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Thanks. Added that & a few more.

Been doing a bit of spring cleaning on this thread, removed a few dead links, changed a few others & added some new ones (especially for Instagram, whose use by GAA clubs in Tyrone has significantly grown since I started this info thread over 18 months ago).

As usual if there's anything not in the lists above, reply to this thread & I'll add it.

Just a little tip - you can easily use TweetDeck (even if you don't generally use it) to create a Twitter list that will follow updates from all Twitter accounts from GAA clubs in Tyrone as well as the Tyrone CB, Camogie, LGFA & CnmB. While you can of course create a list an then add individual Twitter accounts to it one by one, the method below is a quick way to add multiple accounts to one list in one go.

Step 1 - Assuming you're already logged in to Twitter on your browser, visit

Step 2 - From the left hand side, select "Add Column" - from the popup, select "List" and then from the next popup, select "+ Create List".

Step 3 - From the new popup, give your list a name e.g. Tyrone GAA Twitter, give it a description if you want and you can choose to make the list public or private. When finished click "Save".

Step 4 - Another popup will appear with suggestions as to what accounts to add to your list - beside the search box in the top left corner, there is an icon to the right which contains two "people" in it - depending on browser it might come up with the tooltip "Add multiple users" - click on this.

Step 5 - You will now see a box appearing which allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts by their username - copy all the the text in the quote bubble below on this page and then paste it into the popup box on your Tweetdeck page...

--- Quote ---@dromoregfc
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...and then click on "Add users to List" - after this, then click "Done".

After completing step 5, on Tweetdeck a new column will be added with the latest tweets coming from all of the accounts you have just added to it...

* To "pin" your newly created list to the top of your own lists, go to Twitter's own home page, click on lists and then scroll down to the list and click on the thumb pin to pin it. now no longer have to use Tweetdeck (if you want) to access this list in the future...

* Via PC/laptop/tablet web browser - Just click on "Lists" on the left hand column to access your list(s).

* Twitter app (Android) - if you've only created one list, then you may see the title of your list near the top of the screen next to "Home". Otherwise touch/select your avatar on the top left of the screen and touch/select "Lists" from your options. Pinned lists are at the top.

* Twitter via mobile browser or Twitter Lite app (Android) - simply touch/select your avatar on the top left of the screen and touch/select "Lists" from your options. Pinned lists are at the top.

* Tweetcaster - depending if you're using the app for mobile or tablet, an option to view your lists should appear either in the second top row (mobile) or on the left hand side (tablet) of your screen.

iOS Twitter apps - I don't have any Apple devices, but I would guess that the way to access your list would be similar to that for the Twitter Android app.

The above list is curated from all the Twitter accounts listed on post no. 2 on this thread - you can of course remove certain accounts from the list as well as add unofficial accounts e.g. TTM, Moy's PhillyMc etc to it. Your choice!


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