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Archie Mitchell:

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--- Quote from: Archie Mitchell on October 13, 2016, 11:53:30 AM ---The leagues can't be completely wrapped up before championship due to Junior and Intermediate Championship winners earning promotion regardless of league position.

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Why does that matter?

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Would need to wait to see who is going up via winning the championship and eliminate them from any promotion (or relegation) play offs if they are in position to be involved in them.

At this stage I'd go to a four division format with a single round-robin for the league giving each club 11 games (12 in the bottom division) that include county players, the starred system being scrapped.

For the championship, I'd decouple it from league standings and instead play with a relegation knock-out system used in some other counties. It means that the championship proper continues being a straight knockout but a team knocked out in the first round must play to retain their status for the next year - have it at least two up & two down between senior & intermediate at least so for the SFC & IFC you could have...

* Date 1 - 1st round championship proper, 16 teams. 8 winners through to quarter finals, 8 losers into relegation round 1.
* Date 2 - Quarter final championship proper, 8 teams. 4 winners through to semi-finals, 4 losers eliminated. -- Relegation Round 1, 8 teams. 4 winners eliminated and maintain status for next year, 4 losers go to relegation round 2.
* Date 3 - Semi final championship proper, 4 teams. 2 winners into the final, 2 losers eliminated. -- Relegation Round 2, 4 teams. 2 winners eliminated and maintain status for next year, 2 losers are relegated.

...the two IFC finalists would be promoted into the SFC and the two JFC finalists would be promoted to the IFC. The JFC needs a different approach as you obviously can't be relegated from it, instead I'd suggest a pseudo back-door, one that can't win you the JFC but adds a third promotion spot to the IFC the following year separate from the main JFC itself, with the IFC relegation having an additional third round between the two round 2 winners with the loser being relegated.

Go back to the league, and simply have two up/two down. No play-offs except possibly an interdivisional play-off between third from bottom vs. third from top in the lower division.

The main problem here is a dearth of games, with clubs only guaranteed 13 fixtures (11 league & 2 championship) so something additional would be needed to give at least another 4-7 games without the guarantee of county players being involved with games played on a no postponement policy during summer months, played 13-a-side if required - I'd go for a local cup competition like the old St. Enda's & Feis cups or along those lines.

Then there's the Reserves. I'd go with the thoughts of several others here and separate them from their senior counterparts at least on a trial basis into west & east with three divisions in each with 8 teams per division on a double round robin giving 14 games. Reserve championship would be a straight knockout, SRFC between Div 1 teams, IRFC between Div 2 teams and JRFC between Div 3 teams.


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--- Quote from: Degrassi Hi on October 13, 2016, 10:12:23 AM ---Some very good points have been made on this thread.
One suggestion I would make to the fixture makers would be to propose that each club in Senior and Intermediate play one mid week fixture during the season, with one fixture from Div 1 & 2 played each week over an 8 week period during May and June .  This would perhaps run on local derby's such as Trillick/Dromore, Clonoe/Coalisland, Carrickmore/Errigal, Omagh/Killyclogher, Pomeroy/Galbally, Strabane/Urney.

I attended the Rahillys V Carrickmore which was a mid week fixture and an excellent game of football played in front of a decent crowd with lots of neutrals in attendance.  If these fixture dates were set in stone at the beginning of the year it would give players the chance to organise work etc and allow avid followers of club football to get their football fix during the week.  Also a possibility of good gates for hosting clubs.

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I think this is a really good idea, as long as club are given good notice of when their midweek game is likely to be.
These games are likely to get good neutral attendances as well.
Even if it was only done over 4 weeks in the summer, with two fixtures on at different side of the county .
so for example this year in senior

Mid week round 1- Trillick V Dromore ,Killyclogher v Omagh
Midweek round 2- Carrickmore v Greencastle, Kildress v Strabane
Midweek round 3  Augher V Errigal, Ardboe V Edendork
Midweek round 4  Coalisland v Clonoe,  Eglish V Galbally

(i Know some of these aren't derbies, but you get the idea)

Intermediate & Junior could then do similar on different weeks to allow for referees

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The midweek fixtures don't need to be stand alone fixtures, they could be a more regular feature.
At the start of each season assign the 16 clubs into regional groups of 4 within reasonable distance of each other.
E.g for 2016. Dromore, Trillick, Omagh & Strabane
Killyclogher, Carrickmore, Greencastle, Kildress
Errigal, Augher, Galbally, Eglish
Edendork, Clonoe, Coalisland Ardboe

These groups could be used to define 3 sets of midweek features to be played on 3 Wednesdays (Senior) / Thursdays (reserves) in June and July.
That means we have only another 12 league games to be scheduled.

They would also need a bit of a shake up each year based on promotion relegation. E.g for 2017
Dromore, Trillick, Omagh & Killyclogher,
Carrickmore, Greencastle, Pomeroy Galbally,
Augher, Errigal, Donaghmore & Dungannon
Edendork, Clonoe, Coalisland Ardboe


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