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It's possible of course that he has very high standards.

Amazing how we're so quick to dismiss young lads on here. It's no wonder they wouldn't bother with it.

I'm pretty sure that ALL of the lads that Steven Seagal has mentioned are well capable of making good inter-country footballers. Whether they do or not, depends primarily on their own level of interest and commitment.

Of course the step up to inter-county football is a a huge one. I remember Brendan Quigley, who might have been the best player in the country at minor and u-21 level, took maybe 3 years to find his feet at senior level. Same for JOL. There is a big step up of course but these young lads are well capable of it if given the time and the support.

Itís on Midlands 103

Iím going to miss todayís game for reasons that I canít control but I would echo the sentiments of most people on here. If all 15+ players work like dogs we have a chance. Iíd have some concerns about Damien O Connor at corner back today but heís an experienced player at this stage so hopefully itíll work out. In fairness Sugrue has got the majority of these calls right so hopefully this is another good call.

The very best of luck to all today. As Tony says none of us can make any complaint  as long as there is a decent performance. Iím sure the boys will give a strong account of themselves today.

Did you see Ross Munelly, Tom Kelly or Joe Higgins in 2003? Or Tom Prendergast? Or Colm Browne? Or Liam Irwin? Or Barney Maher?

As far as I'm concerned, Donie is one of 15 Laois players who will take the field on Sunday. He deserves the same respect as all the rest of them and hopefully he will play a significant role.  Win or lose, all 15 will play a big part.

And I can assure you, he will need both his arms on Sunday.

I think we have to start Donie, but let's not be drama queens. He's not "getting a going over on here". 2posters pointed out that he hasn't been at his best this year. That's not getting a going over. Brody's not getting a going over either. We're full of praise for Brody with the exception of one poster who thinks he mightnt get an all star nomination. Again, that's not getting a going over.

I agree with this. The fact of the matter is that Donie would be expected to work harder, train harder and play harder if he was playing with the top teams. He is well capable of it and on his day is as good as any of them. But noone should be guaranteed anything simply by virtue of being "talented". I think he has been handled very well by John Sugrue this year and hopefully we'll see a big game from him on Sunday.

It was always going to be a day where everything needed to go right for us and even if it did, the best we could expect was an honourable defeat.

I thought we left Dublin a little bit too much freedom to run at us. I know it's easier said than done but if you give a Dublin player 40 yards of open field, he will build a momentum that's hard to stop - at that stage, it takes only a couple of properly executed passes to create a scoring opportunity. I thought a bit more pressure on the kickouts would have been helpful in particular. I think some of our forwards have to work harder to stop those runs from building pace.

A bit more composure at times might have given us a goal and 3 or 4 points, which might have put a better look on the scoreline. On the other hand, Dublin missed even more.

I do hope they regroup and give the next match one good lash. They deserve a better end to the season.


Laois / Re: Laois GAA website
« on: June 20, 2018, 10:39:30 AM »
Fair enough Don. Apologies.

I think it is fair of the lads on here to want/expect a bit better than we can see right now.

Website maintenance is not a difficult thing and probably wouldn't need more than a half day a week so it should be possible to do better.

Laois / Re: Laois GAA website
« on: June 20, 2018, 09:51:09 AM »
Just so that you might inform yourself a little Don, this is what a GAA website can look like

I'm sure you'll have all the smartass ripostes about Dublin's resources now....

But it seems Longford are able to do it too:

There isn't a poster here who would prefer to see the Laois website shut down but it's fair to say that they are putting little or no effort into it. Putting up the fixtures on a website is hardly the pinnacle of information management in the GAA, is it? If you go through all 32 counties, you'll hardly find a worse example of public relations.

I assume young Crowley will be detailed to pick up Kilkenny, who is in my opinion one of the players that is essential to Dublinís success. Itís a tough job and an important one but if he can be as concentrated as he was against Murphy, he can do as good a job as anyone else. If he can manage to keep Kilkenny quiet, itís already an important step in the right direction

If we do end up in the qualifiers, aren't we guaranteed home advantage by virtue of our Div 4 status?

Laois / Re: 2018 Joe McDonagh Cup
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:49:19 PM »
I don't know the ins and outs of Cheddar's Plan but according to Jack Nolan:

"Two years ago, after huge progress Cheddar Plunkett had a plan for Laois hurling. A Master Plan that would see Laois return to the top table. Planned and costed and with the backing of Croke Park it failed to get the backing of Laois County Board and it and Cheddar were gone.".

You can read the full article here:

I know Jack Nolan is not infallible but I think he knows pretty well what's going on.

I personally wouldn't have Damien O Connor at corner back against Dublin (or anyone else). He works hard out the field and covers plenty of ground but I wouldn't see him as a corner back. 

I suppose that's true in a certain way but to me we looked in complete control (and it really was controlled). We also had our share of missed opportunities, most notable 3 or 4 dreadful frees (something that we obviously can't afford from now on) and one or two goal opportunities that were missed because we didn't make that final pass.

Attride - Talk about giving everything to the team. Unbelievable bravery yesterday from Stephen and all the other lads. We looked fit, hungry and at times quite skillful. Our defensive structure was breached on occasion but the full back line were excellent in limiting major damage. Even our clever use of strategic fouling was good.

This sums up more or less what I thought of it. I have to be honest - before yesterday, I couldn't really see the evidence of this new dawn in Laois football. We were stumbling over the line against the likes of London and Waterford and I couldn't see this sea change. I finally got it yesterday.

The change is really epitomised in Finbarr Crowley. I thought he did an incredible job on Sean Murphy. To be able to keep the required level of concentration for the full 70 minutes (and pop up for a point as well) is a testament to himself but also to the management team. This, and the Attride commitment, shows what is different now. I still think there are one or two of the big names who need to take a leaf out of the young lads' book in that regard but yesterday we really looked like we knew what we were trying to do and we executed the plan very professionally indeed. A job exceptionally well done.

On a side issue, I think the referee wasn't great yesterday. He really gave a lot of soft frees (in both directions) and, at the same, didn't clamp down on a few nasty incidents. I thought Brody in particular drew two fouls, which were clear red card offences but he let them away with it. It's always tempting for the opposition to show the fancy dan goalkeeper what it's like to play out the field and the goalkeeper needs the same protection as any other player in those circumstances.

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