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There's also a generational element to it though. Dublin were deemed to have got where they were with finances and now have dropped off as standard of player just not as good. That happens too.

Limerick have the likes of O'Neill and others coming through (very good u20 team) but like every team they will drop off again - just not for a few years I imagine.

Lest not forget Limerick were without the previous hurler of the year in Cain Lynch was injured for almost the entire championship and still won it..

They need a strong bench, so they are indeed able to bring on subs that are making a difference, that's probably where Limerick are also ahead of the pack.

They've started using the league well in that regard as league medals are no longer legal tender in Limerick.


2 players can't play the same position simultaneously.  They can't get to understand the players around them simultaneously. They can't learn at the same pace or develop  in sync. There is no way around this. It's what makes sport so interesting. Teams rise and they fall.


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Hurling is at an interesting juncture because the 3 top teams, namely Cork, Tipp and KK who between them have something over 80% of all All Irelands , are all in a state of change.

Senior All Ireland last won

Cork 2005
Kilkenny 2015
Tipp 2019

U20/21 last won

Cork 2021
Kilkenny 2022
Tipp 2019

Big 3 have won 5 of the last 5 titles


Cork 2021
Kilkenny 2014
Tipp 2022

big 3 have won 3 of the last 5 titles

They haven't gone gone away yet if they can translate underage into adult

As I say they'll always be competitive.

Young Hurlers of the Year in Adrian Mullan and Eoin Cody (twice) this past few years.

KK produce the hurlers and have run maybe one of the best teams ever (Limerick) as close as anyone.

Be interesting to see how Lyng approaches things next year.

Will they play with a bit more freedom?

Kilkenny have always played with freedom, but can you change that ingrained approach of lumping the ball forward in the expectation that a forward should win his own ball, that's the challenge facing Lyng.
There are signs this year of a more varied approach but when the pressure was applied by Galway in Salthill, Wexford in Nolan Park and Limerick in Croke park that they reverted to type with varying degrees of success.
Big Wally caused Limerick bother for about 10 minutes under long puckouts, but once Limerick got to grips with it, plan B was to keep doing plan A.

I mean with freedom was what Cody allowed or allowed as part of the game.

Clearly there was, up until recently, very little work done on KK's puck-outs. That's clear to be seen.  Murphy's out ball was always lump it down the field and win your own ball. Even Tommy Walsh and Lawlor etc. weren't really comfortable in taking a puckout. Key thing is that it can be worked on.

I think Lyng will be more conducive to working it through the lines and working on KK's own puck-outs and opposition puck-outs.  I think he's clued into that's what KK must improve on.


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Limerick are going to have the same problem KK have now. You can't have a Shefflin or a Hegarty without cutting off the supply of younger players to the detriment of the future. It is central to all team sports.

Limerick are coming into their prime and have good talent coming through e.g. Cathal O'Neill will definately be pushing for a start in 2023.

Shane O'Brien is one to watch for in the next few years.

As I said, when you're on at the top, with a good age demographic, then all you need is a couple of players coming onboard every season.

It's an ideal place to be in.


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Kilkenny are 2 years behind Man Utd.

They are like the Kerry team who could not beat Tyrone or the other ones who could not beat Down.

There will be huge pressure to deliver an all Ireland imo. Out of respect for Cody there  issue was probably shelved but 8 years is massive for them and on the slippery slope to Cork...

Hard to know. One thing for sure is that there's good hurlers in KK.  Moreso than in any other county.

Lyng will get time, if they want to do it right.  Style needs to adjust a bit yet but work in progress.

I mean who would have reckoned, at the start of the year, that they'd win Leinster again and run Limerick as close as they've been ever run. Not me.

Point is they will always be there or thereabouts as they have the hurlers.

As a student of kk hurling they are in trouble with both the  quantity and quality of hurler they are producing

Cody getting them to an all ireland this year would rank close to the top of his greatest achievements

If he had won it,it would have been his greatest 

Reid started in 2008 with canning Callanan and Horgan,he's committed to one more year but time waits for no man

My Kilkenny friend agrees with this. He said winning the All Ireland this year would 'paper over cracks'. I was kind of hoping they'd win one more under the big man to be honest.
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