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1891 Semi Dublin 3-7 Cavan 0-3
1920 Semi Dublin 3-6 Cavan 1-3
1924 Semi Dublin 0-6 Cavan 1-1
1942 Semi Dublin 1-6 Cavan 1-3

(I think that's all our championship meetings, unless I'm forgetting something from the early years of the backdoor.)

Some talk gathering of Cavan asking this to be moved out of Croke Park. Certainly if Cavan don't want to play in Croker, and there's no 80,000 crowd to be let down (and money foregone), there doesn't seem to be any good reason to host it in Croker. Just need a ground with floodlights, reasonable surface and TV facilities. Plenty of options I'd imagine.
General discussion / School league tables
November 21, 2012, 05:14:06 PM
Anyone with kids in primary school pay attention to the school league tables that are in the papers today (Irish Times anyway, Indo too I think) ?

Would the results make you send your kid to a secondary school a distance away rather than your local secondary school to increase the chances of getting into third level?

In one sense it seems like a no-brainer to send them to the better school to give them the best chance of getting the best possible Leaving Cert. On the other hand making them get up 30 or 40 mins earlier (than they would if staying local) and get home much later seems a bit like punishment!
GAA Discussion / Watching GAA in England
July 19, 2010, 07:47:23 PM
Anyone know of any pubs that show GAA matches in Bristol or surrounding area?
Well big changes expected for the Dubs, if the way the A team has been lining up in training is anything to go by. While there are small changes from day to day, it seems that it currently looks something like this:

Fitzsimons - Casey - O'Carroll
Henry - Brennan - Nolan
Fennell - McConnell
A.Brogan - McAuley - Flynn
B.Brogan - O'Gara - McManamon

which would mean the likes of Cahill, Cullen, Quinn, Keaney being dropped.
Would be a strange team if anything like true!!
GAA Discussion / Dublin v Derry - 14 March 2009
March 12, 2009, 08:16:39 AM
Throw-in at Parnell Park is at 7.30pm on Saturday evening.

Its pay at the gate, and its live on Setanta for those who can't make it.

Referee is Longford's John Bannon.

Hearing that Paddy Bradley is back fit and available after missing last week, but haven't heard the Derry selection yet.

Dublin have named an unchanged line-up. Flynn, Fennell and Moran all out injured for Dublin. Quinn has resumed training but will not be considered for a few weeks. Alan Brogan came off the bench last week, but according to the line-up remains on the bench. Ciaran Whelan is the captain as Gilroy continues the policy of rotating captaincy during the league.

S Cluxton
P Andrews, D Bastick, A Hubbard
J Brogan, G Brennan, B Cahill
C Whelan, R McConnell
D Connolly, C Keaney, D Henry
B Kelly, K Bonner, B Brogan
I wonder what kind of reception he'll get over here....


Lance Armstrong has confirmed he will compete in the Tour of Ireland in August.

The Texan, who has returned to racing four years after retiring with the aim of winning an eighth Tour de France, will use his appearance in the much lower profile Irish event to promote his cancer charity.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) have organised the first 'Livestrong Global Cancer Summit' from August 24 to 26 in the Dublin, the day after Armstrong completes the stage race.

"Unless we act on a global level, cancer will be the leading cause of death by 2010," said Armstrong.

"Our goal is to be the catalyst that brings everyone together to fight cancer - from survivors, like me, to world leaders and policymakers who must commit completely to the effort to avoid a public health catastrophe.

"The summit provides an invaluable opportunity to stand up for the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide and to create a unified effort to control cancer through new commitments to action."

The 37-year-old, who has competed in the Tour of California and the Tour Down Under this year, last took part in the Irish race in 1992.

Tour of Ireland director Darach McQuaid said the global sports star can use the event to promote his cancer message all over the world.

"The Tour of Ireland could not be more proud than to have Lance Armstrong riding once again on Irish roads in the lead-up to his global cancer summit in Dublin," said Mr McQuaid.

"The massive, positive public reaction to his comeback to the sport in Australia in January and California in February indicate that, by the time Lance arrives in Ireland next August, the interest levels will be at fever pitch."

General discussion / Lions 2009 thread
February 12, 2009, 04:47:29 PM
First test v South Africa is not until 20th June, but Boyle's have odds on Irishmen starting the first test. Some interesting ones. Where's the value? Who's overpriced?

O'Connell, Paul  4/9 
Wallace, David  4/7 
O'Driscoll, Brian  4/7 
Bowe, T.  11/8 
O'Gara, Ronan  7/4 
Flannery, Jerry  9/4 
O'Callaghan, Donncha  3/1 
Fitzgerald, Luke  4/1 
Kearney, Rob  9/2 
Horan, Marcus  6/1 
Best, Rory  6/1 
O'Leary, Tomas  6/1 
Heaslip, Jamie  15/2 
Ferris, Stephen  16/1 
Horgan, Shane  20/1 
Earls, Keith  20/1 
Hayes, John  25/1 
Murphy, Geordan  33/1 
Reddan, Eoin  50/1 
General discussion / The Star's Fairytale Collection
January 16, 2009, 06:09:09 PM
Alright. This is a strange one.

Star had a DVD this week with 5 children's films on it. You need codes to watch each of the 5 movies. I have the Monday and Friday info, but I need the codes for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Any got the info??  :P
Congress is being streamed live on Saturday on, from 1000 to 1630 (according to the Irish Times today).

I'd imagine it'd be pretty boring in the main, though interesting to some no doubt. But perhaps any debate on the grants might turn a bit fiery.

I wonder if there is a timetable of events?
General discussion / Premier League coming to Ireland?
February 07, 2008, 01:33:14 PM
There could be Premier League games played in Ireland from the 2010/11 season!

According to the BBC, Premier League clubs have voted in favour of exploring the possibility of playing games overseas. The clubs have agreed in principle to play a 39th league game of the season - one which would count towards the final standings.

It is largely aimed at Asia, the Middle East and North America - but European venues, including Ireland, could also be chosen.

The games would be played in five cities around the world, who would bid for the privilege of having the Premier League come to town. Two games would be staged in each city, making up the full extra round of fixtures.

The matches would be decided by a draw, with the top five sides being seeded to avoid playing with each other (one of the top 5 going to each of the 5 different cities).

A firm decision is unlikely to be made until another league meeting in June.

Personally I wouldnt be surprised to see the Premier League go down this route, but I don't see Ireland being a contender.
GAA Discussion / O'Byrne Cup Final 2008
February 06, 2008, 09:26:21 AM
I must admit that on leaving Parnell Park on Saturday (and having won 200 bills on Wales beating England) I had the intention of putting 50 yoyos on Longford, who would in all likelihood be big outsiders with the bookies, to win the O'Byrne Cup. Had heard Longford had been playing well, and they did get some good results in the O'Byrne Cup, but now not so sure after their defeat to Wexford.

Dublin's forward line should also be improved with the return of the two Brogans - albeit this is largely cancelled out by the loss of Sherlock, Keaney and the free taking of Vaughan.

The following team has been picked:

J Leonard
D Henry, R McConnell, S O'Shaughnessy
P McMahon, P Casey, D Murray
E Fennell, S Ryan
B Cullen, A Brogan, B McManamon
J O'Brien, B Brogan, K Bonner

Subs: S Cluxton, N O'Shea, C Moran, D Lally, P Brogan, B Kennedy, G Cullen, J Sherlock, E O'Gara, P Flynn.
"I call upon the GAA to make a proposal to the International Olympic Committee that Gaelic Football become an exhibition sport at the Olympic Games. People will then see the quality of the product that we have and we can then further appreciate the potential of our own games."

Good man Mickey.

Ireland v United Kingdom in the final me reckons  ;)

GAA Discussion / Fixture List Confirmed
July 30, 2007, 04:22:26 PM
Saturday, August 4
Tommy Murphy Cup Final
Croke Park 12.15pm Wicklow v Antrim

Bank of Ireland Football Championship Quarter Finals
Croke Park 2pm Sligo v Cork
Croke Park 4pm Tyrone v Meath

ESB All Ireland Minor Football Championship Quarter Final
Thurles 2pm Laois v Roscommon

All Ireland U21 'B' Hurling Final
Thurles 3.45pm Roscommon v Kerry

ESB All Ireland Minor Hurling Championship Semi-Final
Portlaoise 7pm Dublin v Cork

Sunday, August 5
Christy Ring Cup Final
Croke Park 12.15pm Kildare v Westmeath

Guinness All-Ireland Hurling Championship Semi-Final
Croke Park 2pm Kilkenny v Wexford

Guinness All-Ireland Hurling Championship Quarter Final Replay
Croke Park 4pm Waterford v Cork (Extra Time if Necessary)

ESB All-Ireland Minor Football Championship Quarter Finals
Tullamore 2pm Galway v Carlow
Tullamore 3.45pm Tyrone v Kerry

Saturday, August 11
ESB All Ireland Minor Football Championship Quarter Final
Croke Park 11.30am Cork v Derry

Nicky Rackard Cup Final
Croke Park 1.15pm Roscommon v Armagh

Bank of Ireland Football Championship Quarter Final
Croke Park 3pm Dublin v Derry

All Ireland Intermediate Hurling Championship Semi-Final
Thurles 7pm Galway v Waterford

Sunday, August 12
ESB All Ireland Minor Hurling Championship Semi-Final
Croke Park 12.15pm Tipperary v Kilkenny

Bank of Ireland Football Championship Quarter Final
Croke Park 2pm Kerry v Monaghan

Guinness All Ireland Hurling Championship Semi-Final
Croke Park 4pm Limerick v Cork/Waterford

Sunday, August 19
ESB All-Ireland Minor Football Championship Semi-Final
Croke Park Galway/Carlow v Tyrone/Kerry (to be confirmed)

Bank of Ireland Football Championship semi-final
Croke Park Sligo/Cork v Tyrone/Meath

Sunday, August 26
ESB All Ireland Minor Football Championship Semi-Final
Croke Park Laois/Roscommon v Cork/Derry (to be confirmed)

Bank of Ireland Football Championship Semi-Final
Croke Park Dublin/Derry v Kerry/Monaghan
Is it okay to kill your child?.......... so long as you kill yourself afterwards?

One of the headlines today in the Irish Times is:

"Gardai say no foul play in deaths of mother and daughter"

All the reports I've seen on this incident in print and on TV say what a sad and tragic event this was.

The facts of the case, according to the Irish Times today, is that a 26 year old woman suffocated a 7 year old girl, and then took her own life.

Now, I presume the mother must have been going through something that I can't imagine to bring her to do what she did, but the gardai and media playing this as a tragic event where nobody did anything wrong (no foul play!) is an absolute nonsense.

No matter what the circumstance, killing a 7 year old girl is an act of obscene violence. The headlines should read:

Woman murders child then kills herself

If these people were always painted as committing evil acts, then maybe we wouldnt see so many people take this awful action when then get into desperate straits.
For any darts fans out there, a big tournament called the International Darts League (IDL) is currently taking place in Holland. 56 players, 28 from both the BDO and PDC. It started on Friday with a prelim stage. Then on Saturday the last 32 played in 8 groups of 4. Two qualify from each group - Taylor actually lost to young Welshman Mark Webster, but if he beats Baxter today he'll still qualify.  2nd round begins tomorrow, when we'll be down to the last 16 (4 groups of 4 with top 2 qualifying for knockout stages. It will be on all week starting at about 6pm each day.

Live stream available here:

Tables from the prelim and first rounds here:

Results here:

(sometimes the infodarts website needs to be "refreshed" once or twice to load properly
According to there are three NFL games next Saturday;
Dublin v Fermanagh, Cork v Mayo and Antrim v Cavan. All throw-in at 3.30pm per the site.

I presume this is an error, as all Saturday games so far have been in the evening under floodlights - and if these go ahead at 3.30 they'd clash with the soccer international in Croke Park against Wales which has a 3pm kick-off.

Anyone know anything to the different??


It is understood that the British government is considering issuing an apology for the Bloody Sunday massacre in Croke Park in 1920.

Tipperary player Michael Hogan and 13 other people were killed at the Tipperary versus Dublin match at the GAA's headquarters by Crown forces.

The plan would be to lay a wreath at Croke Park by a British Minister on the day of the rugby match between Ireland and England in a fortnight.

GAA Discussion / Limerick v Dublin
February 08, 2007, 09:16:43 AM
the original thread appears to have been eaten, so we'll start again.

The game is on at 2pm on Saturday in the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick.

It'll be Limerick's first game of the NFL as their opening fixture was postponed.

Dublin's four midfielders, Whelan, Ryan, Magee and O'Mahoney are all carrying injuries, so thats an area Limerick may look to capitalise on. I understand that Whelan has all but been ruled out, Magee is 50/50, O'Mahoney should be ok, not sure about Ryan.

Ross McConnell's suspension is over and he played midfield for DCU in their hammering of UL yesterday. So he may come into contention for a place. Bernard Brogan also played in that game for DCU and notched 1-5. Paul Casey played at wing back, but no sign of Bryan Cullen.
GAA Discussion / Limerick v Dublin NFL change
January 12, 2007, 12:12:34 PM
Limerick v Dublin in Division 1A of the NFL was originally scheduled for Sunday February 11.

It has now been moved to Saturday February 10, with a throw-in time of 2.30pm. The venue remains the Gaelic Grounds.

The Limerick County Board requested the change in order to facilitate Limerick fans wishing to travel to the Six Nations rugby clash of Ireland and France in Croke Park on the Sunday.