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I guess the question now is what next for Tyrone in MH's final year (maybe)

Supposing we have SON, Dooher and McGuigan available we will be in reaonsably good shape however certaain issues / questions must be addressed:

1. We need a MF partner for Sean Cavanagh AND a reliable back up to come into his MF spot should we push him into the Half Forwards. To date we have found no-one. Barely a glimmer. Is there anyone at club level who can make the grade? Who knows. Alternatively we look at young McMahon and/or young Cavanagh as options

2. Ricey. No longer has the pace required for the modern day CB position. Will be an asset in the half back line. Who makes way - Nephew.

3. Full Back. Joe McMahon is the man for this. Needs a run of games there though.

4. McKenna Cup - should be about finding and blooding talent not tiring out / injuring the big guns. If we don't win it next year Mcikey we'll not be too disapointed.

5. PLan B - we need a different option in the forward line (could this be Rouse?).

Players that should be tried next year in McKenna Cup, Nat league etc: Phillip Toner, Brian Toner, Niall McGinn, Edan Clarke, Des Tracy, Adian Cassidy, Paul Rafferty, Eoin McCusker

Niall Mc Ginn is a very good player who I think could make it.

Tyroneman think you forgot to mention we will have Mickey Mc Gee back for 2008 as well. Dont forget the last 10 mins of 05 final v Kingdom. He come charging out of our defence on 4 seperate occasions. His loss was underestimated this year. He had a shoulder operation there two months ago and was told he would be out for 6 months. Hope he makes a full recovery for club and countys sake

Snapper - you're right there - Mc Gee was missed - a good player who can do a marking job - is aggressive and can play a bit as well.


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