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Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 05, 2024, 10:41:25 AM
Quote from: johnnycool on July 05, 2024, 10:11:36 AMThe Clare PRO upping their game.

Time for the team to match it.

Hadn't seen that JC, class.

Quote from: Pub Bore on July 03, 2024, 12:55:55 PM
Quote from: JPGJOHNNYG on July 03, 2024, 11:58:17 AM
Quote from: johnnycool on July 03, 2024, 11:09:46 AM
Quote from: Pub Bore on July 03, 2024, 10:53:22 AMIt's been a low key campaign (at least where I live).  Ones to watch

North Down - Farry v Easton v Collins.  Easton and Collins both have had gaffes in their campaigns.  Farry just to hold on

FST - It's always going to be close - A couple of hundred votes could swing it either way.  Too close to call.

South Down - SF defending a majority of just 1,600.  SDLP running Colin McGrath, high profile and a decent media performer.  Hazzard used to have a profile but not so much since he went to Westminster.  I'm sticking my neck out here and going for the SDLP to nick this.

Foyle - Eastwood will not be beaten but it's a matter of how much SF reduce his 17,000 majority by.

South Antrim - Wee Robin Swann v the DUP.  Swann to win by a small margin.

East Belfast - Robinson to hold on.  Just my gut.

Lagan Valley - Buckley to spring a surprise and hold off Alliance.

As you were for the rest.

If Alliance had of put up someone of substance in Strangford they were in with a shout of unseating that moron Jim Shannon due to the boundary changes.

I might still have to vote for her whoever she is just in the hope that she does do it.

FPTP is feckin depressing when you're surrounded by band loving, bone fire building retrobates.

If Labour do get this big majority I really hope they do bring in PR to really f**k the Tories over once and for all.

East Antrim too. A chance to scare that twit Sammy. Alliance don't seem to have the resources to go for it in multiple constituencies. SF seem anonymous, I know they reckon they will hold their 7 seats without too much drama but their vote share will be well down. A real chance to kick the DUP and all the parties seem to be letting it pass

SF's vote share in 2019 was 22.8% - the polls have them on course for something similar.  They're not standing in every constituency so the share won't be as big as Assembly or Council elections.  Anyway in FPTP vote share isn't as important as the number of seats you win.  In 2017 SF's vote share was 29.4% and they got 7 seats, same as 2019.

I would imagine this is the reason for the low key approach.
General discussion / Re: The DUP thread
July 04, 2024, 10:22:57 AM
Quote from: Milltown Row2 on July 04, 2024, 10:20:48 AMDo you think the UUP knew that Jeff was going to be done before an election, sticking the popular Swann in there as they knew the sleaze was coming would help win that seat?

I think with Swann's OO and Farming connections added to his profile through Covid, I don't think the Jeff stuff would have come into it.

Some very staunch areas in that constituency who will go against the DUPers over their protocol stance and split their vote.
Quote from: Franko on July 04, 2024, 10:18:56 AM
Quote from: WeeDonns on July 03, 2024, 08:31:09 AMWhy do journalists keep allowing them to hide behind the group name? You can't publish a quote as offensive as that & not name the individual who came out with it!

Exactly that.  Journalists need to stop entertaining these pricks until they reveal who they are.  Although I'm sure their identities are fairly well known in local circles.

Well if they are known, why are they not being outted. Especially if they are part of the crowd who have already taken money.
General discussion / Re: The DUP thread
July 04, 2024, 10:17:58 AM
Anyone seen the polling for East Belfast?
Are Alliance close to taking Robinson out.

Can't see Girvan beating Swann.
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 04, 2024, 09:42:49 AM
Bit of a merry go round situation in a few jobs now.

Could be an interesting off season.
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 03, 2024, 03:31:12 PM
I think the quote was Daly had a great time, not necessarily that Dublin had the greatest time as a team.

I just feel Dublin need more than a coach, they need someone to generate interest in Hurling, high profile and someone who will bring the level up. I think Davy the ideal candidate for all of that.

Will eventually end in tears but if you know that when you start out at least you can be prepared.
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 03, 2024, 01:00:01 PM
Only one of them I can see being a viable option for Davy is Dublin.

He is high profile and exactly what Dublin need at this stage to raise the profile, like him or not he is box office and brings a lot of attention.

Don't think any of the other top tier teams touch him at this point.
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 03, 2024, 11:41:29 AM
Galway need rid of Shefflin of that there is no doubt, but would they be mad enough to give Davy a final lash at IC Management?

Or would he be crazy enough to take over after Gleeson in Antrim  :o
Will take a massive DUP turn out in the East I would think to get Robinson in.
Ever changing demographic on that side of the city.
General discussion / Re: Weather
July 03, 2024, 11:07:03 AM
Quote from: clarshack on July 03, 2024, 11:04:29 AMThis constant blanket of grey skies can't be considered normal for this time of year.

Jaysus, dont be bringing the tinfoil hat brigade over to this thread. There are enough of them on the Ukraine/ Gaza / Covid threads  :-X
General discussion / Re: Euro 2024
July 03, 2024, 08:44:53 AM
Quote from: quit yo jibbajabba on July 02, 2024, 10:13:13 PMA turkey England semi would be epic 😆

I'd say that is the last pairing the Germans want at this point. Heard this morning the last time they played a warm up in Manchester there was a bigger police operation in place than the Manc Derby.

Taking into account the amount of Turks in Germany it could get messy.

To be fair can't see the Turks beating Netherlands.
General discussion / Re: Lawless Republic
July 02, 2024, 03:18:28 PM
Genuinely what can they do with Belfast and Dublin?

Have any other cities turned around after becoming so run down and over run respectively?
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 01, 2024, 09:52:44 AM
When you see the usual suspects on Twitter giving off about the Ref in the minor game makes you take a second look at things.

First one was tough on the lad but he struck with the hurl, linesman called it, striking is a red card offence like it or not.

Second one was clear cut, drove the should in to the chest and head of an opponent. Contact with the head is a red card offence and players know this now.

All that being said, some performance by the 13 men to stay in the game.
Think we are going to need a couple of huge semi-finals to save this football season.

It has been abject in the main.