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Before I start, i dont want this to turn into a county board bashing thread!
I realise the fixtures issue is a complex one and is very very difficult to solve.
I am looking for posters to make suggestions about how the thing can be improved.

The fixtures this year for clubs have been an absolute disaster, so something has to change.
We are in the situation now where in mid October we still have two rounds of league fixtures to play then promotion relegation play offs AND the reserve championship!
For senior clubs, we haven't had a league fixture now in 8 weeks.There will obviously be none next week either and then with the ulster club on 30th October that's likely to be another week with no club football.
Like i said rather than just bash the county board, has anyone any suggestions on how to improve the situation for both senior and reserves?

Knock Yer Mucker In:
Start the league earlier and get it finished by the start of August. And why has there not been games the past four weeks, especially last weekend and this, makes no sense at all, but as earlier start with mid week games would be better with it cleared up by august before the championship

The Trap:
All clubs vote the way the CCCCCCCCCCC wanted them to at the start of the year and then they would give a f**k.........

Personally I feel all Senior/ reserve games should be played on Friday/ Saturday Evenings obviously when day light allows this to do so. There is also no reason as to why clubs cant play a mid week fixture throughout the summer months, im sure players would rather have a game than training. I appreciate that the travel and time for teams may be an issue so it should between two local teams.

I also think that the reserve competition also needs a rejig and should take the form of a 'junior' competition where there are two divisions of teams in both the west/ east. Each team will nominate 12 players who fielded in the last senior fixture that are ineligible to play in this competition. These games should take place on evenings prior to senior fixtures or also throughout the week.   

Tyrone Gaa:
I agree that reserve competitions should take on a role of their own, with promotion/relegation.  Games can be played 13 a side if necessary and can be played midweek not to clash with the senior game.  The attendances are poor so its not like they should take a hit.  The problem I see with it is the availability of referees and the CB's reluctance to fund this expense.

Its a disgrace that no round of the reserve championship has been played to date.


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