goes.
To be honest I don't know much about the man, but he seems to be have been puppetmaster for a long time. Is that going down the UFC route in terms of control.
Eventually the UFC will get a breakaway. Jose Aldo was always very outspoken and it was mentioned he might lead a breakaway.

Strikeforcecin the past, Bellator now. Like f¨cking is Aldo a big e ought star to lead something. If Jon Jones and Conor McGregor decided to break away then you might have something.

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