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Last post by balladmaker - Today at 11:09:06 AM
50/50 game ... Armagh need to play to win as oppose to play to not lose ... it's time to stand up when it matters, knockout football in Croker, both teams will he equally satisfied with the draw and that tells you all there is to know.
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Last post by tiempo - Today at 11:09:01 AM
Would love to see Michael Murphy re-appear for Donegal now for the last few weeks of the season
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Last post by Rossfan - Today at 11:04:40 AM
O'Carroll injured.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
Last post by InnocentByStander - Today at 11:03:31 AM
Quote from: Milltown Row2 on Today at 10:50:59 AM
Quote from: InnocentByStander on Today at 10:48:46 AMThank god that county shite is finished anyway. Move the focus to clubs now

I suppose you were not born the last time we managed to get to the Ulster football final, was a great occasion that run to the final..

Of course you'd be pissed off at how long that season would have impacted on the club season  ::)

I was there, funny enough watched the highlights from the Kerry game that year last week.
Current county team couldn't lace the boots of the majority of that team
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Last post by antrimman667 - Today at 11:02:06 AM
Quote from: Duine Inteacht Eile on June 23, 2024, 04:05:32 PMWin, lose, draw.....

Cargin whinge.

Victim FC
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Last post by Truthsayer - Today at 11:00:03 AM
They're as well out of the competition, go again next year. I hope Brian and Feargal step away. They've give great service to Tyrone as players and managers winning a couple All Irelands along the way. Harte tried to take ownership of Tyrone football forever till he had to be pushed. Hard to leave the stage.
O'Rourke the target with his own man Porter. Has a great record. Still bit to go I'd say in the rebuild with new blood. Petie and Mattie could go too, albeit Mattie was very good this year but the years are there.
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Last post by Milltown Row2 - Today at 10:56:52 AM
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Quote from: Link on June 23, 2024, 12:42:53 PMIn hurling, if you attempt to pull on the ball and miss it plus don't make contact with another hurl/player whilst another player from the opposition controls and catches the ball, is it a foul?

Unsure if there is a hurling version of this thread but wondered on the above.

Another interesting one is Shane O'Donnell's goal yesterday. 10 or 11 steps but is fouled twice during this.

If you attempt to play the ball and miss both ball player then that's fine. If you pull early, wildly/dangerously/carelessly then that's a yellow card, if you connect with the head it's a red.

Not sure on O'Donnell's steps, didn't see game but .. if fouled twice did the ref give advantage?

I've seen one ref in antrim play on, the other give a free. Exact same situation, both were honest attempts at a pull.

I'm going to assume ref gave advantage for O'Donnell as they were clear fouls. Ball ended up in the net after all the steps and wexford didn't appeal it.

The O'Donnell type situation and the advantage rule is a strange one.

It seems to be that once the player in possession is fouled the referee resets (whether intentionally or not) the step count to zero. In that one on Saturday the Wexford lad persisted with the fouling and O'Donnell continued to take steps all the while the referee played advantage.

Once O'Donnell broke free he did play the ball as up to that point he couldn't play the ball due to the pulling on his arms.

I've said all along, stop the "spare arm tackle" which isn't in the rulebook for hurling and enforce the steps rule and we'll have a better game where defenders will be taught to tackle properly and have the ability to take the ball from an opponent who can't overcarry.

That cat is well out of the bag though!

Like the 'handpass'.

I think the spare arm came in by footballers tackling, I'd have encouraged that when manager as it was a way our lads were 'grappling' at the ball in hand to dislodge it, using football tackles in hurling, it has since developed into something more and is a nuisance, having not seen the above incident with O'Donnell but gathering what you are saying, and with you being as young as me will know that the old referee's used to give a player a chance to break the tackle when foul to let it develop.

This was called the 'slow whistle' the advantage rule came in to change that and give an advantage, what we have now a mixed bag of slow whistle and advantage.. That needs to change.. guilty sometimes of that also 
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Last post by statto - Today at 10:56:00 AM
Daire Cregg is a fantastic young player, what is the story with O'Carroll this season another super talent. Would hope Armagh have learnt from last year's quarter final and will take the game to rossies definitely a game Armagh could lose.  Last year people were writing off Monaghan and came unstuck, hopefully not the case this year.
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Last post by Rossfan - Today at 10:52:02 AM
Quote from: illdecide on Today at 10:42:11 AM
Quote from: Rossfan on Today at 10:14:52 AMNo point us turning up at all it seems.

Ohh, here's the soft talk now. The big Yellow bus is delighted with the draw. 50/50 game
It's 50/50 alright.
All down to on the day, who performs best, who gets more things right, bounce of ball, Ref decisions etc.
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Last post by gallsman - Today at 10:51:07 AM
Tierney celebrating winning a goal kick against Germany after about 3 mins said a lot in hindsight. Did very well to qualify but this is the problem with the expanded euros. There aren't enough good teams. Hungary are shite too.